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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Hell Raisin’ Good Time”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Hell Raisin' Good Time" Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

After last week’s Wynonna Earp delivered a stripped back episode featuring a fun, over the top and cute story about love, this week we got another adorable episode highlighting why these characters are so much fun. We see as they themselves look towards the future with all kinds of changes on the horizon. We also got to expand the bigger picture and fill in blanks as to what happened while Wynonna was in the Garden. Fans will no doubt love this episode and be a highlight as the show winds down for its final episodes.

Wynonna wakes up at Amon’s club alone and naked following the events of the final moments of the previous episode. Amon is surprised to find Wynonna is still at the club. He helps her up and tells her it’s okay if she was thinking about Doc the whole time because he was too. She covers herself in curtains and leaves quickly. Amon walks over to a spinner with cards on it as it spins faster and faster. This can’t be good.

Elsewhere, BBD agents are seen walking through a pumpkin patch when suddenly a scarecrow wakes up. He jumps down, picks up a pitchfork and stabs one of the agents as the other flees.

Waverly and Haught set up decorations for Halloween. Waverly wants some sister time together with Wynonna while Nicole is going into the city with Rachel to go shopping. She’s not so happy about it. Waverly gets a text from Wynonna telling her to get to BBD.

Wynonna is at BBD when Jeremy walks in and tells her Naomi, the former head of BBD is on leave. Albert, her former assistant, is now the head of the organization. Jeremy is confused as to why Wynonna is wearing curtains, as is Waverly when she walks. She’s dressed up, wearing a ladybug costume. Jeremy shows them a file on Rotten Jack, the pumpkin headed demon who killed the BBD agents earlier. BBD wants him captured alive. Jeremy says they have 3 hours to get him. Waverly protests saying they have plans, but Jeremy makes them go on the mission. Jeremy rushes off to an appointment. Waverly hands Wynonna a bag with her costume inside. Waverly as a ladybug and Wynonna as Britney Spears strut out of the office on their way to get Rotten Jack.

Back at the club, Doc is playing cards with some men. Amon calls Doc over and tells Doc that Rotten Jack is in town. They’re taking bets on who he will kill next, and demons are betting as they live stream the spinner. Amon shows the possibilities for the kills Rotten Jack might be about to commit, including an angel… uh oh Waverly? Doc brushes it off and goes back to his game, but Amon calls him out for not getting him any new supplies lately. Taunting Doc, Amon tries to give him Wynonna’s intimates, telling him to give them back to her. Doc becomes upset and tells Amon she’ll turn on him. Doc storms out. The wheel suddenly stops turning. Rotten Jack has a new victim, The Mother. Rotten Jack knocks on a door and a woman opens. She tells him she likes his costume as he stabs her with the pitchfork. She bleeds and falls to the ground.

Waverly and Wynonna look for a lead on Rotten Jack in a field. Waverly tells Wynonna things won’t change between them because she’s getting married. Wynonna asks to just focus on the mission. They discuss how Jeremy is being quiet and ponder upon what happened with Robin while they were gone. They approach a camper, and a guy inside throws trash at them telling them no trick or treaters. Wynonna shouts, “It’s Britney bitch” and Casey, the demon that was locked up with Wynonna the day of the chili cook off, opens the door surprised to see them.

At BBD, Albert asks Jeremy why he himself isn’t out apprehending Rotten Jack. Jeremy says he’s there for a meeting. Albert gives him a hard time saying they’re on the verge of a lockdown if they don’t apprehend him. Jeremy stands his ground and says no and that the Earps are on the case. He makes his way to the meeting. Inside, Jeremy talks with a man who is also there for the meeting. It seems like it is a trauma anonymous type meeting where agents can talk about their issues. They discuss Jeremy’s move back to Purgatory and reveal that he is… ROBIN. WHAT!? He says BBD helped him once, they’ll help him again…. Ok this needs an explanation!!!

Wynonna asks Casey if he’s heard of an extractor. Not answering, Casey is paranoid that they were followed. Wynonna offers to pay for the extractor. Casey says it’s not an it, and that he is the extractor. Wynonna gets an alert and hurries the negotiating up. She raises Peacemaker at Casey and says they’re with BBD, hoping to force him into helping. He becomes upset and says that they cooked chili together! Waverly apologizes but Casey opens a can which shines a bright light at Wynonna and Waverly, distracting them, allowing Casey to run past them. They follow him and lose him as they enter a fog like substance which causes them to lose their direction and their minds. Suddenly they forget who they are and who each other are. They find their way out and find Casey again. He lies and tells them they’re high and to go home. They head home, leaving Peacemaker behind.

At home they find clues as to who they are, thinking Waverly is Wynonna and Wynonna is Waverly. They find their way to Shortys. As they walk in Doc is hiding behind the counter with a gun read to fire. They startle each other and Wynonna comments on his Freddy Mercury costume. Still confused, Wynonna tries to play off his questions, but he thinks she’s playing a game. Two demons arrive at the bar announcing that Amon sent them. Wynonna and Waverly freak out when they realize they are demons and Doc is a vampire. They run away screaming. They hide from Doc and get an alert from Jeremy. Rotten Jack has killed again.

Amon is about to torture one of the demons for letting Doc escape and not bringing any alcohol back from Shortys. He tells Amon the Earps were there and were out of it, and that Wynonna didn’t have Peacemaker with her. This infuriates Amon after he helped her just find it. Amon then realizes they must have tried to cross the border, leading to their current states.

At BBD Jeremy and Robin (!!!) talk more and discuss Halloween. Robin says he wears a mask every day…. Hmmmmm. Doc interrupts them with a call and tells Jeremy the Earp sisters have lost their minds. Jeremy tells him that he’s going to have to run an errand and come up with a signal. Jeremy apologizes to Robin and is about to leave when an alarm goes off. BBD is now in lockdown. Albert won’t let Jeremy leave. Jeremy manages to give Albert an allergic reaction by putting nut milk in his coffee, saying he’ll give him his injection if he lets him leave. He agrees and Jeremy leaves. Robin, with a bit of sadness in his voice and demeanor, says how Jeremy is so sweet and gives Albert his injection.

Amon finds Waverly and Wynonna and invites them to a Halloween party at his club. As they drive off, Rotten Jack catches a scent. The Earps and Amon arrive at the club and Amon tells them to pick up a new costume from his wardrobe. They begin to show signs of them getting back pieces of memories, worrying Amon.

Doc arrives at Casey’s camper. Casey asks Doc to hear what he wrote. He recites an apology to Waverly and Wynonna for what he did. Doc says he’s there on behalf of Jeremy for his extraction services. Casey talks poorly about himself and his skills. Doc gives him a pep talk and says he’s not ready to lose his greatest love of all, the Earp sisters. Both of them. He convinces Casey to come help him help them. He then hands Doc Peacemaker.

At the club, Amon continues his live stream. He introduces a show of a lifetime and Waverly and Wynonna walk out in angel and superhero costumes. Amon begins to auction them off to the highest bidder, who gets to rip them apart. At the last second a masked man bids $50k to kill the Earps. He points a gun at them and doses them with an antidote, bringing back their memories. Jeremy has saved them! Amon tells his demons to murder them all. Suddenly the wheel spins to land on an Angel. Uh oh! Protect Waverly!! Rotten Jack enters and sees the betting game unfolding. Amon flees and locks everyone inside with Rotten Jack. Doc gives Wynonna back Peacemaker and points it at Rotten Jack. Jeremy reminds her that they need him alive. Waverly distracts Rotten Jack and Wynonna hits him in the back of the (pumpkin) head with Peacemaker, cracking him open and stopping him in his tracks. A light begins to glow from inside his head. Waverly attempts to reach in but Casey tells her to stop and that it is his job to do. Casey reaches in and pulls out a candle. Waverly quickly blows it out and Rotten Jack collapses to the ground, his pumpkin head exploding on the ground.

Wynonna brings the pumpkin remains back to BBD. Albert reminds her that they wanted him extracted alive and gives her attitude. Wynonna asks if the fog that they walked through was a BBD weapon. He scoffs at the idea that they were capable of something like that. Jeremy tells Wynonna they have been investigating the fog. They think it is coming from The Garden. Jeremy brings Wynonna to Robin, who doesn’t remember her. Wynonna is shocked to see Robin. Jeremy explains during the evacuation, they were taken by soldiers in the back of a truck out of the ghost river triangle. Jeremy was so worried about Wynonna being stuck in the garden, he sent Robin to go find her and help her. Robin jumped out of the truck and into the fog, where he was trapped for weeks. When they finally pulled him out, he tore his own face off (allowing for a fun recast!) He comes to the trauma meetings every week to slip Robin small doses of the serum he gave Wynonna and Waverly with the hopes that it would build up in his system over time. Jeremy begins to cry saying that he just wants Robin to be happy. Wynonna tells Jeremy that he will he figure it out and they will all help. Jeremy tells Wynonna that the fog is spreading. That’s not good!

Back home Waverly and Wynonna sit by a fire reminiscing about times when they were younger. Waverly reassures Wynonna that even though Nicole is her person, she will always be her sister, and nothing will ever change that. Nicole returns home, dressed in her uniform and Waverly’s jaw drops. Wynonna says, “suddenly I’m in the middle of a porno”. Nicole asks Wynonna if she can steal Waverly for a moment, but Wynonna tells her she’d better make her happy for the rest of her life, not just a moment. Nicole promises she will. Before they leave, Waverly reminds Wynonna she can always call Doc. She looks out into the distance.

Doc drags Amons tied up body to a crowd of demons. Doc tells them Amon almost let them all die just for a bet. Amon gets up and yells at one of the demons to untie him. Doc pulls his chains and Amon falls to the ground again. Doc hands the demon the chain and says he can do what he pleases with Amon. Doc walks off as the Demons begin to take out their anger on Amon.

That was such a fun episode. These final episodes are such a love letter to the fans, giving us so many memorable moments. I knew we’d tie it all back into The Garden again from the first half of the season! The fog isn’t going away and it will probably become an issue quickly. We see how a small dose was enough to knock Wynonna and Waverly off their game and long exposure completely messed with Robin.

I figured we’d find out about Robin eventually, but I wasn’t expecting such a big change! I wonder if the pandemic had anything to do with the need to recast the character, but in the world they’ve created, it felt natural and made sense. I recognize the actor from the series Transplant and so far he’s done a great job playing this new vulnerable Robin. I hope he and Jeremy can have their happy ending before the series wraps!

Wynonna is having trouble with all of the changes happening around her. She’s happy for Waverly but doesn’t want to lose her sister. Waverly promises nothing will change, but you can still sense she’s saddened. She also has to deal with her issues with Doc. They’re both still so far apart and believe they were the person in the right regarding the death of Mam and their relationship with the Clantons. We still have Cleo to deal with, so they’re going to have to put those issues aside if they want to make it out alive, depending on what she has planned.

This back half of the season is so much fun. I don’t want it to end!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Fridays on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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