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Your TV Source Roundup: ‘Pantheon’ Season Two Possibility, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Trailer, Crunchyroll Announces Fall 2023 Lineup, ‘Slow Horses’ Premiere Date, MGM+ Picks Up ‘Beacon 23’, ‘Ms. Pat Settles It’ Premiere Date, and More!

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Prime Video AU & NZ announced it will be airing the second season of Pantheon October 15, along with the already aired first season. No word if the series will find a home in the US. The first season aired on AMC+ and was canceled and removed from the streamer before the already completed second season aired. Maddie, a bullied teen, receives support from someone online – her deceased father, David. His consciousness has been uploaded to the cloud after an experimental brain scan. Turns out, he’s not the only one. 

The final six episodes of Fear the Walking Dead premiere on AMC and AMC+ October 22. Now that Shrike and her influence are gone, Madison sets sights on transforming PADRE into the safe haven the old Stadium was meant to be. But in doing so the island becomes a target as well as a beacon as word of Madison and this land of resources spreads, attracting unwanted attention that puts PADRE back in peril and questions whether our heroes even deserve to save it. 

Crunchyroll has announced its lineup for the upcoming Fall 2023 season. The lineup includes continuing series JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, One Piece and many more anime. The streamer also announced the series which will receive English dubs for the season. Additional titles for the season will be announced in the coming days. 

Season three of Slow Horses premieres on Apple TV+ December 1. The six episode series is adapted from “Real Tigers,” the third novel in Mick Herron’ spy series “Slough House.” The series is a darkly humorous espionage drama that follows a dysfunctional team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping-ground department of MI5 known un-affectionately as Slough House. In season three, a romantic liaison in Istanbul threatens to expose a buried MI5 secret in London. When Jackson Lamb and his team of misfits are dragged into the fight, they find themselves caught in a conspiracy that threatens the future not just of Slough House but of MI5 itself. 

MGM+ has picked up the science-fiction mystery thriller and love story Beacon 23, based on the best-selling book by Hugh Howey. The series will premiere November 12 with the first two episodes. The series takes place in the farthest reaches of the Milky Way and follows Aster, a government agent, and Halan, a stoic ex-military man, whose fates become entangled after they find themselves trapped together inside one of many Beacons that serve as a lighthouse for intergalactic travelers. Every Beacon is run by one highly trained human and a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Aster mysteriously finds her way to the lonely Beacon-keeper Halan, and a tense battle of wills unfolds. Halan begins to question whether Aster is friend or foe, as her ability to disguise her agenda and motives could make her a formidable opponent. 

Ms. Pat Settles It will premiere on BET October 18. The series will see Ms. Pat takes on cases with the help of a jury made up from her friends, family and other guest stars where relationships hang in the balance. While she may not boast a legal degree, Ms. Pat possesses a unique ability to deliver candid, humorous, and heartfelt judgments every time.

Netflix has ordered period mystery melodrama Hong Rang. Dive deep into the enigmatic world of the Joseon era, brought to life by a stellar cast including Lee Jae-wook, Cho Bo-ah, Jung Ga-ram, and more. The series brilliantly intertwines love, friendship, and destiny into a suspenseful narrative that promises to keep us on the edge of our seats. It’s all about the long-lost son of Joseon’s elite, who emerges from the shadows with hidden secrets, and his tenacious step-sister who delves deeper into the mystery.

The Ghost Town Terror returns on Travel Channel with new episodes September 28. Paranormal investigator Tim Wood and paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo return to Gunslinger Gulch to embark upon a two-fronted war: simultaneously battling sinister enrgies threatening both the Broussard Family at the ranch, and the local Montana citizens.

Keltie Knight and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton will host The 72nd Miss USA Pageant which will air live on The CW September 29. Ellen K will announce while Nicole Miller, Vivica A. Fox, Emina Cunmulaj Nazarian and Patrick Starrr will serve as judges. 

Original stage play Stranger Things: The First Shadow will open 14 December at the Phoenix Theatre in London’s West End, with previews from 17 November. The production brings the world of Stranger Things to life in a completely new way – live on stage. The cast is Shane Attwooll (Chief Hopper), Kemi Awoderu (Sue Anderson), Chase Brown (Lonnie Byers), Christopher Buckley (Bob Newby), Ammar Duffus (Charles Sinclair), Gilles Geary (Ted Wheeler), Florence Guy (Karen Childress), Max Harwood (Allen Munson), Michael Jibson (Victor Creel), Oscar Lloyd (James Hopper, Jr.), Louis McCartney (Henry Creel), Isabella Pappas (Joyce Maldonado), Matthew Pidgeon (Father Newby), Calum Ross (Walter Henderson), Maisie Norma Seaton (Claudia Henderson), Patrick Vaill (Dr. Brenner), Lauren Ward (Virginia Creel), Ella Karuna Williams (Patty Newby); with Tricia Adele-Turner, Lauren Arney, Reya-Nyomi Brown, Patricia Castro, Lydia Fraser, Isaac Gryn, Mark Hammersley, Tom Peters, Kingdom Sibanda, Tiana Simone, Danny Sykes and Meesha Turner. 

Chappelle’s Home Team – Luenell: Town Business premieres on Netflix September 26. Commanding the stage from her hometown in Oakland, California, Luenell exposes all of the absurdities of air travel, the importance of keeping the window shade up, and why she has appointed herself the unofficial air marshal of the skies.

Surviving Paradise premieres October 20 on Netflix. Twelve contestants think they are going to have the summer of their lives and live the life of luxury in a clifftop, oceanside villa. What they don’t know is that they’ll have to start with nothing, living in the woods without any lavish amenities. Through friendships and alliances, they’ll team up to fight their way into the villa for a chance at the $100,000 grand prize. 

Unscripted, romantic series Love in Fairhope premieres on hulu September 27. If you were given the chance to bring your fantasy love story to life on TV, how would it look? Would it be a picture-perfect fairy tale or something a bit messier? This uniquely unscripted romantic series follows five women at different stages in their lives as they experience reimagined romance in the picturesque small town of Fairhope, Alabama, a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone else’s business and matters of the heart matter most. 

Onimusha premieres on Netflix November 2. The series is an adaptation of Capcom’s landmark survival action video game series set in Japan’s feudal Sengoku period. This ambitious series will focus on Miyamoto Musashi, who is modeled after Toshiro Mifune, the Japanese film icon known around the globe. This is the beginning of an intense series full of realistic action in which Musashi’s blade slices through evil as he traverses a land plagued by poverty.

Season two of Kengan Ashura premieres September 21 on Netflix. The second round of the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament continues – without Ohma. As the mighty gladiators clash, a shadowy figure plots a violent coup.

Buddy Valastro is back on A&E with two new series. Premiering November 11, Legends of the Fork follows Buddy as he travels the country in search of the most renowned dishes and restaurants to uncover the “secret sauce” to their success. Immediately following, Buddy Valastro’s Cake Dynasty highlights Buddy and his family as they bring the Carlo’s Bake Shop empire to new levels–expanding the business into new areas while still baking the most innovative and creative cakes around. 

Kaala Paani premieres on Netflix October 18. The series embarks on a journey through the salty seas and ocean breeze of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is a grounded story about the fight for survival, as the series questions audiences on how far they would go to survive. 

One Day In America returns with its second installment, JFK: One Day In America premieres on November 5 on Disney+ and November 6 on hulu. The three episode limited series commemorates six decades since the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. The series features newly colorized footage and testimony from those on the ground in Dallas that day, some of whom are sharing their stories for the first time in a documentary. The newly colorized footage includes that of Lee Harvey Oswald when he is in police custody and when he is shot while being transferred to the county jail. Contributors sharing their emotional testimony for the first time in a documentary include Peggy Simpson, the only female Associated Press reporter working in Texas in 1963 and an eyewitness to Oswald’s shooting; Rusty Robbins, a Dallas police officer who knew Jack Ruby, the man who murdered Oswald; and Bill Mercer, a local reporter for KRLD who was the first to inform suspect Oswald that he had been charged with the president’s murder. 

Animated series Monster High premieres October 2 on Nickelodeon. The frightful fun kicks off with a half-hour special, “Spell The Beans,” where Dracula investigates a witch rumor at Monster High, leaving Draculaura to debate whether to share her secret or get caught. The series continues with the debut of original and legacy characters and more half-hour specials throughout season one where the students will battle a zombie invasion, a Night of Terror, hunt to find Monster Talismans, midterms and more. The brand-new episodes all lead up to a monstrous season one finale at the Monster Ball dance later this fall. 

Unicorn Academy premieres on Netflix November 2. Meet the freshman class of Unicorn Academy – Sophia & Wildstar, Ava & Leaf, Isabel & River, Val & Cinder, Rory & Storm and Layla & Glacier! Their bond and magic powers will defend Unicron Island from frost goblins, shadow monsters and Ravenzella. 

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