Shadowhunters Series Finale Review: You Can See Me

(Freeform/John Medland)

“All Good Things…”

A fitting title for the Shadowhunters finale…even if we desperately wish this was not the end.

Last year, another one of my favorite shows—Timeless—also ended with a wrap-up movie after a cancellation.

Things were rushed, questions were left unanswered, actors were underused, and even though there were great, fantastic, amazing payoffs, we lacked the time to enjoy them.

But that’s okay.

Because we got an ending—a mostly happy one—and so few shows and fandoms receive that during this Peak TV era.

It’s the same for the Shadowhunters finale.

Do I wish it had been 10 hours instead of two and a half? Absolutely.

But I also believe the writers did the best they could with the time allotted and the actors knocked it out of the park.

For that, I am grateful.

(Freeform/Ben Mark Holzberg)

“Alliance” had the most plot of the evening. Izzy and Simon finally kissed only for her to literally catch fire—apparently Heavenly Fire invaded her system and made her dangerous to Downworlders—and herself.

Because when you hunt demons for a living and constantly use Heavenly Fire, it will eventually overtake you, too.


Alec rescued Lorenzo from his lizard state with an offscreen assist from Katerina. He wanted Simon to turn him into a vampire so he could enter Edom, but Izzy beat him to the punch. Heavenly Fire would keep her safe.

Meliorn didn’t like her choice so he made the rare Seelie move of coming forward to tell the Shadowhunters. Clary came up with a rune to bind them to the Downworlders, and everyone headed to Edom.

Here’s where a big part of the rushing occurred: everyone arrived safely, bonded with their other half, found Magnus, found Lilith, found a new rune via Clary to spread the Heavenly Fire around, save Izzy, and destroy Edom.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Normally, I would rant forever about the terrible pacing, but as I said, I get it. This was meant to be a partial season arc, not one episode.

And, rushed as it was, it still managed to be fun. Jace being unable to lie. Lorenzo becoming a decent guy after all. Clary and Simon having rare best friend bonding time.

That bonding time including Clary waxing poetic over how much she loved the Shadow World and how she felt whole when she met Jace.

(Raise your hand if you knew then something terrible was going to happen).

Even with the low budget special effects, the group scene where the Heavenly Fire sped through everyone was pretty badass to watch.

And Lilith got what she deserved.

(Freeform/John Medland)

So did Jonathan—in the next hour after he killed the Seelie Queen (in child form, no less) and began making his way through all the Institutes to murder Shadowhunters.

Conveniently, and thankfully, he let Max and Robert Lightwood live so they could convey a message to Clary: New York would be last. He wanted her to watch everyone die.

This came after Clary already had an unexpected encounter: Jocelyn came to her in a Glinda-esque ball of light to let her know the angels were mad.

Apparently, even though they gave Clary the power to create her own runes, they didn’t like that she was using that power all the time.

Does that make any sense? Nope. Other than, to quote Dean Winchester, “Angels are dicks.”

(Freeform/Ben Mark Holzberg)

Jocelyn warned Clary that if she used the power again, the angels would strip it away. And not just her new rune—all her runes, along with her memories and connection to the Shadow World.

Not cool.

Knowing this, but not sharing the situation with anyone else, Clary still headed to Toronto to stop Jonathan.

As compassionate as Clary is, I still have a hard time swallowing the “it’s okay to love Jonathan” thing. Like Valentine, they should have been family in name only.

But, whatever. The writers took a different route from the books and that’s their choice. Clary assured Jonathan she still loved him and then created a rune that gave her angel wings, too.

Again, a cool visual moment—light overtaking dark—and somehow smothering him to death? Not really sure, but it looked cool, and Jonathan can’t hurt anyone else.

(I know the show’s over, but I’m super bitter about the Seelie Queen’s death).

(Freeform/Ben Mark Holzberg)

Clary’s special rune disappeared, alerting her the angel would make her pay a price. For literally saving the world.


Now that we’ve gotten the little bits of actual plot out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff.

Luke’s a Shadowhunter again!

The Praetor gave him the cure because they wanted a spy within the Shadowhunters organization. Luke was not cool with that. He said he would work to protect Downworlders without blackmail.

(This definitely seems like it was meant to be a bigger plot. But Luke’s happy being himself again and he’s happy with Maryse and that’s good enough for me).

Maia, short changed as usual (even if it was due to the actress’ schedule), started a restaurant where the Downworlders could be safe to mingle together.

Like Luke, she seems happy in her new role and it’s a cool concept (borrowed and changed from the books) so it’s a solid ending for her.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Simon and Izzy remain the cutest. They broke their pinkie swear pact, overcame Heavenly Fire, and agreed that even though they’ve both had bad luck with relationships, they’re going to try again, together.

Heart eyes.

Even Raphael, who stopped by for the wedding and to mention he’s going to fulfill his dream of being a priest, congratulated them for being perfect for each other.

I’m glad we got to see him one last time.

Helen and Aline, too. They’re a couple as well and already talking about what their own wedding will be like.

(I’m bummed we didn’t get these two sooner).

(Freeform/John Medland)

Alec and Magnus reunited in Edom and originally, before the place began to fall down around them, Alec declared he would stay there with Magnus forever.

(Can you even even at how selfless that was?)

Thankfully, Magnus portaled everyone home and immediately began planning a wedding.

Well, almost immediately. First, all the couples shared alone time in their respective beds. Not a bad way to open a final episode, show.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Magnus wanted to marry Alec that night. Because why wait? And Alec wanted to get married at the Institute. He wanted to show other couples like them that it was okay.

(My heart).

Lorenzo stopped by while Magnus was cake tasting (too cute) and the two bonded even more. Later, Lorenzo found a possible love connection with that Shadowhunter who always seemed like he was into Alec.

Happiness all around—I like it.

Jace and Alec shared a moment pre-wedding. Jace agreed to stand up for him and Alec let him know he was moving out, but they’d always be together anyway.

(All these individual scenes—including the Clary/Izzy Parabati conversation that could never be—were so emotional and a reminder how great the chemistry was between everyone).

Robert escorted Alec down the aisle and Maryse walked with Magnus—perfect—and everyone watched as Brother Zachariah married them.

Go ahead and cry all over again just remembering how perfect the whole thing was.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Clary took time to say goodbye to Simon—without really saying it, but he still recognized something was up—and then she promised to love Jace forever.

She excused herself and her runes began to disappear and she was unable to see the guards as she fled the Institute. Jace found the letter she left explaining what happened.

(Which will never, ever make sense—why would angels create Shadowhunters and special runes if they didn’t want the Shadowhunters to use those runes to save the world?)

Fast forward to a one year later: Alec is the Inquisitor, Magnus is the High Warlock of Alicante, and they’re still as adorable and in love as ever.

So are Simon and Izzy, who is the Head of the New York Institute, and Simon is one of her Downworlder deputies.

Side note: isn’t it silly that wasn’t a thing all along? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for them to all work together? Then again, prior to Alec being in charge, all of the adults were corrupt or mean…

Jace is training Simon—and I’m so grateful we had one last scene of these two trading quips—and Simon called him out for spying on Clary.

Simon misses her, too, but they have to leave her alone. Jace insists he’s glamoured, so it’s fine, but Simon tells him Clary would want him to move on.

(Freeform/Ben Mark Holzberg)

Naturally, Jace doesn’t listen. He heads back to Brooklyn again where Clary’s doing an art show. Her paintings reflect things she’s seen in the Shadow World.

And then she sees Jace.

This scene got me. I love parallels, especially pilot/finale ones, and Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood sold the hell out of it.

They both lit up when Clary spotted his “tattoos” and there’s no doubt in my mind their love is going to come roaring back in no time.

Maybe Clary’s runes, too.

I wish we had more episodes, more seasons, more, more, more, but all in all, this is a pretty great way to end things.

Ave atque vale, Shadowhunters.

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