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‘Krypton’ Recap – Season 1 Episode 4 – ‘The Word of Rao’

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Krypton continues strong with an episode that delves into the theocracy and sets up major stakes for the episodes to come. Lyta’s in danger, Nyssa takes a side, and Jayna is met with a sophie’s choice. Kem comes face to face with The Voice himself and Adam hunts for Seg.

Krypton Recap: Season 1 Episode 4: “The Word of Rao”
Airdate: April 11, 2018
Keith Boak directed the episode written by Luke Kalteux.

This week’s episode was The Voice heavy, no not the NBC show, the religious leader of Krypton. We receive our first glimpse of him without the many faced masked and dare I say the back of his head looks like an actor that plays another character on the show which would seem to confirm a fan theory regarding his true identity. More on that later. The Voice’s handmaid’s ready him for the day, he opens the dome and lets the sunlight in while proclaiming “today Kandor will be reborn”. The Voice makes his way down to visit with the Rankless who are still very upset about last week’s situation. The Voice promises them someone will be punished and he tells Daron Vex that someone must take responsibility for the military failure.

Daron decides that person will be Lyta Zod and has her arrested during her hearing for the situation with Kol-Da. Upon hearing that Lyta has been arrested, Seg runs off to see her. Both Dev and Jayna warn him away from her as they believe this all to be his fault. He seeks help from Nyssa who makes him admit he is in love with Lyta. She agrees to help. Nyssa takes up the role as Lyta’s “advocate”, aka lawyer letting Lyta know it was Seg who sent her.

Seg, meanwhile, has tasked Kem with breaking the news to little Ona that her mother isn’t going to make it. Since she’s doomed anyway, Seg sees this as an opportunity to free Lyta. If he brings Rohm to the council, he can explain everything and bargain for Lyta’s freedom. Adam advises against this, the two argue and Seg storms off getting himself captured by what looks like Sagitari soldiers.

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Seg wakes up, tied to a chair in a nondescript cave with a man and woman standing over him. The latter plants a creepy looking bug on his face that proceeds to crawl inside his nostril causing intense pain. “It doesn’t work on Sentry’s”, explains Walter from Arrow (Colin Salmon) who seems to be the leader of this operation. Seg wonders if they’re Black Zero and Walter/Arrow laughs at the notion, though he’s sort of cagey so who knows if he is or isn’t. He’s interested in what Seg knows about Brainiac and makes a deal to break Lyta out of Fort Rozz if Seg gives them Rohm. Who exactly is this guy? He makes note that his history with Seg’s family is complicated and he knows about Brainiac… could he be the leader of Black Zero? A former colleague of Val-El? another visitor from the future? Well, we won’t find out this week because once Walter/Arrow leaves the room, Seg manages to escape and finds himself trekking through the frozen tundra.

Nyssa confronts her father when she realizes he had Kol-Da lie about Lyta She reveals the true plan of House Vex which is to overthrow The Voice of Rao. Seg, Jayna, and Lyta are all part of that plan and she is miffed he would take a risk with all of their players. After a tense conversation, Nyssa takes matters into her own hands and propositions Jayna. She asks her to join them in overthrowing The Voice and she will, in return, make sure Lyta is released. Jayna is now tasked with choosing between her daughter and her loyalty.

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Learning House Vex’s true plan wasn’t even the biggest WTF of the night. That came from the story arc involving The Voice of Rao. After telling Ona that her mom isn’t coming home and promising to take care of her, Ona asks if they could please go to the Nova Cycle ceremony to pray for Rohm. At the ceremony, Ona walks right up to The Voice, offers him a gift and asks him to pray for her mother. Kem pleads with The Voice to show mercy and kindness, demonstrating that Rao loves them. The Voice takes Ona as a disciple; she will be ranked and serve as a Novice Word of Rao (so that’s what the handmaid’s are called). Ona is dressed in the bible outfit and recites a prayer to the praise of the crowd. As all of this is happening, Adam returns to the Fortress looking for Seg, who isn’t there. What he does find is a dying Rohm awakening in time to tell him “you have to stop Ona”. Say what now?

The Voice is alone in his chambers, admiring the gift Ona gave him earlier when the Sentry breaks out of it and infects The Voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo now The Voice of Rao has been infected by Brainiac’s Sentry, which means that Brainiac is in charge of Kandor. Could this mean that fans who have theorized Brainiac and The Voice may be the same come true? Blake Ritson who plays Brainiac, from the back looks suspiciously like the actor portraying The Voice of Rao in the beginning of the episode.

Notable Quotes:

Adam:  “All my life, I always wanted a droid like R2D2, I gotta say, Grandaddy hologram is pretty sweet”

Lyta: “I never wanted your help, I wanted a mother.”

Seg: “A Krypton without Lyta isn’t worth saving.”

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