‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 4 “Keeping up A-fear-​ances”

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Last week’s episode of The Owl House focused heavily on King and his mysterious past. This week, we get more insight into Eda’s past and the root of some of her family dynamics. We also witnessed many key reveals offering more momentum into finding out even more secrets that lie on the Boiling Islands and back at Luz’s home in the human realm.

The episode begins with young Eda telling the story of what happens when the curse comes to the surface and she’s trapped inside her own head. The healer brought in by her mother hears the story and the best her can do is give Eda a gem which warns when the beast is coming to the surface, which she still has in her possession today. The healer tells her mother the curse may not be able to be healed. He refers her to the potions coven, telling her they may be able to put it at bay, but not a full cure. Eda’s mom says it needs to be gone for good, even if they have to cut it out of Eda. An eavesdropping Eda hears her mom’s words and runs away. While fleeing the house, she trips over something in the ground. We see the suitcase to the human dimension appear in front of Eda after disturbing it in the ground, and she hops inside before her mother catches her. Her mother says she’ll find a way to cure her no matter what it takes. 

Back in the current day, Luz is trying to find a portal to the human realm when Lilith screams out. We see her partially begin to transform into the beast for the first time, now having shared the curse with her sister. We learn that it is not as bad as it was before now that the curse is split between two people. The elixirs appear to be working and helping again. 

Eda reveals to Luz that she just found the door and kept it to herself. She never asked questions, tried to find out where it was from or how it worked. Eda and Lilith’s mom suddenly appears outside. Her name is Gwendolyn, but likes to be called Gwen. She announces that she’s found a way to cure the curse. When she realizes Lilith is also there, she comments on how Lilith is still dying her hair even though she is no longer in the coven. Without hesitation, Eda turns away her mother’s offer to “cure” her. Luz and Lilith become immediately shocked and angered. After Eda sends her mother off, Luz runs ahead and catches up to Gwen. She agrees to help her cure Eda’s curse and in return Gwen offers to give Luz information on the human realm. 

King seeing Gwen show up makes him think that maybe his dad will show up too one day. Lilith is a downer, taking her frustration on her mother out on King by bringing his expectations down. They continue to emotionally lash out over ice cream on the couch. King and Lilith mope about each of their parental issues. King becomes angry and says his dad has to come to him and that he’s not going to look for him anymore. Lilith says she has no mother anymore and that she will say it to her face. King tells her she’s outside with Luz trying to cure Eda. Lilith becomes annoyed that her mom’s attention is on Eda yet again. She tries to brush off her frustration but suddenly the curse begins taking over. She runs around the house, not being able to find an elixir anywhere in the house after previously seeing all of the hidden stash earlier in the day. Hooty and King cower as the curse takes over Lilith, bringing out the beast. 

Gwen brings Luz to a curse expert who promised Gwen a cure for Eda. Gwen holds a pendant to a rock which opens the door to the mysterious cave. Inside a magician named Wortlop provides a successful cure for another being before their eyes. Gwen presents Wortlop with the items he requested. In return he presents Gwen with a book with the healing spell inside. Luz and Gwen come up with tricks and traps to lure Eda out of the house. In the course of this interaction Luz provides a hilarious comment to Gwen saying, “Dang girl, your bicep game is ridiculous.” 

Eda falls for the traps while Gwen begins the spell in the book from Wortlop. Eda’s feathers begin to pop out as she becomes more frustrated with each trap. Luz is about to toss her an elixir, but Gwen stops her. After falling for more traps and none of the spells working, Luz questions Wortlop’s intentions. Luz steals the book from Gwen and realizes she’s being scammed (she would know, she’s been scammed by magic before). Gwen reveals she took every potion out of the house since she was so confident the spells would cure her, to Luz’s horror. They fall out of a tree as they wrestle for the elixir. Eda catches them and becomes agitated. The curse takes over. Eda becomes trapped inside her head with the beast and runs. Suddenly, King pops out of the bushes and Luz and Gwen them about Lilith becoming stressed and also turning. Lilith as the beast appears and the two sisters charge at each other, taking flight. Gwen realizes in that moment that Lilith is cursed too. King calls out Gwen for not paying attention to Lilith. Luz gets on Owlbert and the Owl Staff with King and reaches out her hand to offer Gwen a chance to help. She still is disillusioned and hesitates. Luz takes off in pursuit without Gwen. 

Gwen flies back to Wortlop and realizes she’s been conned. Enraged and summoning fire bees, she threatens the con artists that if they don’t leave the Boiling Isles she’ll have every beast sent after them. The scammers flee and she laughs saying she’s still got it. 

Photo Credit: Disney Channel

Lilith and Eda in their beast forms battle in the sky over the town. Luz lands and asks the elixir maker for more elixir. The only payment she has is on hand drawn portraits. He slams the door on her. Gwen appears with the bag of elixir she stole earlier. They get ready to help the sisters get the elixir they need. Gwen takes off the pendant she was wearing from Wortlop and smashes it with her foot as Luz and King fly toward the battling sisters. Gwen wields her staff casting a spell, allowing her to walk on platforms to reach Eda. 

She begins to tell Eda that she should have listened to her saying, “I know now why you pushed me away.” Eda hears her mother speaking to her from inside the curse. Gwen says she made her feel ashamed rather than accepting the curse as a part of her. She continued saying that she loves every part of her. Eda successfully tames the beast in her head and takes back control. Eda, still in beast form, pins Lilith. Gwen apologies to Lilith for not giving her the attention she deserved. Lilith begins crying hearing her words. With both beasts now distracted, Gwen yells for Luz to deliver the elixir into their open mouths. The curse is held at bay again with a big flash of light. Lilith and Eda, back in human form, fall into their mothers arms. She comforts them both saying she’s there for them. King realizes Gwen was just trying to do her best in the end as a mother.

Back home, Gwen apologizes for the trouble she caused saying that she only wanted to help and she says she should have trusted Eda more. Eda tells her to not be a stranger. Lilith tells the rest of the group she’s going to go home with their mother to make up for lost time. Hooty screams “WHAT” and King confusedly says, “You lived here?” Everyone is caught off guard by the news. Gwen tells them how sorry she is that they have to have this secret weighing down on both of them and wishes she knew sooner. Gwen pulls multiple bottles of elixir out of her hair, now prepared for when Lilith may begin turning again. Luz comments that she wants her hair to be that big one day too. King is disturbed at the thought. Hooty begins crying and Lilith assures him they can be pen pals. “But I can’t hold a pen!”, he cries, falling to the ground.

Gwen apologizes to Luz for not listening to her about Wortlop’s lies and deception. She says she should have told her from the start that she’s not the only human to have lived in Bonesborough. Luz gasps at the new information. Gwen tells Luz there’s a rare substance called “titans blood” that is extremely powerful. It sometimes causes leaks between the two realms. Plants, animals, and garbage sometimes come through, but humans are rare. Gwen’s great grandmother once told her about a human who had lived there, but one day he just vanished. She tells Luz rumor has it that he left something in the library. If she learns more about him, maybe Luz can find out how he got here in the first place. 

Gwen and Lilith wave goodbye to the group and fly off. Hooty cries and Eda says she’ll be on the couch for the next 24 hours. She yawns and tells Luz goodnight. Luz talks out loud to her mother saying she’ll be home soon. She assumes camp has probably ended by now and her mother must be worried. 

At her house, her mom is on the couch crying… over an animal documentary. Suddenly Luz’s voice is heard coming from a shadowy Luz shaped figure, handing her mom a box of tissues…….WHAT.

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THAT SHADOWY “LUZ” REVEAL! We knew someone had been communicating with her mom, but this reveal was even creepier and darker than I expected. It’s not just letters from camp now. Someone’s in her home, in her place, looking just like Luz. What are their intentions, who are they and why are they there!? Not good!!! 

I’ve had a hunch that Luz hasn’t been the only human to make it to their realm. If Eda could enter the human world, humans must also have a way into theirs. The way Eda just happened to stumble on the door in her haste to run away has to be more than a coincidence. Maybe it has something to do with the human who was in the town years long ago. It’ll be interesting to see Luz explore this new information from Gwen. We knew about the Azura books being in both the human realm and the Boiling Isles. We know there is a copy of it at the library that Amity reads there. The fact that something existing in both realms lies at the library and now Gwen is telling her to look into the library for information about a human in this realm can’t just be a coincidence either! 

Poor Lulu and Hootcifer. I’ve been loving their interactions and friendship grow over these first few episodes. I’m sad to see Lilith go too. She’s been such a welcome addition this season after spending so much time in season one as an adversary instead of an ally. I’m sure she’ll continue to study their curse and the other things she learned about in her short time with the gang. Hopefully she returns sooner than later.

Gwen was fascinating. She is so unlike both of her daughters, but at the same time similar in being headstrong and committed to her goals. The way she treated both in the past you can see today had lasting effects on them. Gwen being tricked because of her blind need to cure Eda re-enforces her blind devotion to wanting the best for her daughter, even if it’s not what she wants or the role she needs to play as a mother. She’s a badass at heart. I loved her talking about not having too many scars! The bicep line that Luz says was hilarious. 

King and Lilith’s pout session on the couch was sad to see especially for King after everything we learned in last week’s episode. I’m glad he only temporarily gave up his fight for the truth about his father. I’m certain we’ll learn that there is an explanation as to why King was left all alone with the protection of Jean-Luc. 

Eda is always hilarious when she just brushes off the events of the day. Even the scene when she gets up in the morning and tries on her dress which she finds perfect once she tears a part of it off. She’s always playing it cool and it completely goes with her whole demeanor and trying to keep the curse at bay. I’m glad to see the elixirs are working again now that the curse is split between two. I especially loved seeing the way Eda got the strength to take control over the curse and beast, hearing her mother’s words while trapped in her own head. It was a powerful image and shows her true strength. The words her mother told her are likely ones she wanted to hear ever since she was a little girl. 

Did you catch the Prince reference in the beginning of the episode? Young Eda has a poster on her wall featuring a Prince like character. Such a great little detail! Also where’s Boscha? We haven’t really seen her in a while! With the focus less on Luz’s schooling and more about the lore involving herself, Eda and King so far, there hasn’t been an opportunity for her and the other school kids to appear. With Lilith leaving for the time being, maybe we’ll see more of the other kids. 

The animation was especially on point in this episode. Some of the highlights of this incredible animation stood out to me in the fire scene with Gwen confronting “Wortlop”, the final elixir scene wieh Lilith and Eda’s transformation to humans again, and Eda’s mind battling the curse and the beast. This season is so good! Disney Channel setting an endpoint for this show is probably resulting in all of these big emotional reveals and big story moments happening sooner. If the show was allowed a longer run we may not be getting all of these substantive episodes so soon, but I really wish we were getting more than three(ish) seasons.

Show creator Dana Terrace announced this past week that the first five episodes of Season 2 will be going up on Disney+ July 21! If you haven’t caught up on the first five episodes of the season by then, you now have an additional opportunity if you subscribe to Disney+.

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now

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