‘General Hospital’ Cast Photo Gallery: Summer 2018

General Hospital – Additional Cast Photos – Summer 2018

ABC has released additional cast photos featuring Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Laura Wright (Carly), Kelly Monaco (Sam), Roger Howarth (Franco), Eden McCoy (Josslyn), William deVry (Julian), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan), Donnel Turner (Curtis), Michelle Stafford (Nina) and more!

Check out the new gallery additions below


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  1. Hope this doesn’t mean Carly hooks up with Peter. Vinessa and Donnelle are a real couple too as well as on the show. Them throwing Carly and Bobbie in there too hopefully means this is just the cast and doesn’t necessarily indicate future romantic pairings. I want Sonny & Carly to stay together. Supposedly Maxie gets together with Peter.

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