Legacies Review: That’s What Heroes Do

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It’s hero time.

Lizzie channeled her parents and her stepfather (RIP, Stefan) to solve the mystery of her nemesis’ disappearance on Legacies.

And, in what’s becoming a fun tradition, the villain of the hour proved rather unexpected.

Not to mention super gross…

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Matt Donovan, annoying and self-righteous as ever, informed the Salvatore student body that Dana and Sasha had vanished. He (correctly) suspected foul play.

So Alaric sent Lizzie, Hope, Landon, MG, and Kaleb to Mystic Falls High to investigate.

That seemed weird, right? Joining other schools for a day is not really a thing. Although we’re probably supposed to ignore red tape when there are supernatural creatures involved.

While they were gone, Josie attempted to help Rafael learn the toxic hierarchy of werewolf culture. He resisted and ended up getting his ass kicked.

Werewolves have always been my least favorite in this universe. Legacies apparently wants to continue that trend by doing them no favors.

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I’m not sure Rafael made the right decision. Josie had a point that it was easier than starting a revolution. But giving into bullies—alpha or otherwise—is never the answer.

However, we did get more bonding scenes between Josie and Rafael. Including a few kisses under the guise of borrowing his magic.

Well played, Josie. Well played.

(Okay, fine. She needed the magic and her hands were literally tied. But I like them together so it’s a win).

Speaking of bullies, Landon confronted the ghosts of his high school past. This time Hope was far less sympathetic to his plight.

She abandoned him in favor of fitting in with the popular girls to get info (Somewhere, Auntie Bex is super proud of her little mean girl).

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Kaleb continued to eat his way through the cheerleading squad. But MG couldn’t hold the secret any longer.

Side note: feminist MG standing up for Lizzie was a beautiful sight. Lizzie, wake up and realize how great he is, please.

As the kids fought over responsibility and consequences, a not-so-dead Dana wandered over. She appeared to be in transition until she started vomiting her insides.

Again, super gross…

Kaleb attempted to place the blame on Landon. None of this weirdness happened prior to his arrival. He claimed his innocence, turned to Hope for help, and received a blank stare in return.


MG pieced together the clues pointing to a spider as Landon faced off with Connor…who turned out to be said spider.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Ric told the kids to stand down, but Lizzie ignored her father and charged forward in full hero mode. Along with Josie and Hope, the three witches managed to destroy the creature.

They also ended up covered in its remains. It’s worth repeating: super gross.

(But also cool watching the girls strutting out of the barn like BAMFs).

After tossing Kaleb in the dungeons, Ric and Matt faced off. Sorry Sheriff, your threats are as worthless as ever. #TeamRic

Oh, and somewhere in the world, a new monster targeted Dorian and the knife.

Miscellaneous Musings

-How fun were MG’s nightmares? First Grodd and then Ghostface? I loved it.

-“Hope is not the goal. She’s a cautionary tale.” Damn Ric, way to put a knife to a girl’s heart. Did anyone else expect the camera to pan out and show Hope on the other side of the door? I’m glad she didn’t hear that.

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-The Saltzman twins—mainly Lizzie—vs Hope will probably get old at some point. For now, it remains heartbreaking to see all three girls struggling. They’re all lonely and would be so much stronger together.

-I want to continue to have faith that Kaleb will see the error of his ways. But wow, that guy is an ass. The werewolf alpha, too, even if he was joking about making Rafael kneel.

-Landon and Hope are growing on me.

-This was arguably Landon’s best episode. He’s never fit in anywhere and that’s never been more obvious than watching him at both schools. Someone needs to cut him some slack.

(Unless of course he really is the Big Bad).

-Dorian better be alive when the show returns in two weeks. He didn’t survive The Vampire Diaries just to die in the second spinoff.

-Exposition dialogue usually annoys me, but the explanation of how one becomes a vampire and Josie’s quick briefing on syphon powers were both well done.

-Matt Donovan is still the worst.

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