‘Shadowhunters’ Review: Think Outside the Box

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Clary’s in trouble.

And not just because the man she loves threw her off a building and left her for dead in the latest episode of Shadowhunters.

As usual, a lot happened during the course of “Salt in the Wound” and, also as usual, not all of it made sense due to erratic pacing.

But let’s put that aside for now since we’ve all accepted pacing’s going to be an issue whether we like it or not this season.

(We definitely do not like it, for the record).

(Freeform/John Medland)

After a rescue from Simon (again, due to all the different vampire mythologies rattling in my brain, I can’t remember if all vampires possess healing powers in this universe or if Simon is a special Daylighter case), Clary confessed the truth to her friends.

Izzy looked shocked, Simon later reminded her that she could have come to him sooner (#besties4life) and Alec had an unexpected—except totally expected because of his growth—reaction.

(Also, if you’ve seen Infinity Wars, I’m guessing you had the same scene in mind I did when he walked around the table to her).

I am proud of Alec. Even though he’s still navigating his romantic relationship at a novice level, he has grown into the leader he’s destined to be. He didn’t scold Clary or waste time complaining that she should have told him sooner (although she should have).

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Instead, he hugged her, giving her the comfort she desperately needed along with the truth: he would have done the same thing.

(As would Izzy and Simon and Jace if the scenario had been reversed; all the more reason it didn’t make sense to keep it from their friends all this time other than for unnecessary drama).

The group formulated a divide and conquer plan: Izzy knew of a weapon in Idris, Clary suggested getting Jace’s grandma on board, Magnus set off to prepare a spell, Alec came up with an on the spot distraction for Clave management, and Simon went to help Luke track down Ollie and Lilith.

Obviously nothing went as planned because this is not a season finale and it’s too soon to win. But I loved seeing everyone working together to save Jace. It’s been too long since we’ve seen teamwork on this show other than in small groups.

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Too bad Jace continued to ruin everything with his terrible demon moves. He killed (?) and maimed his grandmother for entrance to the cemetery so he could dig up Valentine. While his friends managed to trap him, Clary provided a portal to Magnus’ place. Then she stayed behind to deal with the Clave.

A bold move (and the kind of thing someone with extra special shadow runes can pull off), but also a problem because now Clary’s in Clave custody. Since we know from experience the Clave is the opposite of reasonable, she’s likely on the hook for the murder (?) and definitely the grave robbing.

Meanwhile, Maia and Kyle came face to face and surprise! He’s actually Jordan Kyle, the wolf who turned her. Simon once again dropped Jordan like yesterday’s trash, but Maia requested alone time anyway.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Through a series of flashbacks, we got to see Maia and Jordan’s relationship unfold. It started out sweet and adorable, progressed to majorly serious, and then turned problematic when Jordan gave her attitude about her life choices.

When she attempted to dump him, the timing sucked since he was undergoing his first werewolf change. He ended up attacking her and then vanishing from her life without another word. Needless to say, Maia’s anger is justified.

Of course there are still feelings there so welcome to the latest love triangle. For now Maia has no interest in forgiving him. She did order him to stick around and be there for Simon.

And he’s probably going to need it since he destroyed most of Lilith’s human sacrifices. I think? Like Simon and Luke, I’m not really sure what happened to those people. Did they really turn to salt? How is that a thing?

Ollie survived to be Lilith’s chief minion. She informed Lilith a vampire caused the carnage and Lilith knew right away a Daylighter had to be involved.


-Katherine McNamara was fantastic from beginning to end. She’s grown a lot since Season 1.

-Alec comforting Magnus warmed my heart. Again, his maturity is showing and I love it.

-Magnus doubting his powers—and thinking he has too many—is ominous, right?

-Lilith continues to be a one-note villain. Can we resurrect Valentine instead of Jonathan?

-Inquisitor Herondale is probably dead, right? Bummer.

-Wouldn’t it be nice if for once, the Clave leadership were not terrible people determined to stop our heroes? For people with angel blood, these guys tend to be the worst.

-Luke took Simon to take your kid to work day. I love them.

-Why doesn’t Jace still love Alec and Izzy? I’m all for romantic love in my fictional shows, but familial love matters, too. Shouldn’t his feelings for them make him question his actions?

-Alisha Wainwright is walking chemistry. She’s three for three with Jace, Simon, and Jordan. Also, Maia is a delight and she doesn’t deserve all the pain she’s had.

-Will Izzy ever get a story of her own?

-Ollie killed her mom! I still don’t really care about her, but at least she’s more useful to the plot now than with her Shadow World nosiness.

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