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‘Timeless’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: ‘The War to End All Wars’

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After its surprising un-cancellation last spring, Timeless triumphantly kicked off its second season with “The War to End All Wars.”

Like any good story reveling in its rise from the ashes moment, the episode picked up right where we left off last year only to blow up the entire premise of series with one well-placed bomb.

Pretty cool, right?

(Although, if we’re being honest, I’m so giddy to be watching this show and these characters again after last May’s dark days that I would happily buy any story they wanted to sell me).

So, six weeks after a bomb took out Mason Industries and Lucy disappeared after learning her mother’s part of Rittenhouse, we learn Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya, Connor, and Agent Christopher are hiding out in an underground bunker.

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The Lifeboat is broken and Wyatt is 1000 percent done with anyone and anything that does not involve finding Lucy immediately and bringing her back to the team. Agent Christopher’s got people looking for her, but that’s not good enough for our fearless soldier. To say the tension is through the roof would be underselling it.

Due to the loss of his reputation, his company, his employees, and his money, Connor’s suffering from confidence issues. It’s quite the departure from the man running the show last season while balancing his loyalty to the team and being crushed under Rittenhouse’s thumb. Thankfully, Jiya and Rufus put their heads together and manage to fix the Lifeboat in the nick of time.

Because, at a much nicer undisclosed location, Lucy’s preparing for a time trip on the Mothership with Carol and Emma. She believes her friends are dead and Carol believes that Lucy’s finally coming around to their way of thinking. Emma’s far less convinced and Lucy’s snippy remarks aren’t making things easier. But Carol sees what she wants to see.

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Emma keeps her cards close to the vest so all she’ll allow Carol to tell Lucy is that they’re landing in the middle of World War I with the sole purpose of finding a soldier: Nicholas Keynes. And they do find him: on the brink of death. Emma picked up some nursing skills during her Old West cabin life and they brought along pieces of modern technology to aid in the rescue.

Unfortunately, Nicholas’ fellow soldier is frightened by the modern conveniences and ends up shot by Emma when he attempts to interfere. But it’s not a kill shot: Emma wants Lucy to have that honor. And even though she apologizes to him, Lucy still picks up the gun and kills the innocent man.

I’m assuming this was supposed to be a shocking moment that made us question whether Lucy lost her mind and is now on Rittenhouse’s side. But come on, guys. We know our historian better than that. She’s trying to play the game because she has a bigger plan. And once Lucy and Carol set out to find an x-ray machine courtesy of Marie Currie herself, we find out the details.

Lucy plans to kill Keynes and blow up the Mothership with her mother, Emma, and herself aboard in order to stop Rittenhouse.

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Thankfully, Wyatt and Rufus have amazing (TV) timing and arrive at the perfect moment. After awesome reunion hugs and the required, “You’re alive!” exchanges, Lucy clued her friends in on her plan. She sent them to take care of the ship while she dealt with killing the solider. Easy enough, right?

Just kidding. Wyatt and Rufus are blocked by an army led by a man who happened to be carrying a modern phone on him. And since he was leading the soldiers, the boys realized he couldn’t have just dropped in with the Mothership…which leads them to searching his phone and discovering a manifesto. Rittenhouse developed a new way to screw with history: sleeper agents.

While the guys made their discovery (and Rufus did his best to make Wyatt admit that he’s in love with Lucy (!!!!!!!), our determined historian attempted to smother Nicholas with a pillow only to be busted by Carol thanks to a push from Emma. I have to give Carol a tiny bit of credit because she did attempt to cover for Lucy. But that all fell apart when Marie Currie and her daughter Irene discovered the Mothership.

Quick side note: I always enjoy the little bits of history the missions provide. And the timing of this one landing during Women’s History Month was perfect. Although, the mother-daughter parallels were a little too on the nose for my tastes. Mainly because I don’t think we should compare someone as amazing as Marie Currie to Carol Preston, who is the worst.

(Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Anyway, Lucy jumps in front of the Currie women to keep Emma from killing them. Carol attempts to help, but in the most basic, halfhearted way (further proof she doesn’t love history as much as Lucy does). Emma had orders from her higher ups to kill Lucy and she was more than happy to do it, but once again, Wyatt and Rufus arrived to save the day.

Wyatt pointed his gun at Nicholas and offered Emma a deal: they could each leave with the person they came there to get. She agreed and Lucy tried one last time to convince her mother to join the right team. Needless to say, Carol did not. Everyone headed to their separate ships.

Back in present day, Lucy was less than thrilled with the new situation, even going as far as blaming Wyatt for showing up in the first place (ouch). But obviously this was grief talking and he correctly questioned whether she really believed her mother would have saved her life when it came down to it.

Wyatt assured Lucy that she hadn’t lost everything because she still had him (and my shipper heart exploded) and he held her while she cried. Then, just as she was about to pull him in for a kiss, Jiya popped up to interrupt. Since we love Jiya, we won’t curse her bad timing too much, especially since she’s still suffering from her weird headaches and seizures.

After dissecting the manifesto—written by Nicholas Keynes—Agent Christopher realized they were going to need someone who understood Rittenhouse better than they did. So she paid Flynn a visit in jail only for him to take one look at her and declare that he would only talk to Lucy.

Speaking of Nicholas, back at the nicer undisclosed location, Carol welcomed him to 2018 and introduced herself as his granddaughter. Interesting…

Over to you, fellow Clockblockers. Hit the comments and tell us what you thought of the episode. Did you enjoy the premise shift? The reunions? Scale of 1-10, how mad are you really at Jiya for ruining that kiss? See you next week…

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