ABC Debuts General Hospital’s ‘The Best of Jason & Sam’ Collection

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ABC has released a special General Hospital collection dubbed ‘The Best of Jason & Sam”. The collection was teased in a promotional video featuring Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco touting “something big” coming next week. Well it came early!

Per ABC, relive Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) captivating love story! From their first meeting, first kiss, and first “I love you” to tequila and dominoes, water gun fights and a rooftop proposal, fans can binge 15 episodes (no-sign required!) highlighting the most unforgettable moments from the last 15 years of their love story.

  1. S1 E1 December 3, 2003 – Jason Morgan and Sam McCall meet.
  2. S1 E2 May 24, 2004 – Jason tells Sam he wants to pose as the father of her baby.
  3. S1 E3 June 16, 2004 – Sam tells Jason he makes her feel safe.
  4. S1 E4 November 10, 2004 – Jason agonizes about telling Sam her baby died.
  5. S1 E5 December 2, 2004 – Sam and Jason kiss for the first time.
  6. S1 E6 January 11, 2005 – Sam and Jason make love for the first time.
  7. S1 E7 January 17, 2005 – Jason proposes to Sam and they say “I love you.”
  8. S1 E8 March 30, 2005 – Sam and Jason have a romantic rooftop dinner.
  9. S1 E9 July 13, 2005 – Sam and Jason play “tequila and dominoes.”
  10. S1 E10 October 12, 2005 – Sam and Jason have a water gun fight.
  11. S1 E11 July 21, 2011 – Jason proposes to Sam on a rooftop.
  12. S1 E12 September 22, 2011 – Sam and Jason marry in a Chinese restaurant.
  13. S1 E13 October 19, 2012 – Sam, Jason, and baby Danny spend their first night together.
  14. S1 E14 October 30, 2017 – Jason rescues Sam, who is trapped underwater.
  15. S1 E15 March 7, 2018 – After they nearly die together, Sam tells Jason she still loves him.

No doubt this will be a treat for fans of the couple, and a great way for those who didn’t get to experience their early moments to catch up. Visit to view the best of Jason & Sam.General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Episodes are also available on and Hulu.

Our Take: This is a great use of General Hospital’s video library. It’s never made sense to use that more wasn’t done with GH’s classic episodes, especially when The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have utilized their library on CBS All Access. Hopefully more collections will be released for other characters, couples and storylines over the coming months. Not only will it drive more website traffic, but it could drive more social media engagement if the collections were paired with a special hashtag as well. We’ve reached out to GH publicity for comment on future collection episodes. 

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General Hospital Spoilers: July 2-6, 2018

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  1. No thanks I will pass on their GH story.. don’t like Jasam pairing it is toxic to me.. they need to do one for DreamGH s and Drew.. one for Liason too than maybe I will be interested.. just my opinion.

  2. Luke and Laura should’ve been the first collection.

  3. I’ ve been watching GH over 50 yrs. & the best part of Jason & Sam were 2015-2017 when Billy Miller played Jason.He didn’t want to kill Sam or cheat on her or have a baby with Liz and he never ever put Carly & Sonny before Sam. I guess they forgot that part.

  4. NOT!!! Play the REAL Love Story, Jason and Elizabeth! Their relationship goes back to Liz’s teenage years. #Liason #LiasonGreatestLoveStoryNeverTold #GH #GH55 #Liason4ever #JasonandElizabeth

  5. Not interested I don’t like Jason and sam together. I only like her with Drew

  6. Hard pass for me. I have no intentions whatsoever of watching Sam regress back to being put last while Jason refuses to put anyone above Carly and Sonny. I can’t believe Drew and Sam were screwed over for someone who should never have been brought back. One reason why I no longer watch GH.

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