‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 9 “Eclipse Lake” When Philip's diary reveals more details, Eda, King and Amity go off on a mission.

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Luz and Amity are officially together now! After Hooty’s failed yet successful attempts to help everyone, we’re left with everyone navigating their individual new normal now. Eda is still trying to figure out how her relationship with the beast works. She’s able to transform into Harpy Eda now, but their relationship internally still needs work. King still has more questions about his past and now is figuring out what his new power means. Luz and Amity are together, but we still have to see how they work together as a couple, learning their new dynamics and how their relationship grows going forward. With “Eclipse Lake” being the final episode before the midseason break, we are heading towards even more revelations. 

The episode begins with Hunter watching from a distance as a maskless Emperor Belos attempts to open the door. His unmasked appearance isn’t as daunting as he is when masked, and even comes across as calm and level headed, despite still having the upper hand, reminding those around him that he is in charge. We see a magical substance being pumped into the door as he places a key into the lock. The key fails to open the door and turns to dust. Belos calls Hunter over, and reveals that without the real key, the door won’t open. Belos also reveals that he’s been to the human realm before. Hunter asks Belos why he switched him and Kikimora on a mission. Belos tells Hunter the Titan has a plan for him and that he should stay in the castle. Hunter asks if he’s being punished for failing his last mission but Belos calmly brushes him off. Hunter heads out, as if he has a plan.

Amity walks through the Owl House, clipboard in hand. Hooty informs her the perimeter is secure. Willow places groceries on the counter saying she’s ready. King and Gus show Amity the “human soothing noises” aka music, that Eda got from the human realm. Amity gets concerned when she realizes Eda’s not doing her assigned task. Amity walks in on Eda stressed out and screaming. Eda is attempting to turn into Harpy Eda based on the teachings from workout videos from the human realm. They tell her to scream a lot until her inner beast is forced out. Eda tells Amity not to stress out. 

Amity brings Eda to Luz’s room where Luz is in bed and acting loopy, seemingly out of it. She has the “common mold”. Eda brushes it off, but Amity is unsure of how it’ll affect a human. Luz suddenly has a hallucination induced epiphany asking out loud “If I ate the portal key, would I return to the Human Realm?” One of Amity’s abominations grabs the key from Luz and Amity says she’ll hold on to it until Luz gets better. Willow comments on how it’s different seeing Amity around more. Amity tells her it’s an opportunity to show how good of a girlfriend she is. 

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A scream comes from Luz’s room and Eda and Amity burst in. The echo mouse has begun projecting something new from Philip’s diary. We see Philip recalling finding a power source so strong it can pierce through realms. The entire group is now watching intently. He says when Titan blood touches water, it opens a portal. To test his theory, he’s going to go back to the place he came through to this realm, Eclipse Lake. Luz writes more down on a pad. The projection stops and she tries to run out of the room to get to the lake. The group holds her back. They tie her up and Eda says she and King will go get Titan Blood. King says it’ll be a good opportunity to test out their new powers. Amity offers to join and Eda accepts. She tasks Willow and Gus to keep watch over Luz. 

Kikimora watches over her scouts as they search the tunnels for Titan Blood. She’s become even more paranoid that Golden Guard is going to ruin it for her. Hunter watches from a distance telling his palisman he’s going to find the Titan Blood before her to prove to Belos that he’s still useful. Just then, the tree he was hiding behind gets destroyed by Kikimora, thinking she heard his voice. Hunter runs to find another way in to the tunnels when he spots Eda, King and Amity. Just then, Hunter falls out of a tree and Amity and Eda stand at the ready, thinking he’s just a normal scout in his disguise. Eda then recognizes his voice and Hunter runs off. Amity casts a spell and captures him, surprised that the scrawny person in front of her is Belos’ right hand man. 

Eda bursts into the tunnels and the rest follow inside. Hunter tells Amity he won’t run and that she should let her staff down. Amity doesn’t trust him. Inside there’s lots of old items discarded. Hunter tells everyone that ancient witches used to mine for Titan Blood. Not paying attention, King fires an energy blast from a machine and it ricochets all through the tunnel, almost hitting Amity. King uses his new powers to try and echolocate the lake, but nothing happens. 

At home Hooty and Gus go back and forth over which kind of music Luz should listen to. They both have different genres they think she will enjoy and it begins to get heated between them. Willow proposes they play both of their selections at the same time. They think it’s a great idea. 

In the tunnels Eda tells Hunter that Luz had told her about her adventure with a “bad but sad boy”. Hunter replies with a retort which then leads to King jumping on his face. Amity tells them to be quiet. Kikimora and her scouts are ahead, blocking the path to the lake. Eda and King run off to cause a distraction. Hunter tells Amity when Eda and King get caught they can take the Titan Blood for themselves. Amity tells him the two of them are not a team. Hunter says that Eda and King don’t have anything at stake as opposed to them. 

Just then Amity gets an emoji filled text from Luz which Hunter oversees. He interprets it as a threat that thinking she sent a message saying Amity better come back with results… or else.(I guess they don’t do emojis in the Demon Realm!!) Amity says Luz wouldn’t say that but Hunter gets in her head and makes her question herself. He says the two of them are alike because they both have something to prove and they both know that disappointing someone special to them is the worst possible outcome. 

As Eda and King plan their distraction, Amity fires a spell and tells them they didn’t have time to waste. Kikimora and her scouts put up a protection bubble around them. Eda, King, Amity and Hunter run towards the lake. As they run, Amity drops her device she had been using to walk to Luz. 

At home another projection begins playing and Luz watches. Phillip’s test at Eclipse Lake were both successful and a failure. The tunnels were full of Fools Blood which is present when the tunnels are decaying. He was lucky to escape alive, but his companions did not. Luz realizes she needs to warn the group. Luz knocks her crystal ball over and it breaks. Downstairs Hooty, Willow and Gus are listening to music with headphones on and fail to hear Luz’s calls. She sees her device on the floor and picks it up. 

Kikimora and the scouts’ shield comes down and she knows someone else is in the tunnels with them. She immediately assumes it’s Hunter. She then spots Amity’s device and picks it up. 

Amity and the group enter a room and see what they think is Titan Blood. Amity notes that the lake is a bit further up ahead according to the map. Hunter warns them that it’s Fools Blood. Eda doesn’t listen and goes for the Fools Blood. The floor opens up and Eda and King fall through. Just then Kikimora approaches and Hunter begs Amity to free him. She begrudgingly agrees. He then knocks Amity down and runs towards Eclipse Lake to get the Titan Blood himself. Kikimora catches Amity and now knows for certain that Hunter is after the Titan Blood at Eclipse Lake. 

The scouts ask Kikimora what to do with Amity and she replies that she doesn’t care. She heads off to follow Hunter. The scout left with Amity pushes her down the opening that Eda and King fell down earlier. As she falls, Eda grabs Amity, holding onto her staff which is stuck between the sides of the crack in the tunnel. Owlbert was knocked out in the fall so they’re stuck unless Eda can figure out how to bring out Harpy Eda. Owlbert begins to crack and King suggests talking to the beast to make it come out. Eda makes a deal with the beast and triggers Harpy Eda, allowing them to fly out safely. King asks what she promised the beast but Eda says she doesn’t want to talk about it. They fly off in pursuit of Kikimora and Hunter. They quickly find them all crashed on the floor of the tunnels. An abomination grabs onto Edas leg, knocking them all to the ground. Eda tells King and Amity to get to the lake and she’ll handle the scouts. 

Amity and King reach the lake and see that it is dry. Hunter sits in the center digging telling a hole, them not to bother. In his despair, he tells them that Belos needs Titan Blood in a key to open the door. Amity, still having the key from earlier with her, is taken aback by the reveal and instinctively grabs the key around her neck. Continuing to crack up, Hunter says he can’t go back empty handed and continues digging, saying it’s now his grave and offers to dig Amity one too. Amity tells King about the “threatening” message she got from Luz, but he realizes the message is just sideways, and was telling her she is rad, that fools blood is bad and for her to come home. She laughs saying of course this is Luz we’re talking about! Amity offers Hunter some words of wisdom and reaches her hand out to him. As he looks at her, Hunter spots the key hanging around her neck. 

Hunter lunges for it and Amity and King go into defense mode. As King shoots off his voice power, Hunter’s palisman protects him, and turns into a staff. Still not knowing how to use a real staff, he fires spells off in all directions, with them ricocheting all over. Amity and King dodge them. Hunter keeps teleporting towards Amity, trying to grab the key, in a wonderfully animated action sequence rotating around the two fighting. With music reminiscent of a fight scene from an RPG, Amity casts an abomination, capturing Hunter inside.

Amity and King fly away from him but Hunter breaks free, knocking Amity’s staff out of her hand. Hunter manages to cut the chain off the key around her neck, but Amity catches it. Now at a stalemate, Hunter tells her they know where she and Luz live and it’s only a matter of time before they come for it so she should just hand it over. Amity squeezes the key in her hand and we hear a subtle crack. She then tells Hunter to stay away from Luz and hands the key to him. He says he appreciates it and he really means it. Amity stares him down as he flees.

Just then Harpy Eda enters, saying she heard fighting and is ready to go. She then sees King stuck upside down with his horns stuck in the group and Amity staring quietly in the distance. 

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Luz suddenly wakes up feeling better. She brushes the mushrooms(!!) off her head as she runs into the hallway. She crashes into Willow and Gus. They run downstairs and see King and Amity trying to help Harpy Eda through the door. Eda is unable to change back at the moment. Luz runs towards Amity, embracing her and  telling her she’s so happy she’s home and okay. Amity blushes and hugs Luz back tightly. Eda asks Amity how she wants to break the bad news from their misadventure, but Amity tells her they might actually be okay. She opens her hand, revealing her palm is covered in blue Titan Blood. 

We see the key being held towards the sky. It has been cracked by Amity previously, and the blue substance is still leaking out. Hunter is startled by his palisman still being by his side. He begins to talk to it, bonding with each other as they walk back to show Belos what he got.

What an Impressive episode. First off, I loved the fact that Luz was pretty much sidelined for the majority of the episode, allowing Amity to have a real moment to shine along with the group. Luz was mostly there for the two reveals about Phillip’s diary as her illness took her out of the major events which took place. Willow and Gus didn’t do much either in this episode, as they haven’t been as involved with the season as it has been so heavy on progressing the series lore and not the fun school moments they shared with each other in the first season. I’m sure they will still be relevant and important to the story going forward. 

Amity has shown such growth in a short period of time. She was able to build her own confidence, and begin to really think for herself, and then with her and Luz now together, she continues to evolve. She was adorable trying to be there for Luz and make sure she was okay because of the unpredictability of how the illness would affect a human. I also loved that she knew she had to go with Eda and King to go to the Lake because it’s what Luz would do. As her girlfriend now, she’s looking out for her girl. 

I loved that now Amity has had moments with Hunter as Luz had in “Hunting Palismen”. They had a great dynamic, even if his intentions and ideas were wrong. The instant Amity put the key on her neck earlier in the episodes that it would be important to the story. I didn’t expect it to lead to such a dynamic and exciting fight scene between Amity and Hunter. I was in awe of the scene as it played out. The initial realization between the two that they were going to have to fight was just the beginning. King also helping out, utilizing his new power, was great. Hunter not knowing how to use his staff was fun to see play out. 

The sequence having Hunter teleporting in and out quickly as the scene rotated around Amity fighting off each attack was marvelous. It was reminiscent of the scene in Steven Universe where Pearl was singing “It’s Over, Isn’t It” and the scene rotated. That movement in the animation brings such life and reality to the scene. I truly couldn’t look away from the screen the entire sequence. 

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When Amity casts the giant abominations which engulfs Hunter, immobilizing him reminded me so much of a battle cut scene from a Final Fantasy game. The way she was facing the audience head on with the spell pushed towards us to then the abomination forming up behind Hunter was genius. That motion along with the exciting and bold music playing behind it was such an incredible moment. Even the moment Hunter breaks free and knocks Amity and King down. The way the two fell to the ground was perfectly animated. King landing upside down, Amity sliding down, then Hunter getting the upper hand on her, before she puts him in a stalemate. I’ve already watched the fight scene way too many times because of how good it was. 

My only gripe with the episode is again we see one of the kids who are magically inexperienced able to wield their staffs so efficiently in the heat of battle. I had the same issue with the first season finale where Luz was suddenly able to wield Owlbert so effectively, she was able to keep pace and even outwit Belos. Especially now that Amity has only had her palisman for a short period of time. Amity’s ability to take on Hunter, even though he was just as inexperienced with a real magic staff, as Belos’ right hand man, was a bit out of character. I’m very willing to just let it be, like with Luz’s battle in the finale, because of how epic the scene was. Imagine what Amity teamed up along with Luz can do in the heat of battle. Throw in King and Eda and the rest of our heroes too! I can only dream!

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The moment I was least expecting had to be the reveal of Belos without his mask on. With him being built up to be the bad guy over the past season and a half, I didn’t expect him to look, dare I say, so weak. He’s really built up such a demeanor that his true form is so unassuming and disarming. I guess with the reveal of Hunter also being such a scrawny guy, it just continues to show that these bigger than life adversarial characters are just like the rest of our group. They’ve just managed to build power and reputation along with intimidation to keep everyone in line.

I’m nervous about the deal Eda had to make with the Owl Beast to get herself to turn into Harpy Eda. I’m hopeful it’ll be something unexpectedly simple like wanting to be out more and not cooped up all the time. The other ideas in my mind aren’t so kind to Eda so hopefully they don’t come to fruition. 

This season continues to be so impressive. It has kept the fun levity of the first season, while also upping the game, putting so much on the line. We’re just about at the halfway point of the season, so if this is where we’re at right now, I can only imagine things getting even more complex and the animation becoming even more bold and impressive. Bring on the midseason finale next week! Hopefully the second half of the season isn’t going to take too long for us to get, but I’m not ready to rush the end of this amazing series. I need my Owl House fix!

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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