Shadowhunters Review: City of Glass

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This week’s hour of Shadowhunters passed by in a blur of action, emotion, and OMG is that really happening?!?! moments.

As we all know “City of Glass” was meant to be the Season 3 finale. It wrapped up major storylines and gave us a glimpse of what’s next.

Chaos, basically.

So much went down during the hour that the only way to talk about it is to break it into pieces, starting with Luke.

Mainly, because I still have so many questions.

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He’s definitely doing the Praetor’s bidding; seemingly at the expense of his loved ones. If he doesn’t they’ll send him back to jail.

Except…is that a plausible motivation? Not really since Luke willingly went to jail and would have stayed there forever.

So is he a double agent? Does he want to know the inner workings of the Praetor? Did he really give them the cure he took from Maia?

Or is there more to the story? Did they promise him something bigger? Perhaps loyalty and help for the upcoming war?’

This seems like the kind of story to stretch out over multiple episodes so I’m not sure how they’ll be able to give us a satisfactory ending next week.

As for Maia, she lost everything. Again.

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Jordan did steal the cure for her. But he also left out an important piece of information: he was still dying from silver poisoning.

Maia didn’t get a real chance to say goodbye and then she morphed into a hardened Alpha before they even finished his memorial.

On the one hand, I love the idea of Maia getting a story that’s about her and not Jordan or Simon or Luke.

On the other, the show is ending next week so how much of a resolution will she be able to have?

Maia deserves better.

Alec finally shared the truth with someone: Maryse. He also gave her the ring back, saying he never should have asked for it (ouch).

Maryse headed straight for Magnus’ apartment. Well, Lorenzo’s apartment, which had become Magnus’ once again.

Despite his misgivings, Magnus continued to let Asmodeus in little by little. Together, they stormed Lorenzo’s place to demand an apartment switch.

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Lorenzo was his usual self (aka the worst), but Asmodeus pointed out his father worked for him in Edom so therefore Lorenzo worked for Magnus.

I know it’s wrong to side with the Prince of Hell and whatnot, but I took great satisfaction seeing Lorenzo reduced to lizard form (sorry not sorry).

Especially since once Maryse told Magnus the truth about Alec and the ring, he put the pieces together and banished Asmodeus, unconscious, through a portal to the abyss.

That’s more like it.

Jace and Alec worked out a deal with Meliorn to ambush Clary and Jonathan when they traded the Seelie Queen for the Morgenstern sword.

Despite Simon’s protests, Izzy insisted it be a Downworlder free exchange: she didn’t want to risk Luke or Simon when they used Glorious.

Clary seemed more like herself while with Jonathan and the queen—asking questions, wanting to know how to move the apartment on her own—but she still drew the line at making out with her brother.

(Freeform/John Medland)


But it turns out Clary was still demonized and not playing Jonathan. When it came time for the showdown, she went full force at Izzy while Jace and Alec subdued Jonathan.

Simon disobeyed orders and arrived in time to stop Clary from slaying Izzy. He tried to get through to her and then Jace grabbed Glorious and stabbed Clary.

Not a particularly romantic moment, but the entire action sequence was fantastic. They’ve really stepped up their game in the latter half of the season.

Once Clary and Jonathan were officially separated, he sprouted black angel wings (because why not?) and used the sword to open the portal to let all the demons in.

Since he wanted to take out the Shadowhunters directly, Clary drove the flying apartment to Alicante so they could warn everyone.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Simon and Izzy had another failed attempt at a kiss. Talk about dragging things out until the last minute, show.

(Don’t you dare let me down)!

We caught a brief glimpse of Aline and Helen, who’ve definitely gotten closer despite their laughable attempt to say they were working.

(How cute was Alec’s knowing look)?

All hell (literally) broke loose when Jonathan managed to take out the demon towers. Alec and Izzy prepared for battle, and while he only had time for the quickest of moving speeches, Alec’s “We’re Lightwoods” was perfect.

Also perfect? Magnus’ arrival and the kiss that followed once he assured Alec he knew what was up with his problematic father.

Heart eyes, forever.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Clary attempted to reason with Jonathan one last time, but he wasn’t having it. Jace started to break down over losing his home—a rare display of emotion—and Clary had the perfect response.

She repeated his words of love back to him…until I die.

That earned heart eyes, too.

But, as always, Alec and Magnus saved the best for last: a double proposal and quick promise of a wedding while the city fell down around them.

If that’s not the most fitting moment ever, I don’t know what is.

Happy tears all around were followed by sad ones: Magnus believed he could gain more power and close the rift.

But he had to travel to Edom to do it, leaving Alec and the others behind.

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotion in less than two minutes.

We’ve reached the end, people. And I’m definitely not ready.

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