Shadowhunters Obliterate My Love

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We’ve reached the point of the Shadowhunters season where nothing is going well for our favorite characters.

Call it the Dark Night of the Soul, All Hope is Lost, etc.—whatever term you prefer for the crushing sadness and defeat the hour provided.

“Aku Cinta Kamu” means “I love you” and if you’re familiar with the full quote from the book series, there’s an addendum afterward:

“Not that that changes anything.”

In other words, the episode title could not be more fitting for the hour of heartbreak.

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After Alec ended things last week—for Magnus’ own good because that always turns out well—Magnus spent time reliving adorable moments of their relationship.

And they were wonderful and happy and loving so naturally each cute moment came with a stab to Magnus’ bruised heart (and ours).

Asmodeus arrived to comfort his son. He returned his magic, claiming he was wrong to take it in the first place, and he just wanted to be closer to him.

Sure, Prince of Hell, whatever you say.

Magnus rebuffed him at first, but after Brother Zachariah refused to help him remove his memories of Alec, Asmodeus stepped in to stop Magnus from doing it himself.

(That left us with no choice but to be grateful, while remaining super angry that all of this is Asmodeus’ fault in the first place).

Asmodeus convinced Magnus that hurt makes you stronger and then Magnus gave in to his father’s embrace. Ugh, Asmodeus sucks.

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(Magnus gets a pass for the lapse in judgement because he’s hurting and vulnerable).

Izzy and Simon once again provided the tiny bright light in a bleak episode. And once again, they were interrupted before they could rehash last week’s almost kiss.

Even though Luke’s sister is out of the Iron Sisters’ good graces, she supplied a roadmap for Izzy to turn the pieces of Glorious into a new sword.

And, of course, Izzy managed to do exactly that because she’s the best.

However, things hit a bit of a snag when Maia and Jordan showed up after learning about Raphael’s newfound non-vampire status.

Side note: Raphael’s redemption arc is fantastic. Owning his mistakes, making amends, and living his life the way he wanted to in service of his religious beliefs is so satisfying to watch.

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Maia and Jordan were not amused to discover the cure had been destroyed before Downworlders were given a chance to take it—other than one remaining dose.

Again, I have to give credit where credit is due: this show does a great job with both sides of a moral issue.

While it was disgusting the rouge Clave members wanted to take away choice and “cure” Downworlders whether they liked it or not, maybe it was unfair for Simon and Raphael to destroy the supply.

Dangerous in the wrong hands versus the right to choose is a debate worth having.

There is one dose left—a dose that arguably, should probably be destroyed, too. Because how does anyone decide who deserves it the most?

Well, Jordan stole it. To use on himself or because he wants to give it to Maia? That would certainly square things in a way, wouldn’t it?

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I’m not sure what his intentions are or how Maia will react when she learns he has it. But it will be interesting to watch this unfold.

Finally, in order to save Clary, Jace chose to go undercover with Team Morgenstern. He sent a message insisting he loves Clary more than anything so he’ll give up his life to help their evil plot.

After a brief chat about the state of Malec, where Alec chose not to go into details over the breakup—sigh—the two donned Seelie rings and Jace headed to Prague.

Jonathan remained unamused by his presence, but Clary was all in. She wanted both men by her side for different reasons.

(Thank goodness she’s not falling under the incest mess even in her evil glory).

(Freeform/John Medland)

The plot: kidnap the Seelie queen and leverage her in exchange for the sword. Jonathan kept a close eye on Jace and things were going okay-ish until they ingested Seelie drugs.

As Jace and Clary got carried away on the dance floor, a jealous Jonathan spotted Jace’s Seelie ring. Apparently one doesn’t need to be fully unconscious to reveal it.

So he set Jace up to be ambushed by Seelie guards and even after he told Clary of his treachery, she still jumped into the fight to save Jace.

That’s a good sign. Clary’s love for Jace is strong. Maybe not strong enough to break the bond of the rune, but she wasn’t going to let him die even though that’s what Jonathan wanted.

Plus, cool fight scene.

Clary sent Jace back to the Institute—again, a good sign. She could have left him there or let Jonathan torture him.

But they did manage to capture the Seelie queen, which means the sword is about to come into play.

And we only have one episode left before the finale movie…how are they going to reconcile everything?

Until next week…deep breaths, everyone.

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