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GL Previews: Week of September 8


GL Spoilers: Week of September 8

Alan goes under the knife.

GL Spoilers: Week of September 8


Sunday, September 7, 2008, 8:11 PM

Jeffery and Reva get the shock of their lives when they learn Reva’s pregnant. Dinah’s secret is revealed to Bill, by Alan. Dinah and Bill join forces against Lizzie. Surprising news about Harley is discovered. Alex delivers bad news regarding Alan’s medical condition. Josh leaves Springfield in search for Shayne.

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Monday – Daisy discovers the truth about Grady. Jeffrey and an expectant Reva struggle to cope.

Tuesday – Alan breaks out of the hospital. Dinah is stunned by Lizzie’s stake in the company. Buzz drops a bombshell.

Wednesday – Bill confronts a deceitful Dinah. Alan goes under the knife.

Thursday – Grady threatens Cassie. Dinah is kicked out of the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie is spurned by Bill.

Friday – Dinah forms a surprising alliance. Jeffrey and Reva reach a momentous decision. |

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