Days of our Lives: Day of Days 2019 Press Interviews

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- "Day of Days" -- Pictured: (l-r) Eric Martsolf, Linsey Godfrey, Stacy Haiduk, Paul Telfer at Universal CityWalk on November 9, 2019 -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Day of Days” — Pictured: (l-r) Sal Stowers, Stacy Haiduk, Lamon Archey at Universal CityWalk on November 9, 2019 — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

If you could bring anyone from your former soap over to Days or back to the show who would it be?

Sal Stowers: Debbie Morgan! I love that woman, she got to play my mother while I was over on “All My Children” she and Darrell Williams, both of them molded me and really took me in. I would love to work with them again.

Lamon Archey: I would say Michelle Stafford, she plays Phyllis over on Y&R

Mary Beth Evans: I do this web series as well and I work with Tristan Rogers, he is one of my favorites. And I also really loved working with Elizabeth Hubbard on “As The World Turns” she’s so big and so funny so those two but there’s also people who were on Days who I wish were there now like Charles Shaughnessy.

James Reynolds: The quickest answer would be Renee Jones.

Would that be your Emmy submission?

Greg Vaughan: I don’t know, I got my arm twisted for that year and I’m glad I did it. It paid off wonderfully, I really don’t know but if you have any great suggestions on material or story points that you liked let me know.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Day of Days” — Pictured: Camila Banus at Universal CityWalk on November 9, 2019 — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Camila Banus: I don’t necessarily have an idea but I do know that I would like to submit to the lead actress category. It will be the first time for me in a category with legends. I am very proud to have submitted last year for supporting actress, I didn’t make it but I was very proud of my work. For the validation has never been the nomination but how much fun I have really being apart of the show.

Do you have a favorite scene from the past year?

Photo Credit: Walker Ragsdale/TV Source

Greg Vaughan: That’s a trick question because without [our] production schedule it’s hard to keep straight what happen when so the fans are kind of the radar for me. On social media I’ll get a golden trophy award or best actor of the week acknowledgment, so that helps with things standing out but when Nicole went off the canvas it was a struggle but when she came back, there was a raw organic feeling of being torn between his new love interest Sarah and the woman he gave his heart and soul to so many years ago, being right in front of him, when he thought he had lost her forever. That time frame was really interesting yet exciting to play.

Did you have any nerves stepping back into the role of Princess Gina?

Kristian Alfonso: Oh my gosh, I was very nervous, I’m generally nervous when I have big stuff coming up. I knew it would be compared to what it was twenty years ago, I say that and it seems like with all sincerity it was yesterday. It was so much fun then, and so much fun this time but a totally different experience. She’s much more sassy this time.

You have a one night only play called “I Deserve your Family” coming up in Dallas, tell us more about it.

Lamon Archey: I’m playing a detective again, it’s a drama but there’s some comedy in it. It’s a very fun play, I was reading it cracking up. I think it’s something fans of “Days of Our Lives” will enjoy. There are far fetched subjects, things going on in the play that are not only fun but outlandish just like a soap opera.

How has this year been for you two, working together again recreating that Jack and Jennifer magic?

Matt Ashford: I am recently remarried and starting this again and the show has been a real steady guiding place for me. You realize when you come back and see so many friends, and it’s really like a family. We have been working together for a long time. My wife looks at me and says I’m so happy for you. That’s a good thing, everyone on the show is really just glad to be here and working together. In spite of all the horrific things happening around us we are rally enjoying this time working together and appreciating the moments that we have and Ron is giving us the moments.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Day of Days” — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Reeves, Matt Ashford at Universal CityWalk on November 9, 2019 — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Melissa Reeves: I was so excited, I had heard little rumors that Matt was coming back. You can work with someone for years and years and there’s just something there. We have known each other for more than half our lives. Every time Matt has come back, the minute we step on set and have a scene it’s like we go back into what we knew. I feel comfortable when I’m on set with Matt. I know what he is saying in his eyes to me, it’s hard to explain. It’s a chemistry that you have with your friends, he makes my job so easy because there’s that comfort zone.

Matt Ashford: There’s a moment coming up where we have experienced so much, so much chance of lost that internally as Jack I got scared for us. I wanted to bring that into the scene and share it with Missy and Jennifer. She said I’m here, its okay, I’m strong, and it’s okay to be scared. To not be afraid to bring those types of feelings into a relationship which we can try and do after all these years. We get to play this is what I’m feeling in my life and this is a part of relationships too.

Melissa Reeves: It’s so fun, I get on set with Mary Beth and it’s the same thing. There’s this crazy history from the 80’s that we all have been working together for so long. It’s like your family, same with Kristian. When we all get on set together sometimes it’s like trying to contain little kids, we are chatting chatting.

How was it having Stephen Nicholas back?

Mary Beth Evans: When he left I was devastated in shock, I was thankful they gave me the few scenes of me talking to him on the phone. Those sobs were true sobs because I really love him and didn’t want him to be gone. We are such partners on the show, the year that he was off I saw him a lot, we always get together for lunch talk on the phone. When I heard they were bringing him back I was so happy, we are really a family on Days, and he’s a part of that family and he should be there. I’m so happy to have him back.

How do you decide how much of your life to share on social media?

Freddie Smith: I try to share everything personal because there’s no restriction on it. With the show and being so far ahead it’s kind of difficult to know what to post so I don’t really post anything about the show unfortunately. But in personal life I think I share a lot and I try to create a relationship with my fans. I actively try to build that relationship.

Chandler Massey: I do not do a good job at that. It’s been a New Years resolution a couple years in a row. If people wanna play online Call of Duty or something like that, find me on PlayStation network.