Days of our Lives Spoilers: January 7-11, 2019

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In this week’s Days of our Lives spoilers: Jack runs into Kayla and discovers a dark moment from his past while Eric reveals he’s made a decision about Holly’s custody case. Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of January 7, 2019.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Breakups To Makeups

After getting an earful about Ben’s involvement in Gabi’s kidnapping, Ciara starts to question their relationship. Again. So much so that she turns to a rightfully biased Abigail for advice. On top of potentially losing the woman he loves, Ben is also in jeopardy of losing his job when Chad informs him that he is now back in charge of DiMera Enterprises with Stefan in police custody. True to form, Hope also pressures Stefan to turn on Ben to secure his freedom. The house of cards finally comes tumbling down for Ben after Ciara gets Claire to confess her and Ben’s half-sided plan to break up her and Tripp. While the confrontation between Ciara and Ben leads to their breakup, Julie helps Chad plan a special date with Abigail. To win her back, Chad surprises Abigail with a special dinner with her family. But is it too little, too late?

More Days of our Lives Spoilers:

  • Xander tries to get back in Victor’s good graces with a valuable gift
  • Kate urges Chad to take over the family business
  • Hope persuades Ted to represent Stefan
  • JJ blasts Gabi for her lies
  • Leo meets Xander for the first time — and is immediately smitten
  • JJ realizes Haley is keeping something from Kayla
  • Eve finds Chloe comforting Brady
  • Brady and Chloe share a close moment
  • Eric and Sarah continue to grow closer… but are interrupted by an unexpected return
  • JJ learns Haley has a secret connection to someone else in town

Source Sneak Peek – DAYS Edition – Week of January 14, 2019

Jennifer tries to reconnect with Jack; Leo presses Xander to accept his indecent proposal; Rex and Chloe get reacquainted; Rafe reveals to Hope that he’s leaving town to help Sami

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  1. Y’all had me at “Rex and Chloe get reacquainted”. I’m here for the remix of OG Broe. Please leave Chloe and Brady as friends. He’s a douchebag manwhore. Chloe is not saint but Brady is garbage.

    The Leo and Xander scenes sound like they will be hilarious and I’m looking forward to it.

    Thank you for posting these!

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