TV Source Podcast EP 19: Week in Soaps – Aftershock Says What


The TV Source Podcast runs down the Week in Soaps for March 5, 2018: The earth shook on General Hospital but where was the payoff? We lay out the pros and cons of GH’s latest stunt; We talk The Young and the Restless’ characterization of Victoria and coddling of Nick; theories on who shot the Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill Spencer; Praise for Days of our Lives’ Marci Miller.

Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon and Ryan

  • Performer of the Week: Which star earned our first award?
  • General Hospital: Events are supposed to serve a purpose, but this earthquake fell flat. The positive to come out it — certain stories had moments that propelled movement, but was the earthquake necessary for that to happen? No.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful: Who do we think is the culprit behind Bill’s shooting? We lay out our list of suspects.
  • The Young and the Restless: Is Nick Newman a man or a child? Everyone losing it over his well-being when he’s a grown ass man with adult children is gross; In defense of Victoria — Ryan defends Y&R’s characterization of Victoria in recent months and explains why; would revisiting Sharon and Nick be a mistake?
  • Days of our Lives: What’s next for Hope? Should she find a new man or fly solo? The need for rivals — where are the new rivalries that sparks drama? Praise for Marci Miller’s handling of the DID storyline. Her transition into Dr. Laura was a highlight for certain.

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General Hospital Spoilers: March 12-16, 2018

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  1. I have list3end twice now to this podcast, I have been following you regularly for a while now. Excellent discussion. I want to chime in with Corian that Nick is a “Man Baby”, that was hilarious, and also agree that Sharon deserves better right now, that Nick makes her small. Wonderful analysis of the problems with #GH, the earthquake being an example. So much potential constantly wasted. I completely agree, more hospital needed–and I will add, that Max Gail is incredible, wonderful scenes in particular with Becky. #GH needs more heart, less –my opinion–CarSon Sason. Also, Ava needs her child back, this is just becoming an abusive story. As for Franco, I think they just need to let him move on after this story, he doesn’t need more reforming. He just now needs an entertaining future. He is viable as he is, not all fans will like the character. That is ok. And #Days, well #Days is the best right now. The most entertaining. I am on #TeamClaire, I think she is great now opposite the new Cierra, the young set on #Days is by far the best on any of the soaps, and Claire is a well defined character., Thank you all!

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