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ATWT Fall Previews 2008


ATWT Fall Previews 2008

The drama is kicked up a notch this fall on As The World Turns. How will Dusty’s return impact Casey & Emily’s relationship?

ATWT Fall Previews 2008

BY: Trish Mahon & NOEL D.


Sunday, August 24, 2008, 7:15 PM

ATWT Fall Previews 2008Dusty’s Return: When Dusty returns, it will cause major upheaval in several lives. Mainly with Lily, Holden, Paul, Meg, Emily and Casey. His return will have major repercussions.

James Stenbeck: James returns with an agenda which includes major trouble for a lot of people in Oakdale. If you are a Snyder, watch out. James will also be heavily involved with Paul and Meg.

Lily, Holden, Carly: Lily is a very angry woman but she wants to put the Snyders back together again. Both Holden and Carly know what they want. Getting there is another story.

Jack & Janet: Brad gets in trouble and somehow Jack is involved. Brad and Janet are trying to take care of Liberty. But Jack gets involved in Liberty’s problem which doesn’t sit too well with Janet. This will bring Jack back into Carly’s orbit.

Brad and Katie: Brad has done something that Katie does not like very much at all. Katie is left to wonder what other things about Brad that she doesn’t know about.

Emily and Casey: Emily and Casey have different ideas about their relationship. Because of the age differences and life experiences this causes some friction between the two. The return of Dusty doesn’t help this new couple either.

Luke and Noah: As the fall goes on, we will be seeing more and more of the couple. As the two begin college, Luke doesn’t want to hide that he is a gay man. This will cause some friction between the two as Noah is not ready yet and Noah doesn’t agree with some of the choices that Luke wants to make. The two will be taken in a new direction as something will cause them trouble.

Meg and Paul: The couple is very happy about the baby. But James is right there causing problems for the couple. James’ games will create trouble for Paul, Meg and their unborn child.

Ali/Chris/Aaron: Ali is caught between the two men. She is moving closer to Aaron but she still has lingering feelings for Chris. Look for an incident to happen that will cause Chris some trouble which in turn will cause Ali problems as well.

Henry and Vienna: Henry stumbles onto James and inadvertently gets involved with James. Henry also pulls Bonnie, Vienna and Derek into one of James schemes as well.

Parker and Liberty: They are headed back to school, and they will grow up. They will continue to have family issues, that will take them in a new direction.

Brian and Lucinda: They are moving in that direction with Lucinda and Brian, at first he will be a close friend of hers as things around her get complicated. |

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