Hollyoaks Spoilers: December 9-13, 2019

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In this weeks Hollyoaks spoilers: Yasmine digs further into Edward’s mysterious past while Mercedes is haunted by reminders of being shot. Take a sneak peek at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of December 23, 2019 in the UK and December 16, 2019 in the USA.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Confronting the Past

In an effort to get Edward out of their lives, Finn shows Diane the news coverage about Edward, leaving her angry but also concerned. When Edward returns home, he agrees to explain himself when he and Diane are alone. Later, Edward gives Yazz a pen drive of the news coverage from Finn’s rape case and tempts her to read through that instead. Edward then meets a nervous Sally in The Dog carpark as a taxi arrives. John Paul steps out of the car and asks what the emergency is. He’s visibly stunned when Edward explains that they need his help to get rid of Finn O’Connor from the village. James is surprised to see John Paul. James and John Paul go for a drink where James asks whether he’s even a little bit tempted to speak to Finn. Diane and Finn are floored when John Paul then turns up at their door. Later, John Paul has to go back to Singapore but promises Sally that once he’s tied everything up over there, he’ll come home.

More Hollyoaks Spoilers:

  • Marnie wails when she sees the negative press coverage from the grand opening of her new patisserie
  • Feeling rejected, Sid calls his cousin, Jordan for drugs and then goes to see Liam when Jordan can’t help him
  • Bobby finds out that Sylver has been charged for shooting his mum
  • James and Liam share a drink in The Loft and James asks Liam for the same drugs that he sold Sid
  • Mercedes wonders whether she should change her statement about Sylver
  • Grace and Sami visit Sylver in prison with an important update
  • Romeo worries that James is putting their family in danger
  • Jesse and Courtney want to know what Toby’s plans are to re-brand the salon
  • Liam is dressed as Krampus for his new club night promotion and bumps into James
  • Jesse is nervous about his big break at the salon

Source Spoiler Pics – HOLLYOAKS Edition – Week of December 9, 2019

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