TV Source Podcast EP 19: Week in Soaps – Aftershock Says What

The TV Source Podcast runs down the Week in Soaps for March 5, 2018: The earth shook on General Hospital but where was the payoff? We lay out the pros and cons of GH’s latest stunt; We talk The Young and the Restless’ characterization of Victoria and coddling of Nick; theories on who shot the Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill Spencer; Praise for Days of our Lives’ Marci Miller.

Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon and Ryan

  • Performer of the Week: Which star earned our first award?
  • General Hospital: Events are supposed to serve a purpose, but this earthquake fell flat. The positive to come out it — certain stories had moments that propelled movement, but was the earthquake necessary for that to happen? No.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful: Who do we think is the culprit behind Bill’s shooting? We lay out our list of suspects.
  • The Young and the Restless: Is Nick Newman a man or a child? Everyone losing it over his well-being when he’s a grown ass man with adult children is gross; In defense of Victoria — Ryan defends Y&R’s characterization of Victoria in recent months and explains why; would revisiting Sharon and Nick be a mistake?
  • Days of our Lives: What’s next for Hope? Should she find a new man or fly solo? The need for rivals — where are the new rivalries that sparks drama? Praise for Marci Miller’s handling of the DID storyline. Her transition into Dr. Laura was a highlight for certain.

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