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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: “The Golden Child”

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "The Golden Child" Episode 609 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Lin-Manuel Miranda as David Santiago, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Fans have been waiting for Lin-Manuel Miranda to take “his shot” as a guest star on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine for months, ever since he helped save the show from the jaws of cancellation. The beloved star has been a fan of the show since the first season so I cannot believe it has taken six years to get him on camera.

The tenth episode of Season 6, “The Golden Child,” has Miranda playing Amy’s oldest brother, David, a lieutenant in the NYPD. Anything Amy can do, David can do better… which makes Amy a sour girl. So let’s just say she’s pretty pleased when David gets arrested while out to dinner with their mother.

Dinner with Family

The episode starts with Jake asking for fashion advice from Amy as to what shirt he should wear for dinner with her mother, but Amy wants to cancel. Mrs. Santiago has invited Amy’s eldest brother, David, to go out to dinner with them. Amy is none too pleased because David literally has the mantle of the house while she is regulated to the piano that no one plays. Jake tells her that David might be perfect, but so is she, so he wants to go and be her hype-man at dinner.

They go, but they might as well have cancelled. Amy’s mom goes on and on about how great David is and Amy can’t help but he irritated. Jake, being the amazing husband that he is, pretends to be choking so that Amy can have a shining moment, but David intervenes and Amy slinks away into the bathroom before the bread leaves Jake’s mouth. Amy comes back and dinner is interrupted again, this time by David’s commander who arrests him because cocaine was found in his desk. The look on Amy’s face was pure joy and her “oh nooooo..” had me cackling.

What’s the truth?

Amy’s mood continues to be good at the nine-nine when she gets a phone call from David, asking her to bail him out of jail. David starts talking about how he started drugs in high school because their parents were so demanding but drops the act once they are in the car. He says he was framed by dirty cops who are being paid by the Brazilian mafia. He asks them to drop him off at his apartment so he can get started on clearing his name.

Back at the nine-nine, Jake brings an irritated Amy a copy of David’s clean blood work while Jake tries to talk some sense into his wife. If something happens to David while he tries to clear his name, would she ever be able to forgive herself? Amy mulls it for a minute before telling Jake that the mantle would probably become a shrine and that is enough motivation to help her brother. “Don’t love how we got here, but I love where we’re going!” Jake is seriously the best husband on TV.

May I have this dance?

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “The Golden Child” Episode 609 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Lin-Manuel Miranda as David Santiago — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Jake and Amy go with David to a Brazilian nightclub where they hope to get a ledger that has the names of all the dirty cops in the NYPD on their payroll, but Amy and David can’t stop bickering. They end up in an epic twenty minute Santiago dance off, which ends early after Amy hurts herself, but it gets them into the office that has the ledger. Amy finds it, but Jake gets caught before they can all escape.

Amy and David are still bickering as they watch Jake get put into a car, they even argue about who should shoot out the tires of the car before Amy sets aside her animosity and has David save her husband. Jake is saved and the goons are arrested.

Boyle and his plans

While everything else is going on, Boyle needs some help. He has a drug dealer in custody that he needs to flip on his supplier. Boyle can’t go undercover and says Terry should do it, but then Holt volunteers. Boyle thinks competition is good and Holt and Terry, so they compete against each other for the “role” of undercover perp.

Boyle ends up asking Holt to take the role and he is very.. Holt. Emotionless, robotic… you know…Captain Holt. Needless to say, he’s terrible and Terry is upset. Boyle sends Terry in as backup and keeps taking him out after just sitting down over and over again until Terry flips out and blows his cover. Holt calls Terry a “pig”, but the perp knows Holt is a cop too!

This was apparently Boyle’s plan all along. He sends in Rosa who gets all the goods from the perp. He needed Holt and Terry to create a scene, to make the perp think it was all over while Rosa grilled him for information. Holt is impressed and after some minor irritation, Terry is impressed too.

I guess Boyle can boil anyone for information! (See what I did there??)

Dessert, anyone?

Amy and Jake meet David and Mrs. Santiago for dinner again. Mrs. Santiago is preening over David again while he tries to give Amy the credit for saving him. That, of course, falls on deaf ears and Amy leaves the table again to use the restroom.

Have I mentioned what a good husband, Jake Peralta is? While Amy gone, Jake goes off on Amy’s mother about her treatment of Amy and how she doesn’t need to bring her own coffee when she comes to visit them. 

“And when you say I have an ‘interesting’ nose, I know you mean big!”

He meets Amy outside of the bathroom and the two decided to sneak out the back door.

“See you at Thanksgiving, Mrs. Santiago!”

Hopefully we will see David at Thanksgiving next year, too!!!!!

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