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Supernatural Recap: ‘Various & Sundry Villains’

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In this week’s episode of Supernatural it looks like we’re finally going to catch up on what’s happened since Cas and Lucifer were captured by Asmodeus. But even more exciting, it looks like Rowena may be back! Yay!

But first we meet two young, powerful witches who use a love spell to ensnare a random at the gas station. After convincing him to rob the gas station & kill the clerk for love, they proceed to murder him and make off with the goods. I know they’re supposed to be the bad guys in this episode, but I kinda like them. There’s just not enough bad ass women villains, you know?

Over in Mopey Town, aka the bunker, Sam is less than enthusiastic when Dean brings him some books on alternate realities. Continuing in last week’s role reversal between the two brothers, Dean tries to convince Sam that they’ll figure out how to save their mom, but until then they just have to keep their head down and keep hunting. Dean mentions looping Cas into their plans and we learn that “Cas” has been calling daily to check in, but mostly just asking questions. We know that it’s really Asmodeus, covering his tracks and getting intel in one fell tricky swoop.

In Hell Adjacent, Cas sits miserable in jail while a demon taunts the nearly powerless Lucifer. Not the smartest idea. Everyone knows Lucy is going to eventually get his power back and we all know he won’t forget the demons who messed with him. Dummies.

Out in the real world, Dean is out on a beer run when he hears a woman screaming for help. And it’s those damn witches and wouldn’t you know it, they cast a love spell on my boo. You would think the best hunter ever would carry some kind of woo woo bag or something to protect himself. And even worse, he’s not a random target. They know exactly who he is.

And there goes Dean, twirling into the bunker, floating on the winds of love, while Sam stares at him in shock. And I have to say, Dean in magic love? The cutest most adorable thing ever. Sam realizes right away what’s going on when Dean grabs the Black Grimoire out of a drawer as a gift for his Jamie. When Sam tells him he thinks Jamie may be a witch, and that he might have cast a spell on Dean the way Becky did to Sam all those years ago, Dean is offended. He warns Sam that he could blow his chance with Jamie’s sister. And wouldn’t it be cute for the lesser attractive siblings to fall in love too, he asks. I’m dying. One of my favorite things about Supernatural is that they do comedy just as well as they do things that go bump in the night. When Sam tries to stop him from leaving, Dean knocks Sam out and takes off with the book on foot.

He strolls up to the witches, pleased as punch that he has the book, and Jamie moves in for the kill. Damn it. I still like her but hurt my baby boo and that’s all over. Witch. But here comes Sam tearing around the corner to save the day. And there goes Dean, wrestling him to the ground to save his woman. Good lord lol. The witches take off as the guys wrestle but they’re finally broken apart by a bolt of lightning and the musical, It’s my queen, Roweeeeeeenaaaa! I’m crying. I’m so happy.

Back in Hell Adjacent, Cas and Lucifer bicker until Cas taunts him about how decent and kind Jack is & how he’d rather kill Lucifer than hug him. Lucifer gets frustrated and is able to manifest a little bit of power to move a stick. Things are looking up.

In the bunker, Rowena explains that she’s alive thanks to her resurrection spell and I am so grateful for it. And thanks to a tracking spell she placed on the grimoire, she sensed it moving and came for it. She’s looking to boost her power since she never wants to worry about Lucifer again. The boys refuse and then break the news of her Crowley’s death. She’s surprisingly heartbroken, considering they acted like they hated each other. I miss Crowley too, Ro.

Meanwhile, sister witches are casually strolling through, like, a Lowe’s while skimming through the grimoire and pissing off the cashier. Always a bad idea. They realize they need a soul and focus on a random dude. Jeez, take a break, ladies.

Rowena and the boys are still discussing working together but they still won’t work with her. Rowena taunts Dean for falling for the witches charms (see what I did there? Tee hee) and asks him they got to fifth base. When Dean looks confused, Rowena purrs, “Oh, you poor, sheltered, boy.” A queen, you guys.

Back with my fave crazy sister witches, we see them crying over the rotting corpse of their mother, who they’re trying desperately to resurrect. But after Jamie assured her sister she like, really believes in them, Jessie stabs the boy from the store. He dies, smiling at Jessie, still bewitched. Poor thing.

Things are finally popping in Hell Adjacent as Cas continues to nettle and insult Lucifer. The taunting demon comes back and tries to join in but instead, Lucifer surprises him with just enough power to yank him forward and stab his neck, while freeing himself from the cage. Cas steps out too and angel blasts the demon to death. Prison break!

The Winchesters and Rowena arrive in the general area of the grimoire and Dean heads off to find to someone who hates the sisters enough to hp them pinpoint the sister witches home. While he’s gone, we are treated to a deep and revealing conversation between Sam & Rowena. She’s tormented and traumatized not only by what Lucifer did to her, by the fact that he showed her his true face. Sam commiserates because he knows what Ro has been through. He admits that his time in the cage with Lucifer is never far from his thoughts, and he’s never dealt with it or been able to heal from it. He warns her that even if she gets the book and increases her power, she’ll never stop feeling scared and powerless. In that moment, you know that Sam has never stopped feeling scared or powerless either. Sob

Dean returns with the address and Rowena is quick to immobilize them with a spell and go after the book. And surprise not so surprise, Rowena was working with them in the first place. But to her surprise, they’re not interested in working together anymore as they already resurrected their mom. Kinda. She’s a magic proof zombie. Cool.

Cas & Lucifer have managed to fight themselves free of Hell Adjacent and are topside. Lucifer tried to convince Cas to loan him some grace and when Cas refuses, he tries to take it by force. But Cas is ready for him and instead, angel blades him. Lucifer’s devil eyes blink out but I know better than to believe he’s really dead. But still, way to go, Cas! He’s nobody’s fool…except for those other 3521 times…anywho!

The Winchesters arrive to stop the sisters but they’ve spelled themselves to make them stronger. They basically kick my guys asses all over the house. But when Rowena finally gets away from zombie mom by shooting her in the head with one of the boy’s dropped witch guns, she casts a spell on the sisters to make them kill each other. Brutally. Even so, the brothers’ demand the grimoire. Ro pleads with Sam silently and I have a sneaky suspicion that he let her take the spell she needed before taking the book from her. The big ole softy. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass, but I approve.

In the bunker, the guys recap their day over some beers, and once again proving that he’s not as dumb as others wrongly assume, Dean calls Sam out on letting Rowena get away with the spell. Sam promises to hunt her down and kill her himself if she goes psycho, but if Lucifer finds her, he hopes she makes him suffer.

Dean tells Sam he needs to get out of that dark place and Sam finally confesses. He admits he knows how Rowena feels because he feels helpless too. All his plans to help Jack and get their mom back crashed down around him and he’s lost. Dean promises they’ll figure it out, but it’s empty. Neither one know how

In a dark, candle lit room, Rowena casts the spell she stole and in a terrifying display of power, the magical chains audibly break off of her until she’s left kneeling in the center of her pentagram, eyes glowing an unearthly blue. Holy crap.

This was another great episode. Sam’s continued sense of hopelessness gives Dean much needed perspective on how it must feel for Sam every time Dean gives up. And Sam & Rowena’s bonding as victims of Lucifer was sad but meaningful. I’m excited for next week’s episode. And also, like, really hoping for some follow up on the whole fifth base thing. #TeachMeYourWays

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