‘The Originals’ Review: The Weight of Sacrifice

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Klaus Mikaelson may have finally met his match in the form of a “mythical tribrid freak show”.

…better known as his teenage daughter.

The Originals is hitting all the right notes in its final season (so far).

Hope Mikaelson is a lost little girl who just wants her father to love her. She’s also a badass witch with the family temper in spades.

Not to mention the huge burden “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon Street” revealed she’s carrying.

Her family sacrificed everything for her. Hope believes she has to prove she’s worth it.

How heartbreaking was that?

(I love Hope so much).


Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

It turns out Hope did orchestrate Hayley’s kidnapping last week. But it wasn’t only Uncle Kol’s influence. She literally borrowed a trick from dear old dad thanks to the memoirs he compelled Cami to write.

Hiding family members in coffins in order to leverage and/or force them into compliance has always been Klaus’ go to move. And he didn’t seem to enjoy the tables being turned.

We also learned the reason Klaus stopped communicating with Hope five years earlier. At the tender age of nine (Welcome back, Summer!), Hope tried to visit Klaus via Witch Skype and “interrupted his murder orgy.”

Klaus may have overreacted by ignoring her for the next five years, but it’s easy to see why. He never wanted Hope to experience that side of him; let alone at such a young age.

(Not that there’s any age where seeing your dad covered in other people’s blood is probably an acceptable visual).

In Klaus’ mind, it was his job to protect Hope and keep her innocent and sweet. Something he made the mistake of saying out loud while calling his teenage daughter “broken”.

(Can anyone else feel Cami cringing from her grave?)

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No child—whether 15 or 50—ever wants to be described as broken by the person who’s supposed to love them no matter what. And obviously Klaus didn’t mean it that way, but it left Hope feeling more unloved than ever.

Then, everything escalated to a new level of terrible when Klaus and Freya went to retrieve Hayley from St. Anne’s attic (Hope even used the family’s preferred hiding place).

Hayley’s coffin was empty with enough blood spilled to indicate one hell of a struggle. But Freya’s magic couldn’t detect any sign of Hayley. So Klaus had to tell Hope what happened.

He handled things much better this time. He took the blame and promised that he would find Hayley while Hope returned to school. And he told her he loved her (my heart).

Unfortunately (for everyone, but mostly me), the tender moment included a snake literally falling out of Hope’s mouth. Did I mention the latest consequence of two Mikaelsons in one room?



Including Hope’s mouth.

(Can I send the writers my therapy bills?)


Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Freya almost tasted freedom. She and Keelin were prepared to travel the world. But then Hayley disappeared. Freya can’t leave her family and she doesn’t want Keelin in danger. So she broke two hearts and sent Keelin away alone.

Vincent visited a seer named Ivy (Freya ships it) to see what’s ahead after the blood rain. Ivy predicted Hope Mikaelson would destroy them all. Vincent wonders if he can lead Hope onto a different path where she saves everyone (I vote for this).

Josh and Marcel clashed over king status. Josh liked it better when Marcel was gone. I kind of want to be annoyed at Josh (how dare you speak to Marcel that way!), but he does have a point. Marcel’s always going to be Team Mikaelson and Team Mikaelson is trouble.

Who killed Henry?!? After Marcel and Hope left him in the garden (two great callbacks: the garden itself and Hope telling him to close his eyes and sing if he gets scared), someone released him, tore out his heart, and hung him for everyone to see.

Pretty sure any truce between the factions is shot now.


-Do we have a Hope/Roman ship name? Because I am here for it.

I like how Hope alternated between being awkward around him and letting him know how terrible his friends were for bullying Henry. To his credit, he did feel guilty about it. And now he knows Hope’s biggest secret.

-Speaking of secrets, nice callback to Aurora being bound in the parlor. But shouldn’t someone stake her and be done with it? She doesn’t have the serum in her so just let that monster die. It’s not right we live in a world where Cami is dead, but Aurora remains.

-Vincent and Freya’s friendship continues to make me so happy.

-Klaus and Marcel admitted that it was nice to see each other! And Marcel jumped in to help him without thinking twice. Have we finally broken the pattern of fighting after making up? Praise be!

-How cute are Marcel and Hope together? His promise to eat anyone who makes her feel bad was the best. And the hug! Aw, Marcel.

-Tiny nitpick: Marcel has always been stronger than the other vampires in the Quarter because he’s older than they are. So why is this new power making him an outsider? Wouldn’t his abandoning them for seven years be a more believable reason for the distance?

-My heart hurt for Klaus when Declan pointed out he’d been more of a father to Hope than Klaus. I didn’t even mind when Klaus was going to eat him. I also didn’t mind Hope arriving and overpowering her father. She definitely inherited the Mikaelson flair for the dramatic.

-Declan really does seem like a normal, clueless (when it comes to the supernatural) human, doesn’t he? Team Haylijah Forever, but I appreciate that Hayley has some normality in her life.

-Speaking of Elijah, I only missed him a tiny, tiny bit, which is new for me. And further proof Season 5 is better than I expected.

(That being said, I cannot wait for next week’s Elijah-centric hour).

-Of course Caroline’s daughter Lizzie is the school gossip.

-Poor Henry. He was just a kid with a rough life who went to a friend for help.

-Seriously, please pick something other than snakes next time.

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