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DAYS Fall Previews 2008


DAYS Fall Previews 2008

DAYS has been the talk of the internet these past few months…for all the wrong reasons. Now that the backstage drama is over, here’s to a great fall for one of soaps greatest television shows!

DAYS Fall Previews 2008

BY: Trish Mahon & NOEL D.


Sunday, August 24, 2008, 7:15 PM

DAYS Fall Previews 2008Bo/Hope/Roman: The Hollingsworth case will be completed but not without repercussions. The hospital lockdown causes much uneasiness and major shake ups in the Salem PD. This leads to Bo and Hope re-examining their relationship.

Stefano/Tony/EJ/John/Anna/Marlena: Stefano aligns himself with a surprising person and with this person’s help, is let off the hook from his crimes. Looks for the DiMera men fighting over the family empire. John starts to act erratically which leads Marlena to question her feelings for him.

Steve/Kayla: Steve begins to investigate Trent. He, along with Bo and Hope, uncover one of Trent’s secrets. Will they reveal it? John starts having new side effects from his treatment from Dr. Rolf and Stefano. Kayla agrees to take John on as a patient.

Sami/EJ/Nicole/Lucas/Chloe/Philip/Morgan: Sami finds herself out in the cold as Lucas’ feelings for Chloe continue to grow and the battle over Allie turns into a full fledged war. Lucas and Chloe go away together but the trip turns ugly when an unwelcome visitor arrives. Sami turns to EJ, but his eye is still on Nicole. There are several skeletons in Nicole’s closet and she is afraid what will happen to her when they are revealed. Morgan discovers that her feelings for Phillip run very deep and she can’t fight them anymore.

Abe/Lexie/Theo: Theo will be the number one focus for Abe and Lexie this fall. Lexie will do everything she can for her son and she makes a life altering decision to do what is best for Theo. Abe is so consumed by his hatred for Stefano he will do anything to stop Stefano’s reign of terror.

Max/Stephanie/Melanie/Nick/Chelsea/Trent: After finding out about Daniel and Kate, Chelsea flies to France. She is not happy to see Nick and Melanie together. Trent’s past catches up to him. In an attempt to save himself, Trent will do something that will put Max and Melanie’s lives in danger.

Chelsea/Daniel/Kate: Chelsea is so angry about the affair that she runs off to France. Chelsea is so upset that she acts like she will never forgive either one of them. While dealing with the fallout of the confession, Kate gets devastating news. |

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