Interview: Days of our Lives star Camila Banus Knows Who She Is, and What She Wants

Camila Banus
DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 51 -- Pictured: Camila Banus as Gabi Hernandez -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
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What’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about, or anything in the works that you can’t but hopefully soon?

So, basically, I have a couple of films that are lined up, and everything, of course. It’s just a matter of timing, and, um, that’s the thing. There’s always going to be films that are going to be being created. There’s always going to characters that need to be filmed. So, for me, you know, right now I have three films that are like up. All three might not work out as far as, like, scheduling. But to me they’re wins. Because, you know, I already have them under my belt. These are characters that are … have been created or now, have me in mind and attached to them. So, for me, they’re wins. I don’t know exactly when or where I will shoot them, but hopefully you might see me in, um, a couple of films. I know there’s like a huge push for my fans, or, I mean, from the ones that I’ve seen, to get me on Dancing with the Stars.

Yes. [laughs]

[Laughs] Yeah, you know I wouldn’t be opposed to that. I think we pitched to them about two years ago. We were in talks with them and it just kind of didn’t work out as far as like scheduling and whatnot, so. You know, maybe. Maybe that could be something that could be in the future. I’m going to tell everybody right now, don’t stop petitioning because it’s gonna happen.


It’s gonna happen. I would not be opposed to that. I love Dancing and I post about it on my social media a lot. I am a salsa queen. I go almost every Monday, so, for me, that’s something that I am super attracted to. So hopefully maybe something like that. And, and I know I have a couple … today, actually I got a really cool offer for something that’s pretty interesting. So, some fun stuff. Maybe I know that I was mentioning on my lives this last year that I’m gonna be doing some more traveling. Hopefully that’s going to be happening with some signings and stuff like that. So yeah.

I received a message from what of your fans and she says, “It seems to me that, like, she’s become more comfortable with herself. She’s, like, posting more pictures than ever and embracing, you know, everything that you are more than ever.” She wanted to ask if something changed or if you had kind of a self-realization that’s triggered and inspired this confidence, not only for yourself but for the people who look up to you and are inspired by you.

Cool. First of all, oh my God, thank you so much for that. That was, like, so nice and so well put. And, I just have to say, I don’t know if there was a particular moment, or like something that triggered within me. But I will say, it’s been hard to wrap my head around social media. it’s been hard for me to understand what it is that I want to give off as … you know, like let people into my world, you know, and so I didn’t think that people would appreciate me loving myself as much as they do.

So, for me, it took a while for me to understand, “Hold on, Camila. This is your Instagram page. This is your Twitter page. You are the one that gets to say what you want on it. You are the one that is the captain of your ship, you know, and who is anybody else to say what you do with your ship?”. And so, I think it took a couple of months and a couple of trolls, actually, for me to really understand that it was okay for me to post whatever I wanted. And that not everybody was going to be okay with me posting a sexy picture here and there. And that’s all right. That is all right.

It’s okay to not have everybody to approve of your photo. It’s okay not to have everyone approve of your video, or whatever activity you’ve doing that day. What’s more important is that it does not affect me. That’s what’s more important. That people’s reactions or people’s comments don’t really affect me. Because, at the end of the day, it would be absurd if I was out on the street and somebody came up to me and said, “oh my God, I really don’t like the shoes you are wearing”, or “oh, God, I can’t stand your hair right now.” That would be absurd. You know, like, no one would do that. So, I have to think of it in that perspective, also on social media, like, I cannot allow these comments to affect me. And, I think once that really registered, um, not in a superficial way but like really, really registered, is when I was like “fuck it. Who cares if I post a booty picture?”


Okay?! That’s why I work hard in the gym. You know, that’s why I, you know, maybe 20, 30 years from now I’m probably not going to want to post my saggy booty on any IG. But now I do, you know? Because I’m 28 and why not?!

[Laughs] Okay. Um, on a side note, random thing.


I noticed you mentioned something about Fashion Nova the other day coming to DAYS.

Oh my God, yes!

What is it gonna take to get you modeling Fashion Nova? Like, would we have to start a campaign, or what? Like ’cause you are working the hell out of those outfits.

Well, okay, first of all, thank you very much. And, um, I actually … I’ve actually worked with them here and there but they’re hard to work with just because, like, I like trading off. And so, they will send me stuff but the stuff I can’t try on, you know, like I have to just get it. And I feel so bad if I don’t, like, use the stuff that they send me and, like, they just tell me to, tell me to keep it. And so I like to post about the stuff that I actually am gonna wear and actually am gonna keep. So it’s hard for me to just like do online shopping.

That’s like a little tid bit. I don’t do a lot of online shopping. I need to try things on. I need to see them. I need to feel them. So that’s, that’s what’s kind of stopping me. I mean, I get care packages from them here and there, and that’s what you’ll see me, like, kind of post stuff and people will ask me like, “oh where’s this from?” And of course, it’s from Fashion Nova because I just love their stuff. But, um, but I’ve never really done like a campaign for them.


But yeah. But thank you. We, we did [get some outfits]. I was super excited that we got three different colors of jeans, so they’re gonna come out this year, on the show.



You’ve been relationship with this awesome guy for almost seven years now? The cliché question would be, you know, how do you find the time to make a relationship work and have such a busy career. Instead, I’m what I’m going to ask as: with everything that you do, how do you find time for yourself?

Well, here’s the thing, I think it’s a two way street here. I think, for you to be in a long-term relationship, the other person needs to be very committed to the same goal. And, that doesn’t necessarily mean your goal. But at least the same goal as far as we both need to do whatever it takes to make anything happen. Whether that’s on your end, that’s on my end, that’s on his end. Whatever the case is, we are here to support each other, unconditionally, no matter what, if, ands, or buts, at whatever hour of the day. And I think that has been what’s helped me, because he has been somebody that is very selfless. He’s allowed me to be me and I’ve learned from that selflessness, and I’ve allowed him to do him. And it’s so cliche to do you. But, um, yes. But, but it’s, it is really true.

It’s really true that he … in moments, like for example, like, people are super shocked that, like, I go to salsa almost every Monday. He almost never goes. Because he knows that that my church. That’s where I go to de-stress, that’s my time to be me, and to do me, and do the most self-love because that’s one thing that I makes me super happy. Not to say that he doesn’t go at all. He’ll go every once in a while, but, it’s like, it’s my time. It’s my moment, and even when he goes, like, I end up not even seeing him. I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m living in that moment, and he’s seen that and he doesn’t want to squander that are mess it up or anything like that. And I think it’s just little situations where the other person ends up being the bigger person and saying like, “no. I’m going to put the other person’s needs above mine and say, at this moment I may want to have her by my side but she may need to be alone.” You know? And so, I think it just takes like a very committed person to have the same goal, to really make it work.

Another thing that happens is that we try to be really organized about our time. Not that we, you know like, every hour of the day is scheduled, but we try to work, you know, whether that’s doing any type of work, as far as like, what we can do to up our craft or up our careers, until six o’clock. From the morning that we wake until six o’clock, those are work hours, you know. And, and if there’s some play in between there and we get to hang out, okay we get to hang out. But it’s always in mind-keeping that these are work hours. These are hours that we’re not going to be really wasting or, you know, comma, in parentheses wasting time. And so, um, after six o’clock, okay, fine, you know. Now we can not focus on anything that has to be productive or we could just be silly and whatever the case is, and on the weekends, of course. So I think that also having a sort of structure and knowing what you want in your life and making the time for is really important.

Would you say that communication is super important, too? Making sure that you both know where the other stands?

Of course and that’s what I mean with, you know, being … like, knowing that you both are going towards the same ultimate goal. I mean, if, if, if, if both of you communicate well enough and are open enough to the point that nothing is really hidden and you know where each of the person’s head is at, I think that that’s a beautiful thing. We had been so honest with each other sometimes where it hurts. Where I’ll go back to the same situation.

There might be a Monday when, you know, I’m telling him, like look, I’ve gone five Mondays in a row. I want you to come with me this Monday. And that might not be a favorite thing to do because he says he gets bored and I’m off doing my own Salsa thing, but I asked him to be there that Monday and he’ll do it just because … if he can, of course, you know, if there isn’t like a work thing, or something like that. Um, of course I can be understanding and compromising, too. So there’s, there’s that.

But if you communicate and if you’re open enough and you explain to the person, this means something to me and this, this would mean even more if you could be there or if you could not be there. [Laughing] Or whatever the case is, you know. Sometimes honesty hurts but it’s needed.