Casting Chair: Five Actors ‘Days of our Lives’ Should Consider When Recasting Paul Narita

3. Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman

Instagram: @forresthoffman

How can anyone not want to see a baby face like Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman’s five days a week? With that baby face, he might read a bit younger than we’re used to for Christopher Sean’s Paul Narita, but it’d be a nice change! Paul is the best and most likable gay man in Salem, so it only fits that he’d look like the sweet boy next door.

While Forrest has held numerous roles as an actor in films like 2015’s Boy Next Door, Dear White People and various short films, he’s shown a great interest in producing. Together with his older brother Remington Hoffman, he’s produced, directed and starred in a semi-autobiographical comedic web series titled Real Hollywood about trying to make it as an Asian actor. It’s actually pretty funny, so be sure to check it out here!

Currently, Forrest seems to be focusing more on his producing career. Both he and Remington are creating a new documentary series on empowerment and success called Talkin’ Success. But hey, with DAYS’ production schedule, there 2can still be plenty of time for other projects! 

Instagram: @forresthoffman

I would want Forrest’s version of Paul to come back to Salem just looking to move on with his life. He’s over the constant cycle of drama with Will and Sonny who are probably in the throws of yet another blow up once he comes back! Will thinks that with him on the outs with Sonny and Paul back, he can just settle back into Paul’s life to win him over again. But it doesn’t work! After his shoulder injury and now his leg injury, Paul finds himself having to make a different kind of life changing decision again and ultimately, that’s living the single life. Until Bonnie Lockhart’s son, Connor (played by Pierson Fodé) hires him for a private investigation job. Connor’s former rodeo manager is suing him for insurance fraud after faking a fall and subsequent back injury but Connor is sure his old boss is up to something much dirtier! Drugs? Human trafficking? It’s kooky but this is Ron Carlivati’s Days of our Lives!

It’ll boil down to will the noble Paul aid conman Connor when it proves his boss’ indiscretions are too great? Or will he bow out to save himself from more drama? Then Connor takes his shirt off.

2. Remington Hoffman

Instagram: @remingtonhoff

If younger brother Forrest gives Paul a boy next door look, then older brother Remington is the macho superhero side of Paul. With facial and chest hair, Remington’s Paul Narita would harken back to the 80’s version of his onscreen father, John Black… er, Roman Brady. 

Like his brother, Remington has had numerous roles in TV, film and web series. Aside from his satirical take on being an Asian actor in Hollywood in Real Hollywood, Remington has also been featured in recent episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Animal Kingdom! He seems to be doing more juggling work between acting, writing and producing in tandem with Forrest so why not throw in a few good years in Salem, USA? 

Remington’s Paul would come back to Salem a little bit colder, a little bit more jaded when it comes to love. In the last two years he was jilted twice by men he thought he’d loved but only used him as an interim player.

Instagram: @remingtonhoff

Now I don’t need our Prince Paul to go full on Brady Black with yelling, choking and blackmailing his exes but it would be nice to have a bit of an edge to him. We love the character of Paul but there’s no denying that his personality can use a bit more building outside of being brave and kind. Imagine Remington’s Paul showing back up in Salem with a new boy on his arm (maybe a now openly bisexual and fully healed Nu-Theo Carver?) and just completely ignoring Will’s existence? Will can beg and he can plead but Paul makes sure to show off that he’s moved on. Whether or not that’s true will slowly come to light over the next few months as Will has to watch in pain as the man he threw aside is happy and he’s — not.

Either way, it’s high time for Paul to start playing Will and Sonny’s game too. 

1. Yoshi Sudarso

Instagram: @yoshi_sudarso

Finally, we’ve come to the final stage of this feast of talent (and abs)! Yoshi Sudarso is my, and much of the TV Source team’s pick for the new Paul Narita.

Yoshi has got the handsome look, he’s got the friendly look, the secret agent body and acting chops to take over this role embroiled in so much drama. In a way, he’s kind of got what every guy on this list has but rolled into one package! This is why he’s number one on the list.

Some of you will recognize Yoshi from his time on Power Rangers Dino Charge as the reanimated caveman, Koda. This was a role steeped more in goofy comedy than anything so it’ll be a nice change for him to work with more dramatic material. We’ll actually be able to get a taste of his drama chops as he seems poised to storm Asia this year! First, Yoshi will be seen in the Indonesian martial arts-western film Buffalo Boys and then Filipino film Empty by Design with Crazy Rich AsiansChris Pang. In America though, Yoshi has mainly stuck to web series and guest roles outside of Power Rangers. Personally, I believe a few good years at Burbank Studios making magic with Chandler Massey’s Will Horton would be a great stepping stone to make his name more known in the US! 

Instagram: @yoshi_sudarso

I think Yoshi’s Paul would be the ultimate hero! Instead of being broken by all of the bad that’s happened to him, Paul comes back more noble than ever. Private investigation was fun but the reach of that works feels so small, he wants to do more and on a larger scale but first he starts at the bottom of the food chain and joins the police force. Like JJ Deveraux, he moves through the ranks at lightning speed but instead of becoming a detective, decides that he wants to aim for the ISA. Paul becomes a liaison between the spy agency and the Salem PD to root out corruption in the Midwestern town. First, Paul has Hope thrown from her office as police commissioner for falsifying evidence against Ben Weston. 

This first big win also reminds him of the other injustice he’s been sitting on out of respect for a friend — Sonny Kiriakis’ attack on Leo Stark. When Paul comes back to town, surely Sonny and Will will both play nice and try to get back on his good side. But why should Paul have to protect those who have constantly hurt him? Why fight what his conscious is telling him is right? I’d love to see Paul make some tough decisions, ruffling the feathers of those in Salem who might be a bit too comfortable on their illegal high horse.

What do you think about my choices for the new Paul Narita? Did I miss anyone? Should I have cut out anyone? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter using #TVSCastingChair. For more fun soap opera related lists, check out the Soap Countdown Podcast available on Podbean, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.



  1. Some really great choices on here and its very well thought out. I am open to see Paul return to the show. The more diversity on the Show the better it will be. It will draw in viewers who see people like themselves. I am 100% a Will and Sonny fan, but I think the issues with Paul have nothing to do with the actor. the Producer Ken Corday and head writers like Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell, Josh Griffith and Dena Higle, Josh Griffith, Dena Higley and Beth Milstein, Dena Higley and Ryan Quan, and current head writer Ron Carlivati. They wrote the wrong story. Paul and Sonny’s past should have lead to Will insecurity causing drama basically pushing Sonny towards paul. The Will recast was awful, the writing was awful, Will’s return was exciting, then awful. I generally like Ron Carivati but he is not the best at writing stories for gay characters he is great trying to get them together then once they are he turns them into set pieces. Hopefully they find some great stories for Will and Sonny. if they bring Paul back perhaps he ends up with someone else. British soaps have two or three gay couples on the show. Hopefully Day’s writes good stuff. You tube the storry of Aaron and Robert you can see how well it can be done.

  2. Personally, I’m not visually feeling any of these casting chair selections. If I had to choose from any of them, I would default to Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman. Ultimately, I’d like to see Paul go off for a 3-6 month period before a recast is implemented. Also, I am seriously disgusted with some of the comments left in this comment section. It’s disappointing that in 2018 some of the things being said are being said.

  3. The people in the comments have never heard of an opinion article. I love it, good work coryon! You didn’t just pick actors to fill the role, you suggested story as well. Personally I would love to see Paul return with a bisexual Theo!

  4. I’m not sure if you actually read the article, but Coryon suggested story for each recast so I would say he’s trying to contribute to making the character “more interesting” for the rest of you. He even suggested him returning with Theo so it’s not all about Horita.

  5. as a GLAAD member it was because of the typical stereotype of gay men with the Paul and Will story is the reason and so many members of GLAAD didn’t vote for the win for DAYS. Paul has to be the weakest character I have ever seen as a viewer. when the Sonny and Will love life developed they won EMMY awards and GLAAD awards but not this weak fiasco of a storyline of Will and Paul. Coryon your writing is biased and just because he’s Asian doesn’t make it a great story.

  6. Interesting that so many H fans say that the chemistry between the characters of Paul and Will now is electric … then why would you want a recast… Paul has been an insignificant character and only stroyline he has had was involving Sonny or Will, the writers dont know what to do with him or ever did, even making him John’s son was futile it gave nothing to character or to John for that matter… now the only interesting story he gets is because he is leaving

    there is no dimension, depth, layers or anything i have seen come from the character of Paul and that is why he wont be missed as much as people think

  7. Lol. This is the worst article I’ve read from a bitter hortia fan yet… even if Paul stayed, WilSon would still get back together. Will and Sonny will be back together. Get over it. 👌🏻

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