‘Shadowhunters’ Review: 3 Go In, 3 Come Out

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Things went from bad to dire in the blink of an eye during the latest hour of Shadowhunters.

We’ve hit that point in the season where we’re too close to the midseason finale for the good guys to expect too many wins.

But “A Heart of Darkness” went above and beyond to make sure no one was in a good place by the time the final credits rolled.

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Everyone knew Clary had been captured by the Clave (smart thinking or did a bulletin go out?) and they also knew the priority had to be rescuing Jace. Otherwise, Clary’s sacrifice would be for nothing.

It sounds good in theory. And maybe the multiple plans would have worked with the tiniest of tweaks.

Again, we’re too close to the midseason finale, aka the big cliffhangers, for nice things to happen for our favorite characters.

Instead, Clary was sentenced to death after confessing all while holding the Soul Sword. Magnus managed to send Alec and Izzy into Jace’s mind, but Lilith arrived to reclaim her owl before the happy reunion.

Meanwhile, Simon watched the tension build between Jordan and Maia—who are the poster wolves for unresolved feelings—and then he had to watch Maia choose to leave in order to deal with her emotions.

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Oh, and Lilith killed all of the Seelie Queen’s knights. In return, the Seelie Queen told Lilith where she could find Jace.

Seems fair, right?

Well, technically, the queen used the bargaining chip in exchange for her own life. And since Lilith laid waste to her people, it’s understandable. She also reminded the mother of demons that she’s responsible for protecting special creatures.

That’s why she gave Simon the Mark of Cain. Too bad she didn’t take the time to tell Simon what it meant and how to control it. T

Because there’s got to be a way to control it other than accidentally killing everyone in his path.

Seriously, though, as sweet and touching as it was to watch the young Lightwood kids bond and promise to protect each other, doesn’t it feel a bit pointless since they weren’t able to protect Jace?

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I suppose the point was to hand them another failure in order to make them stronger. And maybe cause a little trouble between Malec since Demon Jace mocked Magnus about their relationship. Then Magnus blamed himself for not being able to overpower Lilith.

Does Alec blame him? I’m not sure. Alec appeared to be in shock when he realized Jace was gone. And he’ll be carrying around the guilt of that failed promise he made his brother.

I’d like to believe he wouldn’t take it out on Magnus, but emotions tend to bring out the worst in people when they’re frightened. And given how scared Jace appeared, that fear is going to weigh heavily on Alec and Izzy.

This is the second week in a row Magnus’ power has been mentioned. Last week he was too strong and this week, he wasn’t strong enough. Not his fault—Lilith is beyond powerful and Magnus has a lot of people to protect.

(Freeform/John Medland)

But it does feel as if he’s headed for a reckoning. Will he sacrifice himself to protect his friends? Will he make a deal to acquire more power? We have to be meeting his father sooner rather than later, right?

As always, I have faith Magnus and Alec will survive whatever storm comes their way. But we’ve still got half a season to go and there’s nothing this show loves more than throwing angst at these two.

(Okay, maybe they love throwing angst at Clace more. And maybe angst is part of TV drama. Let’s just prepare for their worst).

Clary did her best to keep her secrets, but even with her extra angel powers, she was no match for the Soul Sword. And once again, her compassionate, mundane upbringing turned out to be her downfall.

Again, why are the older Shadowhunters always the worst? How did any of these people manage to raise decent kids?

I’m a little worried about what Luke is going to do in order to save her. That wolf pack he mentioned didn’t sound like the best allies.

(But I’m still shipping Luke and Maryse).


-Demon Jace is a dick. He’s lucky Simon didn’t turn his mark on him.

-I still don’t understand why Jace couldn’t remember his love for Alec and Izzy while under Lilith’s spell. Why is it only Clary’s love that snapped him out of it?

(And I say this as someone who wholeheartedly ships Clace. I just think the show tends to be a bit lazy with their relationship. Too much telling and not enough showing).

-Did anyone else expect Clary to be able to resist the Soul Sword? Like she said, she literally zapped its power last time. I guess we should be grateful for that much consistency.

-Why didn’t anyone ask Jace what Lilith was planning? Even if they couldn’t rescue him, it still would have been helpful information.

-Seriously, why can’t Izzy have a story of her own?

-Are we supposed to ship Maia and Jordan? It’s not quite the Izzy/Raphael level of messiness, but it’s close.

-The awkward van ride was pretty funny, though.

-Shouldn’t they be able to connect the dots from demon resurrection directly to Jonathan? They know he’s part demon. They know Lilith is the mother of demons. Therefore…

(I know, I know. That’s not how this show works).

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