‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 7 “Eda’s Requiem”

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Shifting the main focus back to Eda this week, we saw the Owl Lady in a more vulnerable place, struggling with being a mother figure for Luz and King. We also see her come back to her usual self after being reunited with a figure from her past. Filled with twists, beautifully animated scenes and the first non binary character on the show, it was yet again another great episode. 

We begin with Eda going over a list of things she has to do like get a new coat for Luz and check King for fleas. She comments to herself how much she’s changed, looking at a picture of her with Luz and King from Grom, saying it was worth it. Eda overhears Luz and King working out outside, and opens the window. She hears the two of them talking about what King is going to do when he meets his dad, alluding to him leaving the Owl House. Eda slams the window shut and ducks out of sight. She sadly puts the picture she just looked at away in a chest saying she’s no substitute for a real parent since both will be leaving her. Inside the chest she spots a guitar. She begins playing and magic fills the room. She realizes and wonders if her magic has returned. Things start turning black and she stops playing. Unbeknownst to Eda, we see a pot which turned black earlier begins to crumble and turn to dust.. 

Luz practices magic with King on Owlbert. At home Eda watches a live feed and sees the news that Raine will be the next head of the Bard Coven. Raine messes up when it’s their turn to talk, runs off stage and they cut the live feed. Eda says how can you be Head of the Bard Coven with such stage fright. Luz and King return from their training, needing a new backpack after King got sick. Poor King! Eda asks why Luz is suddenly so into learning how to fly. Eda asks if she changed her mind about returning to her home. Luz tells her she’s still going home but she keeps running into setbacks. 

We see a flashback to a time where Luz tried to get the echo mouse to give her more information. After she successfully lures the mouse out with a carrot, Hooty swallows the mouse, thinking he’s protecting Luz.

Luz tells Eda she was able to get the mouse back, but now he’s recovering. Kings tells Eda about the upcoming Gland Prix event. They plan to win it so King can get on camera and send a message to his dad. He then attempts to tell Eda about him possibly le(aving?) but she cuts him off before he can finish the word. Eda tells him there’s no time to talk if he wants to win. She tells him to practice and the two head off to train more. 

At a bar, Eda vents about Luz and King leaving and the bartender brushes her off. A commotion in the bar catches Eda’s attention. Guards haul a witch off to make her join a coven. She protests and Eda follows them out to the street. They tell her to back off, saying no one wants a powerless witch. She punches a guard when suddenly a band begins playing music, filling the street with magic. 

The leader of the group begins saying “They take your magic. They restrict your knowledge. They say they do it in the name of “unity”, but what they really want is control.” With each sentence plucking a string, immobilizing the guards with the final strum of magic marching them out of the streets. The group call themselves the Bards Against The Throne. A group of guards then surround the group, putting on ear muffs. Eda suddenly appears lifting a manhole cover. The group makes a distraction and slips away underground. 

They come out of the sewer and ask Eda how they can repay her. She asks to join their group saying she may not have magic, but she is an agent of chaos. They gasp. The lead member denies her and Eda says “is that any way to treat an old friend, Raine Whispers?” Seemingly knowing Raine, she calls Raine out for trying to be both a rebel and head of the Bard Coven. Raine says Eda’s embarrassing them in front of their crew. Raine tells the group Eda was the one who helped inspire the creation of the group. 

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We flash back to a time long ago where the two shared a moment. We see Eda put magic into the instrument and the two seem to be a bit flirtatious. She performs a song called “Raine’s Rhapsody”. The lyrics talk about not being able to run away from your fears. The forest comes alive with magic. She continues saying you have to face them head on. At first, Raine thought she was joking around but Raine says they really got it once Raine started teaching for the Bard Coven. They couldn’t stand for the Emperor forcing people to join covens against their will and decided to take matters into their own hands. They moved up the ranks, meeting other people like them who wanted to change things. That’s when they formed the BATTs. They hear someone approaching and run off. Raine tells Eda they can use the help.

King and Luz continue training. King is nervous and upset that he’s still not able to talk to Eda. Eda leaves the house on a mission with a bunch of scrolls in her arms. Luz flies over to her and tells her that King still wants to talk. She says maybe later and continues on her way. Luz says maybe they can talk at the Gland Prix. Eda says she’ll be there and finally heads out. 

Back with the BATTs, she hands them maps of the city. They reveal to Eda that the Emperor is trying to force every witch into a coven to steal their magic before Unity Day. Right now, they’re focusing on rescuing the ones they took so far. They note on the maps where the next raids are taking place. Eda comes up with a plan on how to distract and take out the guards and ultimately help the prisoners escape. 

Exhausted after freeing the witches, they rest. Eda and Raine catch up. Eda asks how Raine became the Head with all their stage fright. Raine brags that they’re just that good and asks Eda if she still knows any Bard spells. She says the curse messes with her magic. Raine then counters Eda, asking how she became the Owl Lady with her stage fright. Good one! Raine makes a guitar appear in Eda’s hands and she blushes . She begins playing, magic first filling the room, then turning black, breaking down in front of them. Raine looks worried at what they witnessed.

At the race, King tries to talk to Eda again, but she pushes it off saying they can talk after he wins. The event begins. Eda gets a call from Raine saying they got another tip and Eda says she’ll be on her way. As the race continues, King taunts the other teams while Luz uses her glyphs to help maneuver the course. 

The BATTs arrive at the spot and notice something isn’t right. Head witches Eberwolf and Darius capture the group except Eda and Raine. They realize they fell for a trap. They lead them on a wild goose chase, using Luz’s breath holding invisibility spell to avoid capture. Raine tells Eda that Belos’ plans are even more dangerous than they originally said. Bellos is planning a big spell for the Day of Unity, but he can’t without every head witch. If they can take out the two chasing after them… Eda cuts Raine off asking what the plan is, not needing to hear more and is on board. A guitar appears and Raine says they think they can use Eda’s curse to work in their favor. 

The two head witches hunting them grow angrier and their forms become scarier. Raine and Eda watch from behind some trees. They unintentionally become very close to each other and Eda blushes. Raine hands Eda the guitar and Raine begins playing. Eda joins in. I’m a beautifully animated sequence, Eda’s curse begins to change the magic again. It begins destroying everything in its path, affecting Eberwolf and Darius. It then begins affecting the Eda and Raine themselves. Raine says they may not make it out alive and Eda says if it’ll stop the emperor then they must continue playing. 

As Eda turns back to continue playing, the photograph of Eda, Luz and King falls out of her hair and Raine sees it. Raine, shocked, asks Eda if she has kids. Eda tells them they’re not hers per say, and that they both have real families to return to. Eda turns her back and Raine casts a spell, removing the guitar from Eda’s hands. The magic stops progressing. Raine tells her they don’t know what she’s running from, but a great witch once told them about facing your fears head on. They tell Eda that Luz and King probably need her more than she realizes and not to give up so easily. Raine says they’ll find another way to stop Belos together. Just then they get captured. As they get pulled by magic towards Eberwolf and Darius, Eda grabs onto a tree limb. Raine tells Eda to go. Raine lets go of Eda’s grip, landing in front of Eberwolf and Darius. They begin playing the guitar, attacking the two, revealing their true identity to the pair. Eda cries and runs off as she hears Raine battling it out in the distance. 

Eda runs to the Gland Prix to a cheering audience. Out of breath, she composes herself and runs out towards the finish line. She sees Luz is on her way, neck and neck with another contestant. In a photo finish, Luz wins. Eda cheers proudly as she suddenly finds out it was for fifth place. Eda asks Luz what happened. King got sick again and they crashed. King says he’s going to throw his message for his dad into the trash where it belongs. Eda tells him that it isn’t over. She takes out her camera and begins recording a live stream of King. He notes that no one is going to see it, but Eda says in a fairly meta moment, “No one watches crystal balls anymore. It’s all about streaming!” 

King begins reading his message to his dad. “Hi, Dad. If you’re out there watching this, I, uh, wanna introduce myself. I like cheesy foods and conquering kingdoms. Though I haven’t conquered any of my own yet. But maybe you have and we can compare notes.” We see Willow watching the stream as does Amity with Em and Ed. 

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He continues, “I’d love to meet ya. We could do parent-kid stuff. Toss a ball, burn some cookies, catch me going on weird websites or something. (WHAT) Also, I found this symbol in the tower I hatched in. Maybe you can teach me to read it?” He holds up the symbol he carved into his collar towards the camera. A mysterious figure also watching the feed stops walking when he sees the symbol. His eyes glowing yellow and orange.

King continues “I live with my favorite human and a cranky old witch.” Eda chimes in with a “Hey!” and King continues again saying, “But cranky or not, she’s the one who raised me. Which is why I am legally changing my name to King Clawthorne. Surprise, Eda! Now we’re connected for life, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” King intentionally holds on to the “lee” sound on the word legally which was just a big fake out the whole episode. He didn’t want to “leave” he wanted to LE(e)GALLY change his name. Awwww

King hands Eda the name change papers and Luz hands Eda a pencil. All she just has to do is sign. Eda begins crying and Luz asks if she’s okay. Luz tells Eda if she keeps doing that she’s going to cry too, which she begins to do.

We see that Eberwolf and Darius are also watching the feed while Raine is tied up. Raine manages to escape but comes across Kikimora who captures them again. She tells Raine that Belos was upset to find out they were involved. Expecting to get a petrification ceremony, Kikimora casts a spell on Raine, saying it’d be too much of a hassle to find a replacement. Raines body becomes covered in red lines, covering their whole body and constricting them. That’s not good!

So much to unpack from this episode! I loved the fake out with King wanting to legally change his name because of how much he loves and appreciates all Eda has done for him. Her reaction to it was priceless and emotional and I love that it got Luz choked up too! They’ve become such a tight knit family that the thought of the three of them going their separate ways is too much to handle! Don’t let this series ever end!!

Eda was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the whole episode. Being a mother figure has been good for her and helped her grow even more, despite her loss of magic. She didn’t expect to have such feelings. We also got to see her past feelings towards Raine in those wonderful flashbacks. There was some obvious attraction between the two, seeing more blushing moments as we saw between Luz and Amity in episodes prior. Raine is such a cool character too! They’re the first non binary character, so having Eda have feelings for them is even more special. I love that Raine was revealed to be a rebel, playing along with Belos’ plan just to try and take him down. I’m worried for them now. That spell that Kikimora performed looked painful and I can’t imagine the pain Raine is in now. Hopefully Eda can save them before too much harm comes to them. 

We also got more info about Belos’ plans with Unity Day. We had some of the pieces, but it seems to be coming together even more. I wonder if the combination of Lilith, Hunter seemingly questioning things, and now Raine (pre Kikimora’s spell) possibly having the perfect combination of insight into Belos and how they could possibly counter him will come together. I wonder if they fact that Kikimora, Hunter and Lilith are in the opening titles in a before and after pose almost is a bit of foreshadowing. There’s something there, maybe shifting allegiances?

Then there’s the monologue at the end from King! We see that his dad, or maybe someone related to him has seen his message. Could they reach out now that they know he’s out there? Will they be an ally to King and his chosen family? Could they be working for Belos? I’m so glad we keep getting momentum in each episode, pushing the story forward at a breakneck pace. Everything matters, is important to the story and continues to build and build with each episode. 

The past few episodes have absolutely been on fire. First we get a whole King backstory mythology episode. Then we get a deep dive into Eda and Lilith’s past with the appearance of their mother. After that we get a big Lumity focused episode (with Gus getting a big moment to shine in his own story!) where we also get a big step forward on information pertaining to humans in the Demon realm. Then we got to learn about Golden Guard/Hunter which was instantly a fan favorite despite him being on the wrong side right now. Then we get Raine and their chemistry with Eda was off the charts. This season is not playing at all. They’re firing on all cylinders. I’m not ready for the midseason break in just a few weeks!  

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now

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