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Legacies Recap: Political is Personal

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Elections bring out the worst in everyone, don’t they?

Once again Legacies reminded us that supernatural teenagers are not that different than the rest of us when power is at stake.

In addition to pitting friends and enemies against each other, “Malivore” also delivered the biggest answers of the story so far.

(And left us with even more questions—not just me, right?)

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Alaric left the school and its teenage problems in Emma’s hands while he headed out to meet Dorian. Thankfully, he survived the latest monster: a dryad, aka, the human embodiment of a tree.

In exchange for answers, she wanted to be reunited with her lost love: a man named Oliver who became a vampire so they could be together forever.

Except, once Dorian tracked him down, he had no recollection of the dryad. And he’d married someone else (double ouch).

Despite her broken heart; or perhaps because Ric shared his tale of heartbreak, the dryad kept her word. She let the men know about a dark hole beneath the ground called Malivore.

Basically, the place is super evil. And the powers that be there were compelling her to bring the knife back. She couldn’t fight it and Dorian ended up killing her with a crossbow.

But, because he’s a man of his word, he took her back to her favorite spot to die. Then, she returned to the earth and was reborn as a gorgeous tree.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore School, election fever brought out everyone’s inner politician. Each faction—witch, vampire, werewolf—would receive a seat on the council along with Emma, who would represent the youngest children.

Lizzie prepared for her assured victory by changing outfits and hairstyles while Josie ran around the school bargaining for votes for her sister. Penelope had opted to run against Lizzie so Josie had her work cut out for her.

Since the first item on the agenda was whether or not Landon was allowed to stay, Rafael attempted to bargain with Jed. When words failed, they threw down, and Rafael became the new alpha, guaranteeing his win.

MG wanted to use his potential power to free Kaleb. He felt guilty about his friend being locked up, even after Alaric reminded him Kaleb made his choices. Since he was running unopposed, MG hung Free Kaleb signs everywhere.

Hope spent the morning testing Landon for supernatural abilities. His blood test, the only real test—everything else she did was designed to torture him—showed he had no traces of magic in his system.

Emma pointed out that was weird since all humans have a little magic in their blood from far flung ancestors. Hope switched to a lie detector test and she and Landon finally got real with one another.

She keeps her guard up because everyone disappoints her. He truly doesn’t know anything about his family, other than his mother’s name and a picture he carries of them, and he’s desperate to stay at the school.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Jed uses Landon as a punching bag to get back at Rafael, which freaks Hope out. She realizes Landon needs to go and demands a seat on the council since she’s the only one of her kind.

In the least surprising results ever, Rafael, Kaleb, and Josie win. Because of course that was Penelope’s plan all along: she wanted Josie to win since that would hurt Lizzie the most.

At the meeting, Emma and Rafael vote for Landon to stay while Kaleb casts his vote in the Nope column. Hope joins him, insisting it’s for Landon’s own good because he’s not safe at the school.

Josie, the deciding vote, weighs her options, but ultimately sides with Hope and Kaleb. Danger follows Landon and she wants to protect her family.

As Lizzie takes her anger out on a punching bag, Penelope pops by to gloat. Lizzie asks why she hates her so much. Penelope explains it’s the way she treats Josie: she sucks all the air out of everything, leaving nothing for her sister.

Hurt and sad, Lizzie takes comfort in the form of hooking up with Rafael, who’s also hurt and sad.

Finally, Hope walks Landon to a bus stop. She gives him a ticket to New Orleans and the name of a family friend (has to be Vincent, right?) who can help him track down his birth mother. She tells him he wouldn’t have been able to do that if he stayed at school.

She also gives him a bracelet that allows her to find him anywhere (Witch GPS). He uses it to get her to turn around and they share a major kiss as the bus pulls up. Once alone, Landon stares at the picture of his mother.

She’s wearing a necklace with the Malivore symbol the dryad drew.


Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

-If Oliver forgot about the dryad’s existence, and no one else, including all the lore, mentions magical creatures being real, it’s safe to assume there’s some sort of memory spell blocking them.

If that’s the case, this Malivore place/people must be super powerful, considering there’s still one Original vampire in existence plus Freya, who’s also over 1,000 years old. That’s a pretty big span of time when people could have spotted various creatures.

I’m still on the fence if this is a good explanation. I’ll wait for more details.

That said: Is Landon human? Maybe that’s why he has no traces of magic in his blood. Because all his magic’s been hidden by whatever blocked everyone else from remembering creatures existed.

-Bonnie Bennett mention! I may or may not have clapped, followed by thinking, of course they’re still turning to Bonnie to fix all their problems. Poor woman can never rest.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

-I knew Penelope wouldn’t turn out to be bad for the sake of it. It seems like she truly cares about Josie. And she’s not wrong. Lizzie doesn’t seem to really see her sister.

This is a clear metaphor for the Gemini Coven backstory. Lizzie’s already absorbing Josie and they’re not even 22 yet.

And of course Josie’s not going to push back. She’s a people pleaser. Even if that means she never gets what she wants.

-Lizzie might not know how Josie feels about Rafael, but he knows there’s something brewing there. Is he hooking up with Lizzie to hurt her for hurting him?

-MG deserves a win. He’s the nicest most genuine person at school and I’m tired of everyone screwing him over. TEAM MG

-I’m all in with Hope and Landon now. Well played, show. Well played.

-JO IS BACK NEXT WEEK (as a zombie, but I’ll take it)

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