Podcast S2 EP 7: Week in Soaps – Exit, Stage Left


A new edition of the TV Source podcast is here, covering highlights from the Week in Soaps for October 22-26, 2018. We’re talking Ashley’s exit on Y&R and whether or not the new timeline retcons Jack’s son Keemo out of existence; Laura sparking positive feelings on General Hospital; Brooke’s vagina on The Bold and the Beautiful and the end of that awful Nicole on Days of our Lives! Let’s jump in to the new TV Source Podcast episode!

Episode Taped: October 29, 2018
Hosts: Ashley, Coryon, Michele and Ryan

The Young and the Restless (11:20)

  • Tracy makes an emotional plea for the family to come together after finding Dina’s secret document! Hilarious flashbacks ensue. Mal Young crafted a story for the Abbotts that drove a lot of story but was controversial. Did that affect enjoyment? Oh, and with these new flashbacks with Jack as a teenager in 1972, does this mean Keemo, Jack’s son from Vietnam, has essentially been retconned out of history?
  • Ashley opts to step away from the toxic masculinity in the Abbott family and leaves Genoa City for good. Was this an effective exit?

General Hospital (27:39)

  • It felt as if there was a tonal shift for the week — with the emotional based stories taking center stage versus some of the silliness. Kristina’s growing pains as a young adult grappling with her life not going as she imagined stood as out as a highlight for the week.
  • Laura’s return with a purpose has given GH a boost. We discuss how it’s a victory for the fans, and an opportunity to expand opportunities for additional characters through her.
  • As the segment closes, one of our hosts speaks some truths about Sonny and the mob, and no it’s not what you think. The issue at hand isn’t Sonny per say, it’s that there’s never any real stakes to his storylines. Dive in.

The Bold and the Beautiful (51:25)

  • Yes, this segment is back. Coryon breaks down the week as the Forrester brothers guard Brooke’s vagina with their fists and knock Bill over a balcony. Did Brooke’s voice and the proximity of her vagina awaken him from his dollar slumber?
  • Quinn and Pam fight over a portrait. Now she’s on the outs with Eric too!

Days of our Lives (56:35)

  • A national nightmare has befallen the town of Salem…Xander Kiriakis, our big breasted hunk of a man is dead! Or so we’re led to believe. Oh, and Nicole died too…or did she? Kristen’s gone too. Boo! We’re kind of happy for this chapter to finally end. Stacy Haiduk’s Kristen was great, but the arc went on a bit too long.
  • Rex Brady lands in Salem and it’s just the right thing. What’s the deal with him going forward? Is there hope for he and Sarah Horton?
  • Everyone’s favorite righteous villain Gabi keeps managing to barely get away with her schemes! With Abigail finally waking up to the reality, will she figure it out? Or will she be stuck in this weird, creepy marriage with Stefan?

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