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‘Infinity Train’ Book 3 Recap: Episode 5 – “The Color Clock Car”

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Episode 5 of Infinity Train: Book 3 is the first pause in the season as it is being released in 3 separate weeks. The next grouping of episodes will be episodes 6-8. This episode was called “The Color Clock Car” and it was an emotional rollercoaster. The group walks between cars as they always do to get one car closer to their home car, The Mall Car. Hazel is extremely tired and Simon jokes about taking a nap on the bridge. She takes it seriously, lays down and begins to nap. Simon goes to wake her up and Tuba steps in to protect her. Simon tells Tuba to move before he makes her move and they both growl at each other. Grace steps between them and says they’re too close to the apex to stop now, but also that Hazel is a little girl, and they’ve been walking for days. Grace comes up with a compromise. Hazel will nap, but Tuba will carry her as they press on.

Simon pulls Grace aside and says it’s time to ditch Tuba for good, but Grace says she’s too strong. They’re so close to the Apex and with them, together they can take Tuba out. Simon says he bets he can take her out on his own, but Grace puts her foot down and gives Simon a look telling him to cut it out.

They reach the next car, The Color Clock Car. A tall clock stands in the center of the car with different colors on it. A tiny clock named Roy welcomes them to the car and Grace asks how to get to the exit. He tells her that he can’t tell her. She finds the exit door, but it’s locked so they need to find a key. The clock suddenly changes from red to orange. Everyone seems fed up that they have to do another puzzle. They decide to split up and find the way out. Grace and Simon say they’ll team up, but Hazel pulls Grace aside and says she wants to be with Grace so Tuba and Simon can become friends. Grace caves and Simon becomes upset he has to work with Tuba.

The clock changes to yellow and Hazel and Grace explore a pyramid. As they climb, Hazel asks Grace why she doesn’t like Roy. Grace says it’s because he’s a null and you can’t trust nulls. Hazel becomes uncomfortable and asks what about Tuba? Grace says Tuba’s one of the good ones and rolls her eyes to move the conversation. They reach the top and slide down together.

The clock changes to green. Tuba and Simon are struggling to stay out of each other’s way as they look for the key. Simon climbs walls and Tuba asks why they didn’t just take the ramp. Simon is confused by Tuba mentioning a ramp but continues searching. Simon finds a green key and realizes it won’t work on the red lock on the door. Suddenly the room turns to purple o’clock and the maze changes again. Now they’re trapped together in a purple cage. Tuba screams and her horn on her back projects a sound that breaks the cage, freeing them. Tuba makes a joke and they both laugh together for the first time. Is this a breakthrough? While searching, Tuba makes a reference to someone named Bugle and Tuba tells Simon that it was her daughter, but she’s gone now. Tuba says that she was lucky to find Hazel after losing her.

The clock changes back to red o’clock and Grace spots Simon. She asks if they have had any luck finding a key. Tuba says she hates mazes and Simon realizes Tuba can see both the green and red colors because she is color blind. That’s how she saw the ramp earlier that Simon didn’t see. Simon tells Tuba to find the key and Simon will help with the maze. Tuba gets the key and Simon shoots his rope at a wall near Tuba. She begins climbing the rope to reach Grace, Hazel and Simon at the exit door. Tuba reaches the ledge and Simon stands over her with an evil grin on his face. His expression shifts and he pulls Tuba up. Tuba inserts the key, opening the lock. The room now reveals every color at once revealing the complete maze. They all celebrate.

Roy commends them for their teamwork and suddenly a loud noise echoes through the room. Grace says One-One found them. Realizing the car is about to shift, they run out the exit door. Grace and Simon reach the next car and realize the bridge has begun to separate, leaving Tuba and Hazel still at the exit door of The Color Clock Car. Simon tells Tuba to toss Hazel before it’s too late. She nods yes and Hazel becomes upset. The car begins to shift, and Grace promises she’ll catch her. Hazel begins to cry and Tuba hands Hazel their bag of belongings. Tuba begins singing their song to Hazel. As Hazel begins to sing her part of the song back, Tuba tosses Hazel across. Grace catches her. When they look back, Tuba has fallen off the edge and is dangling off the side. Simon tells Grace and Hazel to get to the next car and that he’ll go rescue Tuba. He shoots his ropes and propels himself to the ledge where Tuba is dangling. He quotes Roy and says, “Teamwork begins with two people trusting each other.” Tuba smiles at Simon. Simon then charges his eclectic boots and crushes Tuba’s hand with a hard stomp. She screams. Simon continues saying, “But you, you’re no person.” Tuba falls off the side. Simon stares down with an evil smile. His numbers on his arm rapidly begin changing.

In the next car Grace comforts Hazel telling her they’ll both be okay. Simon enters the car alone and Hazel begins asking “Where’s Tuba?” He tells Hazel she’ll never have to worry about that null again. He tells her he “wheeled” her. We know what that means from Book 2. We saw what happened when MT “wheeled” the officer who was after her. Hazel recoils from Simon and bursts into tears. She runs back out of the room. Grace becomes annoyed when Simon says that he told her he could take Tuba out on his own. He goes to look at how high his number has gone up, but Grace pushes him out of the way to check on Hazel. As Grace approaches Hazel, she wails out in pain and suddenly her body shifts into a bird like creature. Grace gasps.

Talk about emotional whiplash. Just when it seems like Simon has a change of heart with regards to Tuba, he pulls this stunt.  Simon is such a jerk. Tuba truly believed that she and Simon were getting along after bonding in the car. I really hope Tuba somehow survives, or what we thought happened when someone gets “wheeled” isn’t actually the truth. At least I’m going to hold on to the fact that we never actually saw Tuba hit the wheel and maybe we’ll be surprised later.

Grace is definitely starting to soften around the edges, but being tired from walking so much, she cracked a little bit in her conversations with Hazel while climbing the pyramid. Hazel was beginning to see the signs as she grew upset with everything Grace was telling her. I guess it will take more for Grace’s number to go down further. Poor Hazel. Losing Tuba was too much for her. What is she? Is she a null? Could it be a side effect of being on the train and having an extreme trauma while on the train rather than dealing with past traumas? How will Grace and Simon react now? Will Grace keep this from Simon? So many questions. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of these answers! I cannot wait for the next batch of episodes.

You can stream Infinity Train Books 1-2 and Episodes 1-5 of Book 3 on HBO Max now!

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