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Disney Channel’s The Owl House: Heading into Season 2

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Ever since the Season 1 finale of The Owl House which saw our hero Luz Noceda, voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles, take on the mysterious Emperor Belos, voiced by the extremely talented Matthew Rhys, to protect her chosen family from danger, fans have been clamoring for more! Disney Channel announced the second season renewal ahead of the series premiere, so we knew we were going to be getting more, it was only a matter of when. Little news about the series was announced following the finale, but now we know when the show returns, and how much longer the series will air for.

Premiering in January 2020, The Owl House saw Luz, a girl who didn’t fit in her world, end up in a magical realm where she gets trained on how to use magic, and become more confident in herself. While not able to conjure spells the traditional way, she is able to use paper with glyphs written on them. Her mentor, Eda (Wendie Malick) is not a traditional teacher as she has her own style of magic and is an outsider herself. At Eda’s house we meet King, an adorable demon, voiced by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. He also voices Hooty, the guardian of The Owl House who is a zany character.

Luz is eager to learn and eventually comes to learn more outside of Eda’s teachings by being a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. At school she meets her close friends Willow (Tati Gabrielle) and Gus (Issac Ryan Brown). She also encounters a girl, Amity, voiced by Mae Whitman, showing impressive vulnerability and deep emotions with her voice work. Amity initially is a rival to Luz when she shows up, but slowly softens and we see the true side of her.

With Season 2 of The Owl House about to premiere on Disney Channel this Saturday, June 12, we pick up following the events of season 1 and its thrilling finale. Luz successfully outsmarted and outwitted Emperor Belos, protected Eda from petrification, and learned the truth about Eda’s curse. 

Luz’s confrontation with Emperor Belos showed how powerful Luz was able to become in a short time. While it felt like Luz was overpowered in the moment, especially with her lack of time learning to wield the owl staff before the episode, it showed her ability to fight for those she loves when the time calls for it. She has a natural ability, even though she isn’t from the realm. Luz was able to successfully trick the emperor into believing she was giving him what he truly desired, the door to her world. While the door was destroyed, it might not be completely gone, as we see in the end. 

Having seemingly been on the wrong side, Eda’s sister Lilith was forced to tell Luz the truth about Eda’s curse. When they were younger, only one of the sisters would be granted into the Emperor’s Coven. Lilith, knowing Eda was the stronger of the two, decided to curse her sister so she would lose the fight. On the day of the fight, Eda threw the fight, knowing her sister wanted it more. Unable to stop the curse, Eda falls under the spell. Lilith believed the curse would be temporary, but it wasn’t. Following the major events of the finale, Lilith casts a sharing spell, splitting the curse between Eda and herself to protect her sister. As a result, neither can now use magic. Ever optimist Luz says that she’ll teach them magic the way she has learned to do magic with paper and glyphs. 

We’ve already seen the new opening titles for Season 2 which retain some of the moments from the first season opening titles, while offering up new poses and interesting character displays. 

Ahead of the second season premiere, we also know the show will be back for a third season! Season 3 will consist of 3, 44 minute long specials and will be the final season of the series. While it’s sad to know the show will be ending much sooner than we the fans had hoped and anticipated, it at least provides the opportunity for the show to come to a proper conclusion on their own terms. We could have befallen the same fate as Infinity Train and not been afforded the opportunity to have a narrative ending. 

There were many highlights and big moments in season 1 which I’m sure will continue to be expanded on and grow even more this season. I loved seeing the friendship between Luz, Willow and Gus grow. They all became such close friends in a short period of time, and they had some moments that tested their friendship. Coming from different backgrounds they all truly became a strong unit.

I also loved the transformation of Amity from the first time we met her to the more confident and independent girl we see at the end of the season. She starts off appearing to be the rival antagonist of Luz who was jealous and going to be a thorn in her side, to a true ally and even a romantic partner. Over the season we see Amity address her own insecurities, stemming from her internal struggles and need to please her family and become the girl they want her to be. Even small moments from her physical appearance of her sloppy dyed hair to fit in with the rest of her family likely means more than we know right now. I can’t wait to see the Lumity moments that come in season 2. There is so much more to explore there and grow. 

The little moments where King breaks from his tough demeanor and admits to caring about Eda and Luz were adorable and I’m certain we will see more of them along with more chances for him to grow. I’m sure Hooty’s going to continue being Hooty!

I cannot wait to see where we go next, what magical moments we experience next and how deep the mythology will get as we are heading towards the end of the series now. Belos has a plan and we’ve only scratched the surface as to what that means for our heroes, their realm and Luz’s home realm. Bring it on!

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel starting June 12.

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