Iconic Disney Villains Get The FiGPiN Treatment

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

The newest additions to FiGPiNs vast collection of pins includes some of Disney’s most iconic villains. Each pin features detailed and vibrantly colored portrayals of some of the most recognizable Disney characters. 

First up is Ursula in her classic purple as seen in The Little Mermaid. Cruella de Vil is next, striking a pose, plotting her next devious plan. Next is Maleficent, in a bigger than life pose with green flames shooting up from Sleeping Beauty. Hades is next from Hercules with a grin on his face and a blue flame in his hand. Lastly is the Evil Queen from Snow White, with her evil stare holding a poison apple.

Each of these pins were previously released in an exclusive Disney Villains Deluxe Box Set which featured the pins with a gold plating border. These newly released pins today feature a black border, and are for sale individually. 

Previous Disney FiGPiNs include Disney Princesses like Aurora, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Tiana and a lineup of Alice in Wonderland characters.

These Disney Villains FiGPiNs and more can be ordered on FiGPiN’s official site and other retailers.

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