‘Shadowhunters’ Review: Possessive Demons and Annoying Roommates

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Step away from Magnus, Lilith.

Shadowhunters gave us a lot of answers during its latest hour, but it’s hard to think about anything other than that ending.

What does the demon puppet master want with our favorite warlock? And is it wrong to wonder how/why Magnus didn’t immediately sense trouble? Shouldn’t she be giving off some kind of terrible demon energy?

We’ll have to wait until next week to learn the answer to those particular questions so we may as well talk about what we did learn from “Thy Soul Instructed.”

(Freeform/John Medland)

Apparently, Lilith can only control Jace while he’s sleeping. His all-consuming love for Clary keeps him tethered to the world and breaks Lilith’s hold over him during the waking hours. Or at least it does for now.

Lilith revealed the basics of her plan during a villain monologue: to bring Jonathan back and make Jace pay for killing him in the first place. Seems fair, right? As far as dastardly plans go, it’s almost too simple.

But Jace is definitely suffering. He’s starting to wonder if he may have inherited his mother’s mental illness. The good news is that Jace is seeking out help: first from Luke and then from Clary. Except none of them have the whole truth and nothing but the truth so this will continue to happen.

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It still doesn’t make sense why Jace and Clary haven’t shared the truth with Alec, Izzy and Magnus. Sure, they broke a rule. But that’s they’re thing. They all break rules and in the end, it mostly works out for them. Things don’t work out when they lie to each other or only share part of the story.

We could argue that’s how TV works. And sometimes it does. Sometimes characters have valid reasons for keeping others in the dark. This is not one of those times. This is drama for the sake of drama and it’s unnecessary. The good guys would still be outmatched even if they all had the same information.

Speaking of leaving out vital information, Simon doesn’t know the whole story about his new roommate who happened to be in the right place at the right time to save the day. Obviously everything about the scene was suspicious because when does Simon ever have good luck? But Kyle’s connected to Luke so maybe this isn’t all bad luck?

On the one hand, Luke is the best surrogate father. Between comforting Jace and looking out for Simon, he’s the guiding force they all need in their lives. But why’s he being shady about the help? Did he call this Kyle person before or after Maia reamed him out? And what is this Praetor claiming possession of Simon?

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Full disclosure: this is a storyline I do remember for the books. So depending on how similar the show plans to go, I have a pretty good idea what the answers are to those questions. That being said, this wouldn’t be the first time the show put its own spin on things. For now, let’s just enjoy Kyle’s accent and hope he’s not going to hurt Simon.

While we’re on the subject of the books, Heidi’s story does sort of resemble one of the book’s plots—at least the part where Simon is her sire. Apparently, Raphael rescued her from death in order to experiment on her so he could figure out how to become a Daylighter. Heidi (rightfully) didn’t appreciate that and attempted to burn him in the sunlight.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Thankfully, Clary and Izzy rescued him, but the timing sucked. Not the part where he gets to live, but the part where Izzy was just telling Clary she felt something for him that she’d never experienced before—even without the sex. So of course she saw right through Raphael’s lie and realized what he’d done.

Ugh, this is what I meant last week about problematic. I get it. I do. Raphael was in the wrong and deserved to almost burn to death for unleashing Heidi on the world. But it’s hard not to feel for him. He’s been a vampire a long time. He’s lost his entire family. He just wants a piece of his old life back. Can’t he live???

Not in New York; at least not as far as Izzy’s concerned. She gave him a reprieve by not reporting him to the Clave, but she told him in exchange he had to leave New York. All things considered, it’s a fair deal. But will he really leave? And if he does, does this mean Izzy will give the Mundane a chance?

(Maybe not the thing we’re supposed to focus on, but what can you do?)

Miscellaneous Musings

-Did anyone else think Jace would end up murdering that new security guard? Really glad that didn’t pan out—the Mundanes’ deaths are already going to send him down a never ending guilt spiral once he finds out the truth.

-Good for Maia for pushing Luke to call out bigoted behavior. It doesn’t matter how long werewolves and vampires have hated each other: nothing’s going to change if people sit back and take it.

-How did Jace change Morgan’s cells back to human? Is Lilith able to use her power through him? This is quite confusing. Also, how did they explain to the girl why they had her in a cage?

-Is Heidi stronger because Simon was her sire? Is it because she ate so much blood at once? Or am I mixing my universes and these vampires don’t have any kind of hierarchy? It seems wrong that she was able to overpower Raphael.

-Simon and Maia’s conversation about whether or not he would annoy his roommate into attacking to him was the best. I’m still shipping it, guys. They just work for me.

-Obviously we have to take a moment (or several moments) to swoon over Magnus wanting to be there for Alec. Even if it meant—ugh—spending more time together. They are they cutest.


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