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‘Famous in Love’ Recap: ‘Totes on a Scandal’

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Famous in Love dropped the bombshell it’s been teasing since the pilot on the handful of unsuspecting characters who were not in on the not-so-secret-but-still-secret affair between Nina and Jordan.

Maybe that’s why the revelation fell flat during “Totes on a Scandal.” Too many people knew to make it that big of a deal. Sure, it’ll provide tabloid fodder and a potential reason to remove Nina from her job and cause a rift between Tangey and Alexis.

But Rainer’s the only one whose world was truly rocked off its hinges by the news. He handled it well—or as well as can be expected, considering. He took a few moments to himself, told his mother to remove herself from the set, and then returned to set.

Now, was he that calm because of his newfound Zen lifestyle thanks to his relationship with Harper and his successful stint in rehab or was he able to handle things because Paige gave him a great pep talk?

Probably a little bit of both…because one love triangle wasn’t enough so the show decided to add an extra layer with Harper. She seems perfect on the surface, doesn’t she? Always saying and doing the right things like suggesting meetings and holding Rainer’s hand when he needs it most.

If she does have an ulterior motive, which I assume she does because perfect characters are boring, I hope the show doesn’t drag out the suspense too much longer.

As for Paige, she gave Rainer solid advice by using the words he threw in her face last week, but in a much nicer, caring way. And it worked because Rainer delivered one hell of a performance when he broke down in her arms.

Their chemistry remains the best and it’s hard not to wonder how much of it was acting. Jake and Harper both seemed to wonder as they watched their significant others share an emotional kiss. Harper appeared to let it go afterward (for now), but Jake insisted on having an in depth conversation with Paige.

I might not like Jake much and I definitely do not like him as a boyfriend for Paige, but credit where credit is due: he did the right thing. Moving in together—even after years of friendship—while they’re still getting to know each other on a romantic level would have been a bad idea.

Would he have come to that conclusion if Paige hadn’t gone back to filming Locked? That part seems doubtful since his insecurities and Rainer’s presence go hand and hand. But it was nice to see Paige decide to take the step of becoming a homeowner even without him. She needs to hold onto that independence no matter who she dates.

Miscellaneous Musings

-Would Alexis be a more interesting character if she went full-bitch? Last season, she screwed over Jake and now she’s thrown Tangey, Rainer, and Jordan to the wolves. How many times can she cry and say she didn’t mean it? She makes the same mistake every time. Own it.

-Tangey countering her mother calling her a victim was awesome. I still don’t buy her album came and went that fast, but good for her for getting back out there and making things happen on her own.

-Retcon or not, I’m glad they changed Jordan’s age so he wasn’t a minor when he slept with Nina for the first time. Does anyone else think his birth certificate will come into play again? He did lie about his parents, after all.

-Rainer confronting Jordan about sleeping with his mom was a great scene. Way more subtle than I expected, but it worked. They didn’t need to monologue or punch one another. Simple and to the point was much more heartbreaking.

-Cassie’s audition scene was great. It’s nice that she’s getting work outside of Jake’s movie or Paige’s connections. But that director is probably shady, right? His intensity was a little too creepy.

-Nina’s new assistant is awesome.

-Serious question: is Paige still the main character? It seems like the show might be rebranding itself as an ensemble series rather than Paige’s story. If that’s the case, I’m not sure I’m going to survive the season.

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