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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for November 5-9, 2018: Will GH’s Sonny-centric “What if” episode be worth it? Y&R recasts inbound; Chemistry-less pairings in Genoa City despite better options and a blackmailer revealed; Elizabeth parenting struggles provide an opportunity for some much asked for POV on GH; Quinn & Donna’s rivalry explodes on B&B; Couples implode on DAYS and Sinead kidnaps her own daughter on Hollyoaks!

Taped: November 11, 2018
Producer: Ryan W.

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General Hospital’s Sonny gets a special episode: How will this be any different than the other 130 plus episodes he appears in? The Young and the Restless recasts Ana Hamilton and Fenmore Baldwin. The new Day of Days trailer.

The Young and the Restless (15:39)
Nick and Phyllis reunite and Sharon and Rey grow closer in turn. Why not test Sharon and Billy though? Some men need a strong, dominant  female and Victoria Newman is just that…for Cane Ashby! Tessa and Mariah move in together but Tessa is hiding a big secret. On a side note: why do soap gays latch on to their first post-come out romance forever?

General Hospital (35:15)

Sonny and Margaux team up to expose her mother’s role in her father’s murder by Sonny. How do you show up to someone else’s house and put them out? This is the setup for Monday’s special “What if” episode where Sonny envisions what his life could have been had he not taken his first life. One of our highlight moments was Elizabeth finally, FINALLY getting some point of view of her own. The conflict her son Aiden is going through has Elizabeth asking tough questions about her parenting, and results in her leaning on a friend for advice. It was a great, real moment that many can find relatable.

The Bold and the Beautiful (53:45)

Quinn and Donna’s rivalry explodes and… it might be good. Bad Quinn is the best Quinn. Steffy’s fashion show goes off without a hitch, brings back Avants and Shirley. Ridge fears Bill is onto him backstage.

Days of our Lives (1:10:26)

Day of Days promo reactions! Rex and Sarah implode, Rex comes out as a slut, Mimi leaves town, Bonnie & Hattie head off into the sunset! What a fun ending and beginning to lots of new stories! CIN: Claire and Ben continue to work on their plan to get their people. Ciara tries to deny the connection she felt to Ben’s history and Claire gets wet for bad boy Tripp

Hollyoaks (1:37:55)
Darren almost hooks up with Nancy but learns the truth of her MS attack and winds up pushing her! Nancy gets a restraining order and turns their kids against him. We speculate about what could be ahead for Darren and Mandy, especially if she has complications during her pregnancy. Hollyoaks won an award for their #DontFilterFeelings campaign in telling issue based stories. Sinead kidnaps her own daughter which brings her mysterious husband home to the village.

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