TV Source Podcast EP 18: Week in Soaps – Rumor Has It

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The TV Source Podcast runs down the week in Soaps for February 26, 2018: What’s in a rumor? Rumors of The Young and the Restless heading down a domestic violence storyline with J.T. and Victoria has fans irate, and we weigh in; is B&B setting up a “Who Shot Bill” storyline? Seems like it; GH’s Alzheimer’s storyline is sparking debate and why is there an earthquake; DAYS’ Gabigail has fans talking. We weigh in our the story so far.

Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Johnathon, Michele and Ryan

  • The Young and the Restless: Where in the hell was the outrage for Chelsea’s mad dash exit? Everyone in town seemed a little too chill in comparison. We discuss the exit and the muted Christian reveal. What’s in a rumor? Rumor has it Y&R is in fact going forth with the domestic violence storyline with J.T. and Victoria. With J.T.’s controlling nature starting to seep through, we discuss the ramifications.
  • Days of our Lives: Abigail’s alternate personalities is plotting along a little too slowly, but the surprise reveal of a second personality might turn up the heat. Victor and Maggie’s marital strife makes for good TV. Team Claire or Team Ciara – was Claire right to blow up Rafe’s cheating ass lie to Hope?
  • Bold and Beautiful: Is there a “Who Killed Bill” story on the horizon? With Bill drawing the ire of pretty much everyone he’s ever met, he certainly seems like it. Especially since Don Diamont will be taking some time off.
  • General Hospital: Mike’s Alzheimer’s storyline is bringing about great performances from the cast involved. But is the story being rushed? Is it an attempt draw sympathy for Sonny? Off-screen storylines make an appearance but who cares? Should GH have taken a different route with Josslyn and Oscar’s alternative dance? Franco’s millionth backstory visit has grown tiresome. If this doesn’t end with Franco finally moving on and being happy it was a #WasteOurTime2K18.

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