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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for April 15-19, 2019: The Daytime Emmys opt to not release performance reels from the nominees this year. Why so secretive? Could it be the soaps don’t like the idea of fans believing their winner wasn’t deserving? We also discuss Ollie lying about DJ’s paternity on Hollyoaks; Winters Wednesdays are back on The Young and the Restless; Cameron fights for his brother on General Hospital; Thomas wants Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful; #Stabi heats up on Days of Our Lives and #Cin has us moist and pitching tents!

Taped: April 21, 2019
Producer: Johnathon K.

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Daytime Emmys have chosen not to release the performance reels for the acting categories this year. Co-host Ashley has a theory why, and it’s one hell of a good one. In a time when audience viewing is crucial, why would you eliminate the one thing that drives up fan interest ahead of the ceremony?

DAYS ratings are not looking so great (for 4 weeks ago), but compared to the others is it really that bad? How does one see the ratings for say GH and not hit the panic button?

Also: Hollyoaks casts Naveed Choudhry as Far Right storyline ramps up.

Hollyoaks (17:45)

Mandy gives birth to Darren Jr. They’re still unsure about his spina bifida but his paternity is up in the air for a while too, even with his black hair. This leads to Ollie lying to Luke by saying Darren is the father of Mandy’s baby because his father isn’t stable. Co-host Ryan theorized we might have a paternity plot but didn’t anticipate it would happen this way.

Laurie continues to put the moves on Sienna who punches him in front of the whole village! Sinead has his back after deciding she’ll try to give him another chance, ignoring Cleo’s warnings.

The Young and the Restless (46:30)

Convicted murderess Lily is released from prison on GOOD BEHAVIOR with plans to drop her dead weight husband, only to be hounded by a begging Cane who suddenly believes in true love. Winters Wednesday is in full force and only on one set. Co-host Coryon drew the ire of Tessa & Mariah fans on social media and was accused of homophobia. Tessa should’ve been hit in the head with the thrown brick but that doesn’t make it homophobia.

Phyllis and Summer have a standout scene where they discuss the big dicked elephant in the room between them — Billy Abbott.

General Hospital (01:24:25)

GH gets a lot of criticism from us on the things they don’t right, but this week we’re giving credit where it’s due. Cameron defending his baby brother’s honor got him suspended and it led to a great confrontation with mom Elizabeth and step-dad Franco. Cameron’s frustrated outburst about Aiden being “less gay” was well done, as was Elizabeth and Franco’s realization they were too hard on Cameron. But “fairy boy”? If you’re gonna tell this story, commit to calling him the three letter slur starting with an f. Days of our Lives did it, and sometimes you need to #SayTheWord to prove the point. Coryon wonders of Cameron’s heated reaction was a projection of his own feelings he’s yet to accept.

There is slowly more love in the afternoon in Port Charles as Michael sleeps with Sasha.

The Bold and the Beautiful (01:37:14)

Thomas never gave up on Hope and wants her back. With Flo now a Logan, how much do we want to bet the baby swap blame will fall on the black people? Also: Rena Sofer and Don Diamont are unheralded champions of everything.

Days of Our Lives (01:48:35)

Ben and Ciara have a practice near-sex scene before the real thing happens this week. Later Gabi and Ciara fight back against the Cartel members only for Rafe to get shot.

Speaking of Gabi, her and Stefan turn up the sexual tension from “Will they or won’t they” to “OMG please f— each other already!”

Chloe deduces Brady’s plot to control her life and lets him have it. She refuses to end up like Nicole and reads him for filth about his constant need for love. Ted has a secret phone call about a plot to split up Rafe and Hope. Is he in the cartel too?

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Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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