The Bold and the Beautiful: A ‘Sinn’-sational Wedding to Remember Steffy and Finn tie the knot in an intimate ceremony

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If smiles were for sale, someone would be rich. In probably one of the most romantic and serene weddings in the history of The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy finally got her man. An actual, man that only has eyes for her.

Steffy and Finn met a little over a year ago, and from what they say, it was love at first sight, although neither outright admitted it at the time. In a short time, they have been through a lot to get to this special day. Steffy’s accident, her pill addiction, her infidelity, the birth of their adorable son, as well as the insecurity of her previous bedmate, but it was all worth the wait to get to this amazing two-day ceremony.

Unlike her previous attempts at happily ever after, this one was tame as far as the entrances and theatrics. There were no motorcycles or zip line entrances, just a simple walk down the stairs in the most gorgeous wedding gown she’s ever worn to date. It seemed symbolic to the fact that she doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to exist in this relationship. Just as their relationship appears the ceremony was beautiful and enduring.

A big thing that pulled to the heartstrings of the audience was the relationship between Finn and Steffy’s young daughter Kelly. Acting as the flower girl for the ceremony, Kelly arrived with her mother’s ex, Liam, and instantly lit up when she saw Finn. Racing toward him, she leaps into his arms with an adorable smile gracing her face. The love and attention Finn showers on Kelly is compelling and she is equally enamored with him.

While Finn is occupied with Kelly, Steffy was able to find a moment to catch her breath and spend time with one of the biggest fans of her union with Finn, her father, Ridge. The incredible chemistry between the actors brings forth the sense of a true family bond. You can feel the love jumping off the screen when they interact. While Ridge is so excited to see his daughter marry a man that truly loves her, you can also see the hesitancy he has about losing her. It appears that Ridge finally feels as if Steffy has found the mate that will support and care for her the way she deserves and that she might not need him as much. Steffy does a great job making sure he knows that she’s happy and excited for this chapter of her life and that she will always need her father just as much as he needs her. It’s quite a tear-jerker moment and she warns him to leave before she ruins her makeup. The pair are interrupted and asked if they are ready to commence with the ceremony and Steffy advises that she is.

With the announcement that Steffy is ready to begin in the air, the guests and groom are greeted with the flower girl, Kelly, as she bounces down the aisle and beelines straight to Finn as she concludes her duties. As Steffy descends the stairs, she draws in a deep breath, showcasing excitement more than nerves. A telling moment is when she peers around the corner and locks eyes with her groom. His heart seems to have skipped a beat upon laying eyes on his bride. Happiness lines her features and she continues her walk, only to pause when in the sweetest moment of all, Kelly blows her a kiss that she happily returns. Unaccompanied down the aisle, she laser focuses in on her soon-to-be husband, never breaking eye contact, and when she reaches him, his hands draw her to him.

A few people make speeches, but nothing measures up to the beautiful monologue given by Steffy’s father, Ridge. He’s emotional, loving, and even comedic as he resolves his feelings about giving his daughter away to her new husband. He sums up his love for her while embracing her incredible spirit and her union with grace and even goes as far as pulling out a baby picture of her with a cute little story to accompany it. He leaves the room in tears and hits the mark of making yet another incredible memory for this fantastic ceremony.

The true moment that melted the hearts of the audience was the exchange of vows. Finn began first, celebrating Steffy as a woman, a mother, a force of nature that transformed his life, and thanking her for the love and family she has provided him with. He vows to be a partner she can rely on and be the father their children can depend on and to weather and storm with her. She follows up by admitted how much she loves him and how she’s learned from him in so many ways. She speaks of how he has been there for her from the beginning and remains with his unconditional love. She vows to love him the way he loves her. They exchange rings and say the I do’s while applause rings out from their guests.

Truly ecstatic to be husband and wife, Steffy and Finn spent the time after the ceremony celebrating with limited family and “friends.” I adored the moment between Steffy, Finn, and her aunt Pam as she warns Finn to treat her niece appropriately. Steffy and Thomas also share a touching moment as he takes the opportunity to praise Finn and shade, Liam, in the process. Much deserved, but it was worth a good chuckle. Also, giggle-worthy, Eric’s toast to his granddaughter was sweet as he pokes fun at his own many marriages. There were so many good moments, even Kelly’s birth father decided he wants to be a real family unit after seeing the love her new stepfather has for her.

The surprising arrival of Finn’s parents was a pleasant touch, earlier in the week, and their love for their son and his new bride was a beautiful detail I never knew I needed. The casting was impeccable, as Ted King and Tanner Novlan could almost pass as real-life father and son, and Naomi and Tanner have a natural chemistry that is reminiscent of the bond between his onscreen wife, Jacqueline, and her onscreen father Thorsten. Although both of Finn’s parents seem to love the union of their son and Steffy, Finn’s father, Jack is most definitely hiding a secret that unfortunately, the audience has figured out. He seems to know the identity of Finn’s birth mother, and his wife Li appears to be none the wiser. With Shelia sneaking out of the shadows in that creepy way she seems to have mastered, she sends Finn’s mind into an elliptical orbit, revealing herself as his birthmother once he separates from the wedding celebration to call and check on a patient.

Now, I am a person who can appreciate a good twist in a story, and I am also a person who appreciates the twist not being spoiled before the story airs. Knowing that Shelia Carter is Finn’s mother before she even hit our screen was something I personally could have done without. Imagine the shock and confusion of the audience finding out as a part of a cliffhanger without warning. EXPLOSIVE. Nonetheless, I am intrigued to see what Shelia will bring to the table as far as angst. The lovable pair does not have much yet, and Shelia’s history with the Forresters and Steffy is bound to cause issues for the two lovebirds. And with Shelia sneaking around in the shadows, one can only assume she’s up to no good. There are a lot of questions swirling. How does she know who Finn is? What is Jack’s involvement? Why is she here now?

With a few annoying details, like Hope being the matron of honor, in a horrendous green dress, instead of a friend or family member being brought in, and of course, the never-ending excuses because Taylor is again not present for another milestone for her children, overall, the episodes leading up to the wedding and the actual wedding were a joy to watch. Long-time viewers and new viewers tuned in to see the highly attractive duo commit themselves to a life together. During the airing of the episodes, for the first time in quite a while, Bold and the Beautiful was a worldwide trend on social media. This wedding was an absolute hit, and the fallout from the reveal should be sure to keep the viewers guessing, if we don’t get too many details spoiled again. As a long-time viewer, I’m excited to see what drama Bold and the Beautiful brings to us.

Finn and Steffy’s two-day wedding event aired August 5-6. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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