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Podcast S3 EP 33: Week in Soaps – Best Of Intentions

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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for September 2-6, 2019: Anita and Mitchell heat up on Hollyoaks; ‘Genre champion’ Angelica McDaniel is shown the door at CBS Daytime; Drew’s plane disappears off screen on General Hospital; Vivian shoots and buries Kate alive on Days of Our Lives.

Taped: September 9, 2019
Producer: Johnathon K.


Angelica McDaniel exits as executive VP in daytime programs, CBS Entertainment. McDaniel leaves amid a restructuring that will see her department absorbed by current programming, headed by Amy Resisenbach. How will this affect CBS Daytime as a whole and are the similarities to ABC fair? Hollyoaks welcomes a new Maalik and Azim arrives for Sinead and Sami’s engagement party. Also look for James to get a new love interest.


Anita and Mitchell kiss and Walter isn’t having any of Scott’s ‘type’ in his house. Cleo wears out her welcome. Tony is alive but being held captive by Breda. Mercedes is still a mess. This time shes a pregnant mess. Nancy is rightfully upset that Finn is coming back. Luke/Cindy/Darren/Mandy/Lisa also heat up. Luke is released from jail and immediately hits the ground running with his romantic trysts.

The Young and he Restless

Jack left town after appointing Kyle as interim CEO. Billy woke up with no memory of the car accident. Adam swapped out Victor’s pills with a double dose.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorston Kaye finally deserved a pay check, and thats about it. Why is Vincent Irrizary wasted on this show? Can he come to Days as a love interest for Hope?

General Hospital

Drew’s plane vanished. Andre Maddox was stabbed. Sonny and Carly decide to adopt Dev using fake paperwork. Franco and Kim shared a passionate kiss. The crew gets into a heated discussion about Franco being needed on the canvas but Drew not.

Days of Our Lives

Gabi stopped Stefan from shooting Kate only for Vivian to shoot and bury her. Julie suffered a massive heart attack, the family rallied around her while Lani yelled at Gabi for leaving Julie to die. Victor attempted to kill Ben. Eric rescued Holly and Nicole. Sarah confirmed she was pregnant.
Brady offered Ciara a job!!! Days STAYS listening to us! #MeganHathawayDimera2020

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