Days of our Lives: Day of Days Winter Trailer 2019 – The Flash Forward Changes Everything

Is there any soap who does it better than NBC’s Days of our Lives? Every year during the annual “Day of Days” fan event for Days of our Lives, the show releases a spoiler heavy trailer teasing what is to come in the immediate days, weeks and months heading into the new year. With the much-anticipated time-jump in full effect at the conclusion of the November 8 episode, fans had no idea what to expect this year.

Days of our Lives jumps forward a year into the future where nothing is the same and everyone’s lives have changed. The winter sneak peek released had a little something for everyone, featuring every character presently residing in Salem, USA – in 2020 that is. The show previewed returns, new couples and asks the big question fans all want to know – what happened to our Salem faves during the time jump? Tables will be turned, romances will be forged and a major fan favorite return will change everything!

Day of Days Trailer Spoilers Ahead

  • The beginning of the promo shows an hour glass filling with sand as the voiceover heralds DAYS for something that’s never been done before in daytime.
  • Jack tells Jennifer she was in a coma for a year.
  • Kayla sees Kate waiting tables at the pub.
  • Victor tells Ciara (now an executive at Titan) she is the future of the family
  • Sonny is with Ari (with a new face) and a new guy (Evan).
  • Ben is in jail and has a run-in with his father Clyde.
  • Eve and Hattie are also in jail.
  • Chad talks to Abigail about seeing his dad, as a man’s hand with a ring like Stefano and a cigar is shown.
  • Jack calls Abby his best reporter.
  • A rough looking JJ is pointing a gun at someone.
  • Gabi is now with Eli and they’re about to have some adult fun.
  • Abe tells Eli that Lani is “gone”.
  • Justin is crying.
  • Sonny tells someone he misses “him”.
  • Gina/Hope asks John if he misses “her”.
  • Jennifer tells Jack she believes she was pushed.
  • Kristen and Sarah are both holding their babies.
  • Zander and Nicole seem to be in a different place with their relationship now.

So much to unpack!

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