FiGPiN Reveals More Marvel Contest of Champions Characters

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

FiGPiN is back this week with another impressive wave of Marvel characters. This time, the characters are from the Marvel Contest of Champions game. 

Dr. Strange, Thor, Deadpool and Spider-Gwen are the newest highly detailed pins to join the lineup. Dr. Strange, Thor, and Deadpool are all commons and will be available to purchase from FiGPiN’s official site and other retailers. 

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Spider-Gwen is a limited edition pin with 2,000 total units made (and my favorite of this wave!!). It is exclusive to FiGPiN’s official site

FiGPiN previously released a line of Contest of Champions pins featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Star-Lord and Spider-Man. They were exclusive to Walgreens.

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Don’t forget to download the FiGPiN app to log all of the pins in your collection! 

These Marvel FiGPiNs and more can be ordered on FiGPiN’s official site and other retailers.