Legacies Review: Will You Be My Boyfriend?

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After its midseason break Legacies returned this week to give us long awaited answers.

Naturally those answers led to even more questions.

“Maybe I Should Start from the End” kicked off with Hope, Landon, and Ric waking up in the middle of a sunny field.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore,” was Ric’s first observation. Except…when did they get to Kansas?!?

Hope’s voiceover led us through each of the crazy twists and turns as the hour took us back in time to Hope attempting to leave the Salvatore School in the middle of the night.

Ric caught her and despite the rising tension between them, he insisted on joining her—and driving—to chase down Landon.

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The story jumped back even further to reveal Landon had tracked down his mother, Seylah, in Kansas.

Except the mother-son reunion didn’t go as planned. She drugged him, tied him to a chair, and threatened to burn him with an iron.

(Seems about right for this universe…estranged parents have always been the worst).

Here’s what we learned about Seylah: she went from the army to working for a shadow government organization that kept the existence of monsters a secret.

Basically, she collected them and then they were dropped into Malivore. Once that happened, as The Necromancer learned, everyone forgot about them.

At one point, Seylah asked too many questions. So the powers that be dumped her in Malivore. When she was released, two years later, she remembered nothing of her journey.

Oh, and she was pregnant with Landon.

First of all, gross. Malivore already seemed like the worst place ever, but now there are red flag consent issues. Maybe Seylah met and fell in love with a goodhearted fellow unfairly trapped in hell human.

(Yeah, we all know that’s not what happened).

It took Ric and Hope a while (18.5+ hours) to track down Landon thanks to Seylah manipulating Landon’s tracking device.

(Hope is so her father’s daughter when it comes to violent attempts to burst into people’s houses).

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After a shady guy set off all of Ric’s Spidey senses (he might be a DC guy, but I’m a Marvel girl), he hustled Hope away from the scene of a fake gas leak. And we’ll get back to that guy later…

Hope and Landon reunited. He promised to never lie to her again (good luck with that). She forgave him and they took advantage of their alone time to make out.

(Side note: I like them, but I spent some time rewatching the earlier episodes and I might be shipping Hope/Rafael now…)

Ric and Seylah bonded over the strange circumstances that brought their children into the world (witches transferring twins to a vampire’s womb still wins).

He attempted to convince Seylah to stick around, but she remained firm in her belief that Landon was better off without her.

Ric interrupted the kids as they were getting horizontal (but props to Ric’s sex positive statement that being a sexed up teenager is perfectly normal) while Hope headed out to do her part to convince Seylah to stay.

She failed and ended up with a tranquilizer dart in her neck. In the hotel room, Ric and Landon had their own problem in the form of a merman who wanted the second key to Malivore.

(Because of course Landon stole it from his mother’s house before they left and then had no memory of doing so—of course).

Hope woke up with enough time to save the day (which seemed way too fast, right? Even for our teenage magical miracle baby…how fast can she heal?).

Photo: Guy D\’Alema/The CW

The trio set off the follow the merman. He led them to a Triad (presumably the shadow organization) facility. Seylah beat them there, fought off the agents who attempted to stop her, and then she jumped into the black goo leading to Malivore.

(It looked a lot like the black goo Sybil rose from on The Vampire Diaries, didn’t it?)

With no memories of how or why they arrived at the facility, Ric took the kids back to school. Since Landon gets to stay now, Hope asked him to be her boyfriend.

(Danielle Rose Russell is the cutest and it’s so rare we get to see happy Hope scenes).

However…Hope lied to Landon.

Remember that voiceover throughout the episode? It turns out Hope was telling the story to Ric. Because not only did she remember everything, she also brought the second Malivore key home with her.


Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

It’s obvious Hope’s hypocrisy regarding Landon and the truth will come back to bite her at some point. And she’ll deserve it.

But can we talk about how great it is that she’s trusting Ric? He’s not her father and he never will be. But he does care a lot and it’s important that Hope trusts in that.

(Even if she did bring multiple problems home with her).

And why does she remember? Magical miracle baby status? Or something darker? Could she have been possessed or corrupted somehow?

Circling back to that shady gas leak dude—he arrived at the Triad facility and learned someone had jumped into the black goo.

He reacted to this by pushing the person tasked with cleanup into said goo (rude), and then he studied the photo of Seylah and baby Landon.

Is this Landon’s father? Yes, he looks too young, but stranger things have happened in this universe. Who knows how old he really is?

He has Big Bad written all over him.


  • Hope is my favorite. But…I miss Lizzie and Josie. A lot. Two episodes in a row without them is two too many.
  • Seylah writing notes to preserve her memories reminded me of when Cami did the same thing on The Originals when Klaus compelled her to forget. It also triggered my forever bitterness over Cami’s pointless death (still mad!)
  • No one should ever play ‘my life is worse than yours’ with Hope Mikaelson. The girl has been through it.
  • (I still think Hope and Roman had great chemistry—better than she has with Landon—even if he was 90 years old and played a role in her mother’s death).
  • Legacies is special. It has TVD’s DNA—more than The Originals ever did—but I’m still not sold on the monster of the week stuff. I’d rather have more character stories.
  • It was a blink and you miss it line—Ric turning down the drink—but an important one. Hope’s words about his alcoholic tendencies registered. Good for you, Ric.
  • Is Landon the third key to Malivore?
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