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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for June 24-28, 2019: Laurie is taken down on Hollyoaks; Carson’s baby may have Spina Bifida on General Hospital; Trane kiss on The Young and the Restless; The Bold and the Beautiful is still toying with consent; Claire flies over the cuckoo’s nest on Days Of Our Lives .

Taped: July 1, 2019
Producer: Johnathon K.

Hot Topics

Casting rumors hit The Young and the Restless again. This time by way of Avery and Stitch. Two characters that literally no one asked for. The Inside Soap Awards voting starts on 7/2/19. Vote for Hollyoaks!


Laurie’s downfall came swiftly as Sinead, Diane and Sienna took on the evil headmaster. But actor Kyle Pryor has already stated this might not be the last we see of the evil headmaster. Diane seeks advice from her rapist son Finn’s. Sami and Liberty have a grown up break up. Prom night fun- the kids go to prom!

General Hospital

Sonny and Carly find out their child has Spina Bifida. Bobbie was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Looks like GH is telling medical stories again. Shiloh learned about Lucas and Brad’s custody woes. Willow went to jail. Michael uncovered a murder.

The Young and the Restless

Adam appointed Phyllis as CEO of Dark Horse. Traci and Cane kissed, for real this time. Yall need to leave Beth Maitland alone

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bell is toying with yet another story on consent while on medication. Why haven’t they learned from the past mistakes and why are actors engaging?

Days of Our Lives

Sami fought “Nicole.” Days needs Sweeney back, her presence is so fitting for Ron’s Days. Justin signed on as Ben’s lawyer after rejecting Eve’s offer to be the new DA. And Claire completely snapped and held a knife to Tripp’s throat. Elani are back together but still lacking in story

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Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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