Podcast S2 EP 9: Week in Soaps – …Wasting All This Cake

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In the new TV Source Podcast’s Week in Soaps for October 28-November 2, 2018: Y&R’s executive producer Mal Young wants more two-hander episodes and we’re okay with it. Speaking of Y&R – Kyle finally tells Summer to shove it up her culo and Phyllis is the new CEO of Jabot; GH’s Britch returns and a new brunette arrives who’s actually kind of amazing; B&B’s Donna wants her man back; that insane DAYS Halloween episode and Hollyoaks strikes gold with Brody & Sienna, and why so much infidelity in the village?

Taped: November 3, 2018
Producer: Johnathon K.

Hot Topics (1:50)

The Young and the Restless’ executive producer/head writer Mal Young wants to try more two-hander (episodes featuring a handful of characters) like EastEnders and feels Y&R can be more water cooler TV. Why was there such a negative reaction to what he said from Soap Twitter?

The Young and the Restless (14:35)

A pipe leak in Chancellor Park puts JT’s burial grounds in danger. More nonsense with the Coven – just end this storyline already. Meanwhile, under pressure, Sharon realizes she’s done with Nick and is moving on. Elsewhere, Kyle finally stands up to she-beast Summer and reveals he’s just not that into her, but is into Lola! Phyllis is named the new CEO of Jabot (like the fifth one this year).

The Bold and the Beautiful (33:58)

How convenient – Donna, dressed in lingerie, runs into Eric after he has a fight with Quinn. Apparently, Quinn is having issues with the long-dead Stephanie’s shadow looming over everything. Meanwhile, Bill wakes up from his coma and he’s a changed man and wants Brooke and her dry kitty back! But more importantly, Steffy and hot Leo are HOT. Just stop sliding into his DM’s with your privates, Soap Twitter.

General Hospital (42:50)

Kelly Thiebaud returns as Port Charles’ infamous Britch! Why is Britt painted as such an evil, unfeeling monster when all she did was borrow an embryo for a bit and some other petty crimes? Meanwhile her new brother Peter-Peter (no longer a screentime eater) is just the misunderstood product of a sad bringing. Everyone’s least favorite Corinthos child Michael decides he’s not handling his grief well and opts to go into therapy. And Ryan murders sinister day player Mary-Pat.

Days of our Lives (1:01:25)

Let’s discuss that INSANE Happy Halloween episode! The good, the bad, and the Mildred! Hattie’s nightmare brings about hilarity in the best way. Elsewhere – Brady finally wakes up to what a trashbox he’s been but Eve is doe with it. What started off as a sexy, fun pairing drifted off into lame territory before finally imploding. In our CIN segment – unable to find employment (cause you know, he’s a serial killer), Ben opens up to Ciara about his past and risks it all in THAT moment. Meanwhile, Claire continues to move in on Tripp and we find out our Ashley was right – Tripp is the one who framed Ben.

Hollyoaks (1:21:44)

McQueen infighting as Mercedes and Goldie have a food fight over Russ and Sylver! Russ and Goldie later fall into bed, but could it be more? It’s no secret we love Mercedes, but she’s really stepped in it this time. Should she and Russ give up? Also: Buster’s trial takes a turn when Damon’s good intentions leads to a famous footballer (aka soccer player) to come out in defense of his father. Brody can’t handle the pressure and his growing connection with Sienna turns nightmarish.

Recommendations (1:48:02)

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