‘The 100’ ConAgeddon 2: The Drinking Game

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Fans of The 100 are you ready? The second edition of ConAgeddon — ConAgeddon 2 — is upon us in exactly one week. As fans prepare to descend on Boston, TV Source has made a new (un)Official Drinking Game for the event. Cons can be the best time of your life, but we can all admit that some things are bound to happen time and time again: the same questions, the same answers, the same people doing the same things.

Let’s make it more interesting, shall we? Before we begin, be sure to check out our ConAgeddon exclusive featuring details on the schedule and what attendees can look forward to.

If you’re of the legal (US) drinking age, grab a cup, a flask, or both (we don’t judge), and let’s get this party started. If you’re not of the legal drinking age, grab a coke, water, tea, or anything else that strikes your fancy and join in.

Let the games begin!

Take One Drink If:

  • You see a cosplay. It doesn’t have to be The 100 related; anybody dressed up, take a drink!
  • You spot any of the cast in the lobby of the Boston Logan Hilton Hotel
  • You can’t get near any of them because they’re surrounded by too many people
  • You hear, “I can’t wait for season six.”
  • You buy anything from a vendor at the event. (Do NOT take a drink for every item bought. FangirlProblemsInc offers a lot of great merchandise and if you buy it all, we don’t want you getting alcohol poisoning)

Two Drinks If:

  • “If you could play another character who would it be?” is asked at any panel
  • Any of the cast says, “You aren’t ready!”
  • Also if any of the cast says, “We can’t say much.”
  • “If you could bring anyone back who would it be?”
  • You hear anybody complaining about the long hiatus


  • You spend less than $15 on one meal
  • If you actually eat more than one meal the entire weekend
  • You get to hug your online friends for the very first time
  • You sleep more than four hours (this is what mimosas were made for)
  • Your fave remembers you

All in all, this weekend is for fun, laughs, and an experience that you’ll never forget. Drink up, or don’t, but have an amazing time. You can and will have an event to remember.

If you have any questions regarding Conageddon, make sure to hit up their official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and Tom, Conageddon’s main fan-event liaison will happily assist you with any comments, questions or concerns.  Start packing, it’s almost time!

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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