‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Premiere Review: ‘On Infernal Ground’

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Shadowhunters kicked off its third season with a resurrection, a demon possession, a lot of lies, and a few half-truths.

In other words, “On Infernal Ground” proved not much has changed in the shadow world since the finale.

Clary received her angel rune, making her an official Shadowhunter. While in Idris, she and Jace visited his parents’ graves, and reaffirmed their decision to keep her wish to bring Jace back to from the dead secret.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Considering Alec and Izzy are already onto them, it’s a safe bet this won’t stay secret for long. Especially since Jace appears to be experiencing side effects.

Sebastian/Jonathan (what are we calling him?) plagues Jace’s nightmares, encouraging him to kill Clary. But was it only a dream? Maybe not. Jace and Sebastian/Jonathan have both been brought back from the dead so it makes sense they’ve ended up connected.

They’re the light and the dark—exactly what Luke told Clary after she unknowingly selected her parents’ daggers as her weapon of choice. But by not sharing his problem with Clary, Jace will likely spiral down the dark path (not to mention ruin any chance of intimate moments between the two).

Seriously, so many TV character problems could be solved with a little honesty. Then again, who are we to throw stones? Humans, real and fictional, make this mistake all the time.

Although, lies didn’t doom all the relationships this week.

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After spending some time with the fairy queen, serenading her and the rest of the fairies because why not, Simon confessed all to Maia. Or did he?

He failed to share the warning the queen gave him about darkness following him. There has to be more to this story, right? Why did she brand him? She claimed only a Daylighter could survive the ceremony. Okay. Simon being a Daylighter was not brand new information. So what was the real point?

Speaking of the real point, what is Raphael doing? He told Magnus he needed a vampire tranquilizer for sleep issues. But he did not use it on himself. Shady. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for this storyline.

Same goes for Izzy’s brief flirtation with the doctor Charlie. In addition to being named Weapons Master and mentioning how she uses sugar to fight her drug craving, Izzy had precious little to do during the hour. So it seems likely this doctor might be back.

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As for Magnus and Alec, they also fell into the half-truth trap. Magnus lost his High Warlock title and pretended to be fine with the development. Meanwhile, Alec was offered a position on the council—something he’d always wanted—but it would mean moving to Idris. No Downworlders Allowed.

Thankfully, neither man kept his true feelings hidden for long. Magnus confessed after Alec called out his lie. Alec also admitted he’d expected a bigger reaction from Magnus over the potential distance. Magnus told him not to go and Alec agreed. Baby steps in the right direction. We’ll take it.

Finally, we have Luke and Ollie, who ended up tangled in the web of Lilith’s demon attack. Apparently, she’s gathering 33 tortured souls to help with her plan to heal Sebastian/Jonathan. All right. Since those souls come in the form of murdering humans, the detectives were on the case.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Luke initially held the party line and told Ollie she imagined everything. She shared her past werewolf encounter and he suggested she take some time off. But after she witnesses a demon that wouldn’t die and Luke in werewolf form, he confessed. All the legends are true.

Thank goodness. Luke lying to his partner while she skulked around spying on him bordered on tedious in Season 2. At least now we can move forward with the story with her being in the know. It’ll be nice for Luke to have a real partner again.

All in all, not the most exciting season premiere in the history of television. But that’s okay because there’s plenty of material to work with and room for the stories to grow. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get an answer or two and maybe if we’re lucky, Izzy will have more to do in future episodes.

As for Lilith, is it just us or is she a little lame as far as Big Bads go? It could have been lack of worthwhile scene partners (no offense to Sebastian/Jonathan, but silent scenes don’t give us much). We need to see her verbally sparring with our favorites so we can make an informed decision as to whether or not she’s a worthy successor to Valentine.

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