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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: ‘Afraid’

WYNONNA EARP -- "Afraid" Episode 404 -- Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught, Martina Ortiz-Luis as Rachel Valdez, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp was titled “Afraid”. The episode filled in even more blanks and gave us more information about what is happening in town now since Wynonna, Doc and Waverly were not in town. In last week’s episode, we learned a lot about what has happened in town while Wynonna, Waverly and Doc were in the Garden of Eden. It also left open a lot more questions for our dysfunctional heroes to figure out. Waverly notices Haught seems distant and distracted. Doc gets information at a new bar in town. Wynonna gets arrested and has to clear her name for the “murder” of Nedley. We pick up where we left off with Wynonna being taken in by Black Badge Division.

The episode starts with Wynonna being led into a BBD facility. She is placed in a holding room and they remove the hood covering her head. A woman named Naomi introduces herself and tells Wynonna that Black Badge is no longer defunct. Naomi says they brought Wynonna in because they need every employee they can get. Jeremy enters the room and Wynonna runs and hugs him. Jeremy plays it off like they are just colleagues, acting strange, saying they all hate demons and she’s never killed one before (which obviously she has killed many). Elsewhere we see a mysterious person make a blood sacrifice over a picture of Wynonna. We see a creature chained up and it suddenly breaks free following the ritual.

At the homestead, Waverly sets up a meeting by getting a PowerPoint presentation together with notebooks for everyone to get caught up on who knows what and to answer questions they all have. Waverly is impatient that Wynonna and Doc are no shows. Haught and Waverly bring up topics like “Who’s Cleo? Who’s Holt? What’s with the border? Why so many demons? What’s for dinner? Tacos. Delicious.” They begin to kiss, and Rachel shows up wearing Wynonna’s Jacket saying “it looks better on me.” She informs Waverly that she was just heading out. Haught says she’s sorry no one showed up and Waverly responds, “You’re sorry we’re alone in the house?” and they begin to kiss again, laying on the table, about to have sex.

Wynonna finds out that BBD put the border up around Purgatory to have a controlled setting of people and demons coexisting to study. The new mandate is to observe, not interfere like they did in the past. Black Badge is now staffed with government employees that have no idea what they’re doing in a division about supernatural beings. Jeremy offers to show Wynonna around and give her a tour. Wynonna finds a rock with a “c” carved into it in her pocket and hands it to a security guard saying, “here’s your surveillance rock back.” He looks confused as he takes it. Sometime later, the security guy that Wynonna gave the rock to tosses it into the snow while having a cigarette. Suddenly a creature appears and decapitates him.

Back at the Glory Hole, we find Doc and the bar owner having a celebratory drink to welcome their new partnership. Doc gets defensive when he brings up Wynonna. Doc gets into it with the guy, gets up and goes off to do a job, looking less excited.

WYNONNA EARP — “Afraid” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Martina Ortiz-Luis as Rachel Valdez, Billy Bryk as Billy Clanton — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Rachel and a boy named Billy go looking for items to scavenge in an abandoned diner. You can tell they both have crushes on each other. They exchange items they found, and he goes in for a kiss. Rachel quickly changes the subject and brushes off his kiss. Walking back home, Billy asks how it is going with all the Earps back and she says she loves it because she’s never really had her own people before. They part ways and we see a stacked pile of rocks. Could it be linked to the rock in Wynonna’s pocket?

Jeremy gives Wynonna a tour of BBD, acting strange, listing all of the things he sees pretending things are purely professional between them. He pushes her into a security camera blind spot and Jeremy tells her this new BBD isn’t bad. They’re just people who are scared and in over their heads. He tells her a lot of bad stuff came into purgatory when they “disappeared” and they need her and Peacemaker. Naomi catches them before Wynonna can tell him about her no longer having Peacemaker.

Waverly and Haught collapse onto the floor after having sex with Waverly exclaiming, “There’s a notebook stuck to my butt!” They reflect on how good it was for each other. Waverly says, “Do I need to make a PowerPoint presentation about how amazing Nicole Haught is? I’d call it Haught Topics” which made me laugh a lot. Waverly tries to bring up the proposal again and Haught quickly goes in to kiss her to stop the conversation when Rachel walks in on them Rachel asks if a junkyard could be a good place to find Peacemaker.

Jeremy brings Wynonna to the weapons room at BBD. She is impressed and suits up in gear and grabs a weapon to take on her first mission. She asks Jeremy “Is this about finding and rescuing Robin?” Jeremy tells her it’s a problem with things “Robin” their supply trucks. (ba dum tss) Their biggest problem is bringing provisions into Purgatory without it getting hijacked or worse. She complains about taking this lame job when she’s a demon hunter. Jeremy says they can’t let BBD know who they really are yet because “They don’t like supernatural things Wynonna, like us.” Talking about the supply run, Wynonna says “You know yesterday the good citizens of my hometown tried to hang me for murder.” and Jeremy replies “Well yeah, they just need snacks Wynonna. They’re kinda hangry.” I love all of these jokes they throw in each week!

Waverly Haught and Rachel pull up to the junkyard which is where Billy lives. Rachel says she’ll check in the back. Waverly says “Classic teen. Doesn’t wanna be seen at the creepy junkyard with her sexy gay aunts.” Waverly starts to look around when the creature tied up with the c carved in its head jumps out at her. Mam, Billy’s mother, comes around saying not to touch anything there, and leads Waverly and Haught the way to where the things for sale are, hoping to find Peacemaker there.

Wynonna arrives at the supply truck and meets the driver who badmouths Purgatory and Wynonna is not happy. She pulls another rock out of her pocket and Jeremy says it isn’t BBD tech. She puts it back in her pocket and says maybe Wayverly could dig something up on it. Jeremy reminds her to never ever use the weapon unless it’s an extreme situation (let’s be real, we know she can’t resist!) She gets in the truck and they head towards Purgatory.

At the junkyard, Waverly asks if they have any vintage swords. Mam asks why she’s looking for a sword. Haughty tells her it’s for a Halloween costume. “I’m going as She-Ra.” to which Waverly gleefully says, “Oh my god I would die” AS WOULD I WAVERLY. AS WOULD I. (Stream She-Ra on Netflix) Waverly gets a call from Wynonna and she goes outside to answer it. Mam approaches Haught in an intimidating fashion talking about rings now that Waverly is back. She then says “it’s time for you to deliver” and Haught tells her to stay away from them. Outside on the phone, Wynonna tells Waverly to look into the symbol on the rock. Wavelry tells Wynonna she doesn’t recognize it but she’ll look into it more once she gets home. As she walks back to Haught, we see the symbol burned into a piece of wood in the background.

On the way to Purgatory, the truck drives over a spike strip, causing them to pull over. They hear the back of the truck open up. The driver says he’s not dying for this town and he abandons the truck and Wynonna. Wynonna approaches the back of the truck with her weapon drawn only to find Doc is the one raiding the truck. Wynonna tells Doc that she found Jeremy and he’s fine. They get into an argument about Wynonna working for the enemy and Doc working for a wannabe mobster who is robbing stagecoaches again. Wynonna handcuffs herself to the liquor container in the back of the truck to prove a point, leading to major flirting between Doc and Wynonna.

Rachel finds Billy and he panics seeing her. She confesses to having a crush on him and he tells her she has to leave. Rachel gets upset and finds Haught and Waverly and says she wants to go right now. Mam scolds Billy because his actions led to Earps coming onto their land. She tells him he knows what he has to do. She tells him “Dont make me reap that girl.” Uh oh. That’s not a good sign!

Still handcuffed, Wynonna finds another rock in her pocket. She tosses the rock and the winds shift. She hears a sound from the truck and then hears chains drag on the top of the truck. She calls out for Doc and the radio starts making noises. The creature steps into the truck, approaches Wynonna and scratches at her, breaking her free of the handcuffs. She reaches for the weapon and the demon breaks it with one swipe. Wynonna runs out the front of the truck.

Billy goes to Rachel now back at the homestead and tells her they can’t hang out together anymore. Rachel finds a rock in her pocket and he gets scared and tells her she’s been marked. Waverly now at home is researching the symbol by the fire and realizes the “c” in the rock is a cattle brand. The cattle ranchers years ago were on the opposite side of the Earps. The “c” symbol stands for Clantons. Waverly hears Rachel scream. Haught and Waverly run to the barn and see Billy with a knife asking Rachel if she can see the reaper. He tells Waverly and Haught to stay back because the reaper isn’t going to leave until it shreds Rachel.

Wynonna slips in the snow while fleeing and notices piles of stacked rocks around her. She tries to get up and run but the rocks have made a forcefield and she can’t get through. She sees the reaper approaching. Doc runs to Wynonna and enters the forcefield. Wynonna tells him to shoot at the reaper, but he can’t see it, only she can. She screams that she doesn’t have Peacemaker anymore and he gives her one of his guns. Seeing Wynonna genuinely freaking out for the first time because she doesn’t have Peacemaker was gut wrenching. Wynonna now points Doc’s gun in the direction of the creature and they both fire at the reaper. It falls to the ground but gets back up. Doc knocks over a stack of the rocks, the forcefield falls and they run away from the reaper.

Back at the homestead, Haught tells Billy to stay away from Rachel but Rachel steps in to defend him. He says there’s something wrong with his family. Waverly realizes he’s a Clanton. He says he’s not going to hurt Rachel. He takes out pliers and reaches into his mouth, pulling out a tooth as he screams. He pulls an extremely long tooth out and while holding the rock he yells “a soul for a soul” offering himself up in exchange for Rachel. The rock glows and he falls back in pain. The reaper suddenly stops chasing Wynonna and Doc. Waverly asks how many Clantons there are in town. He says his brother Holt, the new Sheriff, his sister Cleo, the new magistrate, Mam, his mother, and more. He warns them that they’ll never stop coming for them. He kisses Rachel and says his goodbyes leaving them in the barn.

Everyone convenes in the kitchen following the events of the day. Waverly reveals to the group the deal with the Clantons. They were Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies. Rachel realizes Billy sacrificed himself because she was wearing Wynonna’s jacket and that’s why the rock appeared in it. She becomes upset that she wasn’t the real target. She tells everyone, “He saved you, we have to save him.” She grabs a knife, but they tell her they work as a team and they will make it up to him eventually, just not right now. They decide it is time to rescue Jeremy to get the team fully back together.

Billy, now tied up on the chain, begs Mam not to kill Rachel. She tells him she isn’t going to kill her; you are. The reaper leans over Billy and he screams as it drools onto him. Cleo and Holt are inside the house and try to convince Mam to give Billy a break. They are about to begin a ceremony when Mam notices a bandage on Cleo’s hand. We see that she was the one who sent the reaper on Wynonna. She tells Mam “Wynonna is weak, it is time!” Mam presses on her wound, asking if they forgot who the Clanton heir is. Only Mam can say when it is time to take revenge on the Earps and that her plan is already in motion. They begin the ceremony, “The power of vengeance will damn our enemies.”

WYNONNA EARP — “Afraid” Episode 404 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Wynonna busts into BBD and tells Naomi she’s the best demon hunter BBD has ever seen. She’s done hiding and lying. She tells Jeremy she doesn’t have Peacemaker and she needs all of her people back. She tells Naomi that Jeremy is coming with her and her group will take back the BBD offices in Purgatory and they’ll hunt some god damn demons. Jeremy agrees with the plan.

Haught shows up at the Clanton’s compound and Mam says that she came to her senses. Haught says she’s giving an item back and that she owes her nothing. She puts a jar on the table saying Doc and Waverly got themselves out of the garden. Haught must have made a deal to use the jar to get them out of the garden because she was desperate. Haught says it’s over between them, but Mam says it’s just beginning. She opens the jar and insects surround Haught, flying into her mouth. DON’T YOU DARE HURT HAUGHT. Someone finds Peacemaker and fast!

Wow! Lots to unpack in this episode! We now know the enemies of the season. These Clantons are going to be a thorn in Wynonna’s side for sure. Mam already has a plan in motion and Wynonna and her friends are just starting to put the piece together. Hopefully they figure it out and fast. I’m scared for Haught! I hope she didn’t sell her soul or anything like that to rescue Waverly. Hopefully whatever she did wasn’t the reason Waverly, Doc and Wynonna actually escaped from the Garden. I hope they did it all on their own. I appreciated Haught and Waverly getting it on again. Despite Haught’s issues and avoiding certain topics with Waverly, she still is in love with Waverly and truly cares about her.

It was interesting seeing some tension between Doc and the bar owner (I still can’t make out his name) already. I expected it to be a playful relationship filled with sexual tension but it’s already contentious. I’m glad we got Jeremy back and he helped fill in even more gaps for both the audience and Wynonna. We’ll see how long BBD stays a “good” organization. They have no idea what they’re doing so Wynonna and her friends will essentially be running BBD now. There were so many great quotes in this episode like there are in every episode this season! I’m enjoying it so much. Only 2 episodes left before we go on a mid-season break. Next week’s episode will have a heavy focus on Haught, and I can’t wait.

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Sundays at 10PM on Syfy. You can stream them the day after on Syfy’s website.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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