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ATWT Previews: Week of November 10


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 10

Casey learns there are consequences to his actions.

ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 10

BY: Trish Mahon

Saturday, November
8, 2008, 12:49 PM

Déjà Vu

Dusty continues to feel a strange connection with Josie.  He sets up a meeting Barbara to meet the two of them. Dusty is called away at the last minute and Josie meets Barbara.  Josie is insistent that she and Barbara know each other. Barbara is upset that Dusty wanted her to meet Josie. Barbara lays into Dusty and tells him that Jennifer is never coming back.  Paul confides in Meg that Dusty’s obsession with Josie bothers him.  Paul and Meg head to the Lakeview to talk to Barbara and find the three of them together.  Paul calls Josie an imposter which causes Josie to run off. Dusty defends Josie which upsets Barbara who leaves.  Meg and Paul leave.  At home they discuss how it seems that after he betrayed Jennifer, bad things happened to Paul.  Meg comforts Paul and the two make love. Meanwhile Dusty searches for Josie.  When he finds her she asks why no one wants her around. Dusty holds up a picture of Jennifer and Josie tells him that she isn’t her. Dusty doesn’t care, she is herself and that is what matters. Later on, Emily pleads with Dusty to listen to reason, Josie is scamming him.  Dusty refuses to believe it and cuts ties with Emily.  While Josie goes shopping she runs into Barbara. Josie offers her help when Barbara needs help with her trunk show.  Barbara warms to Josie. Barbara takes Josie back to her hotel room and she sees a picture of Hal and Barbara.  Josie describes Hal perfectly and Barbara is very touched. When Dusty discovers the two together, he’s ecstatic.  Barbara gives Josie a dress.  When Dusty sees her in the dress, Josie looks so much like Jennifer that he kisses her.

Voter Fraud

Luke and Noah get into a fight over Luke stealing the election. Kevin informs Alison and Casey that there is an investigation into the election.  When Alison finds out that Casey participated, she is furious at him.  The dean calls both Luke and Noah. Luke pleads with Noah to lie for him.  Noah doesn’t think that he can.  Later, Luke sees Noah as he comes out of the dean’s office.  Luke has no idea if Noah told the truth or lied to protect him.  At the same time, Brian sets it up so that Lucinda and Lily will run into each other at the Lakeview.  They are both annoyed that they were tricked by Brian, but Lily reaches out to Lucinda.  Lucinda admits to Lily that her cancer is back. They reconcile and Lily brings Lucinda to her home to visit the kids.  Brian is there and he admits that he wants to be with Lucinda no matter what. When Lily goes inside, she finds out that Luke has been expelled for his role in the student election fraud. Lily is furious.  Luke and Noah decide that they need time away from each other.  At the same time, Casey goes to the dean and confesses his role in the ballot box stuff.  The dean expels him as well.  Alison tells Casey she is proud of him and she is glad that they are friends.

Oakdale Happenings

Katie discovers that all charges against Brad have been dropped because the evidence and Spencer’s body have disappeared.  Katie doesn’t tell Brad about the email she received. Margo sees Henry and Vienna and accuses him stealing evidence.  Margo takes the two of them in for questioning. Henry calls Katie and insists that they have to get their stories straight. Katie wants to celebrate Brads release at Metro while Brad wants to stay in.  Katie and Henry think that the other took the evidence. Katie and Brad leave.  She finally admits to Brad about the email.  He reassures her and the two make love.

Jack and Sage are enjoying a father-daughter day when Janet arrives.  Jack is called away so Janet stays with Sage. Upset about their engagement, Sage locks Janet in a closet. Sage will only unlock her if Janet calls off her engagement with Jack. Sage then calls Carly and tells Carly that Janet has hit her.  Carly arrives and Carly demands that Jack arrest Janet for child abuse.  Jack arrives and frees Janet. Carly and Janet get into a huge argument. Janet then admits that in the past, she has hit Liberty.  Janet demands that Jack believe her or they will not marry. Carly and Jack continue to fight as Sage manipulates the situation. Carly tells Sage that she will protect her no matter what, even if it means that the only way Sage will see Jack will be if he promises that Janet will not be present.

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