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Your TV Source Roundup: More ‘Shōgun’ Seasons In The Works, ‘The Mole’ Premiere Date, ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ English Dub Premiere Date, ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Trailer, ‘Hierarchy’ Teaser, ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ English Dub Premiere Date, and More!

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FX, Hulu and the Estate of James Clavell are working to extend the critically acclaimed global hit drama Shōgun, moving forward to develop the saga with two additional seasons of the drama series. The show’s key creative partners including Co-Creators, Executive Producers and Writers Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo, Executive Producer Michaela Clavell, and series star and producer Hiroyuki Sanada are on board for the development. Production timing has not been locked in, but a writers’ room is being assembled and will begin this summer. 

The Mole returns for season two on Netflix starting June 28. The series will release episodes over three weeks. Ari Shapiro will be taking over as host for the new season. The series is an unpredictable, high-stakes competition series where twelve players work together in challenges to add money to a pot that only one of them will win at the end. Among the players is one person who has secretly been designated “the Mole” and tasked with sabotaging the group’s money-making efforts. In the end, one player will outlast their competition and expose the Mole to win the prize pot.

The English dub of The Dangers in My Heart season two premieres June 15 on HIDIVE. Fascinated by murder and all things macabre, Kyotaro daydreams of acting out his twisted fantasies on his unsuspecting classmates – but an encounter with Anna Yamada, the gorgeous class idol, lights a spark in the darkness of his heart. It’s a classic tale of an antisocial boy falling for a popular girl, but neither are whom they appear to be at first glance. Will Kyotaro and Anna defy their expectations of each other – and of themselves?

Season two of Criminal Minds: Evolution premieres on Paramount+ June 6 with two episodes. Subsequent new episodes will drop weekly on Thursdays. In the wake of last season’s shocking finale, the upcoming all-new season picks up as the FBI’s elite team of profilers investigates the deadly mystery of GOLD STAR. As the conspiracy unfolds, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is met with an unexpected complication when serial killer Elias Voit negotiates a deal that transfers him to federal custody in the BAU’s own backyard. The team faces its biggest threat yet and cannot emerge unscathed from the mind-bending consequences. 

Hierarchy premieres June 7 on Netflix. The top 0.01% of students control law and order at Jooshin High School, but a secretive transfer student chips a crack in their indomitable world.

The English dub of The Irregular at Magic High School season three premieres May 17 on Crunchyroll. Based on the light novel by Tsutomu Sato, the series is set in a world where magic exists but instead of using chants and spells, magic users cast spells with their Casting Assistant Device (CAD). The CAD is infused with the user’s Psions (a substance-less thought particle) that activates the device and constructs the magic ritual.

Prime Video’s Silk: Spider Society is no longer moving forward. The series was initially given a two season order. The streamer recently ordered Noir based on another Spider-Man character. The rights of the series will revert back to Sony and they may attempt to shop it elsewhere. 

CNN is reviving the “Searching For” Franchise with the new CNN Original Series Eva Longoria: Searching for Spain. The series follows Longoria on a gastronomic pilgrimage across the rich tapestry of Spanish cuisine. Spain is an international culinary mecca with its rugged coastlines and fishing ports, countryside vineyards and alpine mountains bearing fruit to world-class produce and the finest quality ingredients. From homemade tapas, fresh regional seafood delicacies, rustic paellas and beyond, Longoria will enjoy some of Spain’s most iconic traditional dishes and explore how innovative Spanish cuisine is propelling the future of fine dining. 

Outchef’d returns for season three on Food Network May 30. Eddie Jackson gives talented home cooks the surprise of their lives each week. In each episode, a confident home cook thinks they are entering an audition and are shocked to find out they are about to go head-to-head in a culinary battle against a renowned world-class chef. To even the odds, the home cook only needs one vote from a panel of random judges selected off the street by Eddie to win the $5,000 grand prize – and this season, they will also win an extra $1,000 for every additional vote. 

Netflix has ordered an upcoming documentary series that tells the definitive story of Jerry Jones and his unique journey in transforming the Dallas Cowboys franchise, leading a historic set of players and coaches to three NFL titles in the 1990s, and searing his imprint into the global sports business landscape. Along the way, Jones has become one of the most innovative and influential leaders in sports, with the Cowboys being the most valuable sports franchise in the world. The 10-episode series will explore “America’s Team” through never-before-seen footage and interviews with longtime Cowboys owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones, as well as some of the all-time great players of the 1990s such as Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders, and head coaches Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, as well as political and pop culture figures such as former President George W. Bush and Nike founder Phil Knight. 

Following the success of The Thundermans Return, Nickelodeon has ordered a spinoff based on characters from the hit live-action superhero comedy. The spinoff series will follow Phoebe and Max, who are sent undercover to handle a new threat in the seaside town of Secret Shores and bring Chloe along to develop her superhero talent. Production on the show will begin in Vancouver in August, with premiere details to be announced at a later date. 

United States of Scandal with Jake Tapper has been renewed for a second season on CNN. The series goes behind the headlines with CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper to investigate some of the most outrageous and iconic controversies of the modern era. It will premiere in 2025. 

Real Estate King premieres on FYI June 12. Billionaire real estate investor Grant Cardone searches America for the best deals found by local real estate wannabes who pitch him properties and their partnership, but only the best in each city will win full funding for their deal from the Real Estate King himself, Grant Cardone.

CNN has ordered an American version of the British series Have I Got News For You. The comedy panel show delivers comic observations from the satirical to the surreal through the lens of a news quiz show. It has been an institution in Britain since 1990. Always relevant and topical, the series serves up a smart, silly, opinionated, and edgy take on the news of the week featuring a rotating collection of comedians, pundits, politicos, and entertainers. 

Venu Sports, the innovative future streaming platform being built through the joint venture created by ESPN, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, FOX and Warner Bros. Discovery, will bring together the collective companies’ portfolios of sports networks and ESPN+ – including content from all the major professional sports leagues and college sports. It will launch in the fall. 

Desperate Lies is coming soon to Netflix. Everyone is invited to this gender reveal party. But the mother-to-be, Liana, holds a surprise bigger than any guest could imagine. How many secrets can a mother keep?

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits returns for all new specials starting June 3 on Lifetime. Join Theresa as she takes the team behind bars to help those that have made grave mistakes open their hearts like never before. The following Monday, Theresa will channel family members of fan favorite celebrities including moving sessions with Gloria Estefan, Cynthia Nixon, Brittany Howard, Bevy Smith and The Talk co-host Amanda Kloots. Next, Theresa will give viewers an intimate look at her live show during her hometown holiday extravaganza. And in July have the tissues ready for when Theresa shares her gift with angels on earth – first responders and emergency personal who devote their lives to the service of others. 

Season two of Tour de France: Unchained premieres June 11 on Netflix. From the riders to the team directors, the series closely follows all those involved in the Tour, revealing the many challenges of a race that has become a real international symbol, broadcast in 190 territories. This new season goes behind the scenes of the 21 stages of Tour de France 2023: amid the scandals, low blows and thirst for glory; amid the dramatic falls and historic breakaways; amid the withdrawals and desire to win: the series dives back into the fierce battle of the riders for the yellow jersey! 

Mama June: Family Crisis returns June 14 on WE tv. Anna’s declining health and the battle over her two daughters threaten to tear the family apart, creating one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced. Alana questions whether she can finish her freshman year across the country in Colorado as she wants to be present and support her family during these difficult times along with boyfriend, Dralin, who faces legal troubles. Meanwhile, Jessica and Shyann have a shocking request from Josh and Pumpkin that would shift the dynamic of the family. Rocked by lies and betrayal, June and Justin’s marriage is hanging on by a thread. As the family faces these struggles along with uncertain futures, the question remains, will the family finally unite and move forward together? 

Doctor Climax premieres June 13 on Netflix. In 1970s Thailand, a dermatologist unexpectedly starts a mass sexual awakening after becoming Doctor Climax, a taboo-defying newspaper columnist.

ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series premieres on Disney Channel June 28. The series follows the daily lives of Zed, Addison, and the entire Seabrook crew. Using A-spen’s alien time warp technology, Zed and Addison start their senior year all over again, so they can redo it with all their friends. And this senior year is going to be the best one ever, with the crew hanging out, having fun, and doing everything from saving the town to saving their favorite drink in the cafeteria. At Seabrook, even an ordinary day in high school can turn into a wild, ridiculous adventure.

Ultraman: Rising premieres June 14 on Netflix. With Tokyo under siege from rising monster attacks, baseball star Ken Sato reluctantly returns home to take on the mantle of Ultraman. But the titanic superhero meets his match when he reluctantly adopts a 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju. Sato must rise above his ego to balance work and parenthood while protecting the baby from forces bent on exploiting her for their own dark plans. 

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