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Coming off the heels of the recent Adventure Time followup miniseries Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Max is set to premiere spinoff series Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. The new series follows the adventures of Fionna and Cake, different versions of the main characters Finn and Jake from the original series. The duo appeared a handful of times over the course of the main series, and now they have their chance to shine in a fun, comforting and fitting followup to the classic series. This new series gets to play with familiar characters, themes and provides for a more grown up show which fans who grew up with the show will appreciate. 

Fully taking advantage of the longer episode runtimes, as opposed to the eleven minute runtimes for Adventure Time, allow for a fuller and richer story. They feel more reminiscent of the Adventure Time miniseries “Stakes”, “Islands” and “Elements” with a grander story arc. Whereas Adventure Time: Distant Lands also contained longer stories which were self contained mainly, this new version makes the episodic feel more important and completely connected. Ideas have more room to breathe and it even manages to strike a more thoughtful tone. It’s more adult, but plays on a familiar playground. 

You’ll recognize characters in both new forms and appearances from old ones which are fun winks at the original series. There are also clever nods to fan theories over the years. The use of more traditional Adventure Time animation gels well with some more playful and unexpected styles which appear over the season. The story is not what you expect. It’s not a straightforward take on the Fionna and Cake we got to know over the course of Adventure Time

It feels fresh and comforting, being recognizably Adventure Time. The thought and love poured into the show comes through everywhere with winks and nods galore, while also moving the story forward in exciting and unexpected ways. The use of familiar musical cues and songs is a great throwback to the original series. The show is full of laugh out loud moments and tons of fun and satisfying moments. 

Simon focused episodes were always some of the best of the original series, so now to be able to explore the human side of the former Ice King was a very pleasant journey. The biggest theme running throughout each characters’ journey is one of finding themselves. How do they fit into the life they live? What is it that they are searching for, and if they find it, will they be okay going forward? The clever twists and turns along the way provide for excellent stories, and give characters a more fulfilling journey.  

As the story progresses, the episodes get even better. Pieces begin to come together, fitting into a grander picture, at a well balanced pace. Some of the side characters start off underutilized, more than expected, but eventually prove that it was worth the wait for their stories to intersect. It will make sense why they aren’t on screen as much, and other character appearances will help appease their lack of screen time. The voice acting is top notch with each actor going all in on their characters. You can feel the character’s emotional range go from vulnerable to carefree in a moment and back again. Plus, you’ll recognize a lot of voices from the original series.  

I cannot wait to see what comes in the final three episodes of the season. Releasing two episodes a week is a smart play which will help build the momentum even better. I feel lucky to have been able to binge all seven provided episodes as it almost feels like a movie all together. 

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is a fun journey back to Ooo that gives a compelling reason to jump back into the rich and playful world many grew up with. Don’t miss out on this worthy series that will leave you wanting more.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake premieres on Max August 31 with two episodes weekly.

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